DGK Color Tools Color Tools, Standard White Balance Card Set with Standard Lanyard (Set of Three Cards)


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  • The #1 selling white balance card for digital photography
  • New spectrophotometer tests show Digital Grey Card SUPERIOR to the other card! See images for the results!
  • Works with any digital camera, for JPEG and RAW files
  • Professional photographers,Certified Instructors,Digital camera review website editors use it as personal white balance tool


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The Digital Grey Kard is the #1 selling White Balance Card for three reasons: 1) Certified performance and quality. Our tests show the performance of Digital Grey Kard is superior to the other card. 2) Guaranteed satisfaction - We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your DIgital Grey Kard or your money back! 3) Unbeatable Value. You get the best card at the best price. Professional photographers, Adobe Photoshop Certified Instructors, and Digital Photography Review Site Editors use the Digital Grey Kard for their personal white balance tool, and you should too. Spectrophotometer measured Lab color values of L* 63.8 a* -1.6 b*-0.4 are perfect for white balance and RAW image converters. Works with all digital cameras, as well as both JPEG and RAW files. Item Includes: Premium Digital Grey Kard consists of three color calibrated reference cards, a convenient lanyard, and a user's guide that makes it easy to achieve perfect color balance. Digital Grey Kard is proudly made in Boston, Massachusetts USA. Perfect digital color every time(tm) - guaranteed. Why pay more? Don't take our word for it- Here is a sample of the 100 percent positive feedback our product gets: "This is the best customer service I have ever had buying from the internet. Absolutely the best!" "Incredibly fast shipping - less than three days from order to delivery." "I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting from this Digital Grey Kard so far. The results under tungsten lights are amazing. THANK YOU." "These cards work wonderfully...a must for any photographer!" The Digital Grey Kard gives you perfect digital color every time. We guarantee your colors and we guarantee your savings!

Product information Product Dimensions 3.35 x 0.08 x 2.17 inches Item Weight 0.352 ounces ASIN B000HCQR8A Item model number DGK-1 Best Sellers Rank #17 in Photographic Light Meter Grey Cards

Digital Image Flow DGK Color Tools, Standard White Balance Card Set with Standard Lanyard (Set of Three Cards)  My biggest disappointment was the gray card. I expected an 18% (or "middle") gray but what I received was much lighter. When I attempted to color balance an image in post-production by clicking on the gray card the image was far from accurate. Also, the black card was hardly black enough. Clicking on it will rendered most of my darks a deep black. Too contrasty for me. Finally, when I received the product the lanyard was NOT attached. I had to take the time before the shoot to figure out how to thread the darn thing. My recommendation is don't waste your money on this fancy product unless you intend to shoot in the rain where the plastic will be a benefit. Otherwise, just buy a simple 18% gray card (which I also had on the shoot and saved my "bacon!")

One black, one white, one 18% gray. All three are about the size of a credit card. Comes with a neckstrap. I'm not sure how this product could be improved. The set is perfect for setting white balance and exposure with one test shot, and small enough that it isn't a major request to ask your subject to hold it up while you take a shot.

The "user's guide" actually had some helpful tips. Like walk through your venue prior to a shoot and take quick test shots with the cards in frame as you walk through the different lighting conditions of the various areas you intend to shoot in. This way you get your WB test shots out of the way early and the files are all right next to each other on your memory card, easily organized. This would be ideal for weddings, for example.

The shipping was really fast! I placed my order on Sunday, got it today (Thursday).

Still testing but of the few batches of photos I've processed this seems to be just the ticket for balancing color in my photos. All testing has been done indoors with mixed lighting. I seem to get a slight red/magenta push - but just on the photo with the card. The remainder of the batch that are processed based on the card photo's neutral point all improve over the originals. Wierd.

Every digital photographer that does post processing needs something like this. These cards, with their PVC construction and small size, are pretty much perfect for the daily camera bag.

BTW, I use DXO 4.0 to set the white balance neutral point in batch processing mode.

I’m good at white balancing but the cards are BETTER!

I bought these cards hoping I could use them like a traditional gray card in the field, i.e., to get a proper exposure reading. Unfortunately, they don't work that way, or at least this size card does not. Instead, I found out you are supposed to include them in a shot, lit as your subject would be, and then shoot the remainder of your session without them. Then, in post processing (with Photoshop or whatever software you use), you use the white balance tool and your initial shot to set the color balance for all the pictures in that session. In this way the product works like a charm. However, if you are shooting landscapes, a card this size would end up so small in the frame (especially if you are using a wide angle lens), it's not likely you could use it as intended. The solution is, of course, to buy the larger model, which is, of course, significantly more expensive. I ended up tossing these into my bag, knowing that if I ever shoot portraits, I'll be able to set the proper exposure later. I have gone back to my good old gray card, which, BTW, can be used just as this product is intended well and costs far less.

I leave these convenient gray cards attached to my photo bag so I'll always have one with me. They're handy to include in any scene with complicated mixes of lighting or where you might be unsure what the right white balance should be. In the "good old days", this made color printing much easier, and with today's digital systems, post-processing adjustments are really simple - just adjust the color balance in whatever photo editing software you use so that the gray is a correct midtone neutral.

The construction is good - a fairly rugged plastic that seems like it will stand up to lots of use. I personally don't have a lot of use for the white and black cards, but the gray alone is worth the price.


This is an easy to use product that does exactly what it is supposed to do. You just include it in a photo under the suspect lights. Later, when white balancing, you just sample from the gray card to color correct. The white card and black card can also be sampled to set those points. It is light weight and small so that it slips into a crack in your camera bag. An inexpensive but useful product.

Oh, that's a little dramatic, but I will never go anywhere without my grey card again. White balance is no longer an issue. I keep this one connected to the camera strap and quilt snap it on and off as needed.

Essential piece of kit if colour accuracy is important. These reference values avoid the pitfalls of subjective estimation. The cards are good value and easy to carry with the camera bag.

This is a very handy piece of kit. Simply take a photo of the grey card in the same lighting conditions as your subject, you can then set the image as the custom white balance reference in-camera or use it in post processing. My white balance has been spot on ever since I bought this.

…..and a good price compared to some over rated US products (not mentioning any names). All photographers should have one of these sets in their pocket.

The product was of a good quality as expected. It comes with a handy neck strap so you always have it available and simple instuctions for getting your White balance right every time. Very satisfied.

I made a little mistake ordering this , I looked for the best product and best price not realising it was coming from the USA . A week later I was looking at Amazon thinking " thats taking a while to arrive ... "

Good service . Good product , essential for accurate white balance and exposure.

Not much to say, except....sorted my WB out really well. product is well designed and produced and easy to use

The card is well-priced and performs well in a variety of lighting conditions - this is essential for good colour balance.

A very neat solution for colour balance in all situations and small enough that they can live permanently in my camera bag...which is the whole point, isn't it?

No need for a lot of writing here - just set the three cards facing the camera in the light source to be used for the shot. Use the grey card to set the white balance and then take a shot.

After this you can remove the cards as long as you continue to use the same light source.
If you change light source/lighting conditions then simply repeat the above.

When working in Photoshop or other photo software use the black and white cards to set your black and white points in level or curves and that's it . . . Robert is your mother's brother.

Great product - makes setting proper white balance very easy with my Pentax k10d. Always used Auto White balanc in the past but it it surpring how better the results are settin WB manually. If this card was bigger would have been great for an approximate 18% grey card for exposure. It will work for this but if it had been larger it would be ideal. (They do make a larger card - check the website).