Elinchrom Hooded Diffuser for EL26179/Rotalux 100x100cm (EL26323)


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  • Replacement
  • Strong and Portable
  • Elinchrom S.A. is a company based in Renens, Switzerland, which manufactures studio lighting systems under the brand name Elinchrom
  • Helps prevent light spill.
  • Allows the light to be feathered better than softboxes without an edge.
  • Remains secured to the softbox when it is closed.



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Style:for Rotalux 100x100cm

This is an Elinchrom Hooded Diffuser for the Rotalux Square 39" Softbox. Its extended black lip helps control light scatter, and helps prevent lens flare when the softbox is aimed towards your camera.

Product information Style:for Rotalux 100x100cm Product Dimensions 12.8 x 8.94 x 2.56 inches Item Weight 2.2 pounds ASIN B00EMXJWPA Item model number EL26323

I purchased this hood after reading that it helped prevent light spill - but I've tested this now against the regular diffusers, taking shots on camera axis, but also with the light 90 degrees to the camera and I'm not sure I really see the point of the hood from a light spill control perspective. In terms of straight on - the only difference that I could note was a slight increase in shadows and the light was just a little brighter, so it doesn't significantly change the main output.

From the side - and I was really keen to see how it would prevent light spill - I would say that you gain about 5 degrees of control either side e.g it seems to reduce the light spill to about a 170 degree angle instead of 180 degrees, slightly decreasing the intensity of the light at the side. However, I don't really feel that can be counted as providing control over light spill - to me I would have wanted to reduce the light spill to around 130-140 degrees, significantly focusing on the direct light as opposed to light from the side.

Actually, the only benefit I can really see of this hood is if you want a slightly harder light that is well spread and yet not as hard as an umbrella or reflector. If you want to control light spill, I really feel like a flag is the best way to go, and I wish I had just gone with that in some respects. I will use this when I want a certain light, hence 3 stars, but don't see any benefit on the light spill - I reckon you can just turn the light and feather to achieve the same effect.

I should end by saying that functionality aside, the quality is excellent - it is a little fiddly to put together, having to assemble the softbox then push detach the rods at the end, poke them into the hood and then reattach, but it only takes a minute once you get the knack.

this a nice accesory to the rotalux, the light is very very nice, soft and beautiful, my first sesion with this, I can won the best picture on canonistas web site, the first of 2013, is amazing product, go for, the cost is just you want!! my flick picture high resolution find me Anderson.diaz the picture name is THE DOCK.

Thanks Amazon is rocks!

Gets the job done

great control of light drop off