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Discontinued Sekonic L-478D LiteMaster Pro Lightmeter, Replaced With Sekonic L-478D-U Litemaster

Product information Product Dimensions 2 x 1 x 5 inches Item Weight 8 ounces ASIN B0098HGNGG Item model number 401-478 Batteries 2 AAA batteries required.

The meter itself is excellent. This meter would have gotten five stars, but for a few things:
1) The pouch should have a flap over the top
2) The meter cannot measure reflective light without the 5 degree attachment (minor for me, given I was going to buy it anyway for the 5 degree spot)
3) Dual complaint between this and the 5 degree attachment - the 5 degree reflective spot attachment comes in a little drawstring pouch. Sekonic should have provided a single pouch with this 478 (or with the 5 degree) that would allow storage of the dome and 5 degree attachment and meter. Why are there two incompatible carrying cases? Comes across as someone not thinking it through.

Be aware that you must choose according to whether you currently (or will) use pocket wizards. The 478DR is for that. This 478D cannot be upgraded to pocket wizard capability later, so if you're going to use PW, get the 478DR instead. It's the only difference between the two (well, that and price).

The menu, as someone else pointed out, is a little clunky. I got used to it within a day or so. I don't have a problem with the touchscreen, but then I don't have hands like a truckosaurus.

Also, there is currently an issue with the Wacom driver and the driver for the Sekonic 478 that results in the 478 not being detected by the DTS software. The fix? You have to install everything (driver, DTS software etc., including the reboot) version 3.05 FROM THE CD ONLY (do not install the latest version, 3.06), plug in your light meter and turn it on, open DTS software. At this point it still will not be detected. Go to the update section inside the DTS software and update it to 3.06. DTS will auto close and reopen after this update and then your light meter will be detected. You can unplug the light meter and plug it back in again without issues, but if you close DTS you will have to uninstall 3.06, reinstall 3.05 from the CD, update from within DTS again to 3.06 for the auto close/reopen for it to see your meter. Sekonic are aware of this issue and are apparently working on it.

Dome in gives me the ability to measure incident light from one source/angle, useful if I have multiple lights arrayed around a subject.
Dome out gives me incident light in 3D.

Things I love about this meter:
-Able to calibrate my camera to my meter using my existing X-rite color checker passport, and have my dynamic range right there on the meter
-Can fine tune my own DR settings using the calibration profile
-ISO range exceeds my 5D Mk III on the low end and on the high end, with some future proofing there
-Memory functions
-Was only $70 more than the 378
-Memory functions are great, can see at a glance where all my measurements are
-Touch screen is responsive
-Able to angle dome/spot
-Sekonic have a TON of video tutorials, not just on their light meters but on using them in different scenarios, including an excellent vid for how to calibrate it

I like that I can use AAA batteries in this. I have a bucketload of AA and AAA eneloops for flashes and triggers and other devices. I also get very good battery life out of it, I've had the meter for about two weeks now, and am still at 3/4 battery charge.

This light meter is great. The touch screen works well and is bright and clear. Haven't tried it in the sun yet. The screen is smaller than the first iPhone and can be a little fiddly if you have big fingers, but it's no worse than holding buttons while turning dials. I updated the firmware and will probably calibrate my camera to it, but out of the box it works great. I don't need the radio triggers, so for $260 I am really happy. Why 4 stars then? Because they don't include the 5deg reflected light adapter. It's sold as a ridiculously priced $110 accessory. That's my only disappointment. There are times when I'd use it, but I'm debating whether it's even worth it since the case doesn't have a place for it and it's just another thing to drag around (just in case) and lose. These are high-ish end meters and it should be incorporated into the device.

I've been using the Sekonic L-758Cine for years now and have been frustrated at some of its limitations, including high ISO's with some of the newer high-end cameras out there (Canon C300, for example). The 478D is not only half the price of my older one, but can do everything I need it to do. The touch screen is adequate, with little risk of accidentally bumping something you don't mean to. It's dead on accurate and it has wonderful options, like being able to add in the filters I'm using to get more accurate readings. Love this meter!

It's working good. Very handy cool when trying to figure out what aperture to set when there are multiple light source. Great for outdoor when the light source is not fixed

Easy to use and accurate as well. My last Sekonic lasted 45 years and still works (L28c), so I'm sold on Sekonic quality. The main reason I ordered the 478D was for the large display, at age 77 I was having trouble reading the tiny scales on the L28c. I am very ;happy with this purchase.

Extremely well made and easy to use light meter. Love the touch screen functionality and it seems to provide a highly accurate light reading from my experience so far with it and I have had it now for several months. I've been a photographer and videographer for over a decade and this is and easy five stars in my book.

I've been taking pictures for about 36 years now. I recieved a Kodak Instamatic camera for my 14th birthday and was hooked. A few years later I purchased my first SLR camera. Like so many people out there I thought that the camera is basically a light meter in itself so I figured I could get by without that extra expense. I was proved wrong today when this meter arrived. Straight out of the box and without reading the instructions I was in the field consistently taking razor sharp handheld images on a overcast and foggy day. This is the acid test if you will. Normally I would be getting a few good pix here and there but not with this meter. Every single picture I took today was tack sharp. Basically what the meter does is accurately measures the light falling onto your subject whereas your camera only measures the light that is being reflected back to it. It simply gives you a more accurate reading of the light you are using be it ambient or flash. This little device will make you a more confident photographer and will free up time so you can get more involved in the creative process of photography. I'm excited about the built in video capabilities as well. Now I can step out of the auto mode to make my videos using my 5DMll more creative as well.

Very easy to use. It's accurate and has lots of features. But the screen is a disappointment. The first iPhone had a much better display and touch sensitivity. And it's quite hard to read the screen in bright sunlight, and small and ugly menus add to that. I rather to have mechanical buttons and an old school digital lcd.

As a Sekonc a great brand my expectations were high. I bought the display version and it turned out to be defective. The seller has provided the replacement and it works perfectly.
Excellent product and sufficient customer service.

Leider ist die Usability dieses Gerätes eine Katastrophe. Nur über Touchscreen lassen sich z.B. Blendenwerte ändern man braucht immer zwei Hände und zusätzlich ist das Display vollkommen unsensibel.
Keine Möglichkeit die Sprache umzustellen...

Purtroppo sono costretto a mettere una recensione a questo prodotto, poiché non legge mai o quasi mai la luce dei flash, se non dando dati a casaccio. ne ho testati due, e un terzo sempre dello stesso marchio, ma il modello inferiore. Sempre lo stesso problema, soprattutto in esterna, con misto luce naturale e artificiale

J’ai attendu qu’il redescende en prix à 270€ (1 seule journée) pour l’acheter car je l’avais vu l’été Dernier à ça prix là. Le plus : avec le flash, c’est génial et à chaque coup une bonne exposition. Le moins : en extérieur, après plusieurs essais, je fais mieux avec la vue de mon histogramme pour être bien exposer. Je ne regrette pas mon achat, mais soyez vigilant pour l’avoir a un prix raisonnable.

It is an excellent product the seller was very good but I return the product I am going to upgrade to a higher model with a few more features but everything was great.

Sekonic is a reliable and durable brand.

Working fine. The touchscreen on a light meter needs some getting used to.
Lighter and smaller than a 758. The pouch is very flimsy though. Would not recommend hanging it on the belt on your trousers. Personally I put it in my sweatshirt pouch... Have to figure out what to do in summers though.

2 months old purchase

Aún no he podido probarlo en exteriores, pero en un estudio clava todas las exposiciones.
No le he quitado ni el protector aún y se pueden cambiar todos los ajustes sin problemas.
Se ve y se toca de calidad muy buena. Eso si, las pilas me han durado bastante poco,
así que llevad siempre un recambio junto al fotómetro.

Fast shipping, I received my order with perfect packing. CD , starting guide, cover all included except battery. It uses two AAA battery. I’m loving it

Satisfecho con el producto. Cumple las espectativas. De fácil manejo e instrucciones claras. Lo único que me sorprende es que usandolo con otro de la misma marca, modelo inferior al mío, daban indicaciones de diafragma distintas. Me queda revisar los ajsutes de ambos para verificar que están iguales y ver que resultados dan.

Está muy bien el producto, muy intuitivo de manejar. Puedes crear un perfil de tu cámara e incluso así controlar aquellos puntos del encuadre que quedan fuera del rango dinámico de la cámara. La respuesta táctil no es la de un móvil con pantalla capacitiva, pero es correcta para el uso que se requiere de ella.

Un fotómetro completo con muchas funciones, muy útil para cine y foto y funciona perfectamente.
Relación Calidad precio muy buena

Nulla da dire semplicemente indispensabile sopratutto se si vuole imposare un set fotografico con ausilio di più flash
Utilizzo molto intuitivo amplio LCD

Excellent quality

Excellent light meter with many modes! Perfect for a photographer/videographer.

uber fast shipping, unbeatable price when i purchased