CowboyStudio Photo Studio Soft Reflective Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kits, 400 Watt Output, 2050KIT


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  • Two (2) Top Quality Light Stands
  • Two (2) High Quality Light Sockets
  • Two (2) 45 Watt 5500K Fluorescent Light Bulb
  • One (1) 33" White Translucent Photo Umbrella
  • One (1) 33" Black/Silver Umbrella
  • Two (2) Top Quality Light Stands^Two (2) High Quality Light Sockets^Two (2) 45 Watt 5500K Fluorescent Light Bulb^One (1) 33" White Translucent Photo Umbrella^One (1) 33" Black/Silver Umbrella



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Style:2050Kit  |  Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

The CowboyStudio Multi-use Umbrella Light Kit Set provides the photographer with 400 Watts of continuous lighting. It is also both a portable and light weight option for photo sets. The kit’s size is ideal for maneuverability. Entire kit sets up in minutes; and very easy to assemble, operate and disassemble. CowboyStudio recommends this product for beginners just starting out in photography. The high-output daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs are ideally suited for digital photography. They also have very low heat so they don't get hot like the more common photo bulb choices. The light socket mounts on most standard light stands. You can control each of the light bulbs if you want them on or off. Daylight balanced bulbs: Do Not Be Fooled By the cheap bulbs, our bulbs have been serving U.S for almost 7 years. It is UL, CE listed and Energy Star. These high-output daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs are ideally suited for digital photography. They also have very low heat so they don't get hot like the more common photo bulb choices. 45w Approximate incandescent equivalent: 200 watts, Light stands: Versatile, Hardworking & Lightweight; Black anodized aluminum; Stable & Quick Setup. Maximum Height: 2000 MM, 80 inches, Minimum Height: 810 MM, 32.4 inches, Maximum Load Capacity 2.5KG, 9.9 lbs, Closed Length: 805 MM, 32.2 inches, Mounting Stud 5/8 inches. Umbrella: Works well to diffuse the light from any flash creating a soft even light for your subject. Light-weight and easy set up.

Product information Style:2050Kit  |  Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 inches Item Weight 8 pounds ASIN B00C4VGJB2 Item model number 2050Kit

As a photographer with over 30 years experience, I can tell you that these lights are simply awesome. There have been many reviews from what I can only assume are drooling morons about the socket quality, the stands quality, the low light levels. Guess what? They are $60.00 bucks, not $1,500.00 like my main set!

The Stands are of a thinner tubing than the $1,500 dollar variety, yes, and of a pot metal construction (not aircraft grade aluminum) with lower quality plastic clamps and adjusters (not machined and polished aluminum) HOWEVER... they are most certainly sturdy for light stands and absolutely useable for what I can see as a very long life (if you're not a tool!)

Also, the light fixtures themselves are very sturdy AND accommodate the included bulbs very well.

As this is a continuous light system and not strobes, I have used them for studio lighting along with 2 softboxes. The light level is strong and clean, with no flickers or other anomalies.

The light levels are steady and at the advertised rated output continuously.

The accompanying nylon bag is branded with Cowboy Studio's logo as with all of their products. The bag is really descent and holds the gear for transport properly and completely as it should.

CONS: None, for 60 dollars there is not a one. Even for $120.00 I would be very satisfied.

All in all, for 60 bucks, these are awesome and very much worth the money and will serve you well... unless you're a tool.

I ordered this light set for an indoor photo shoot. I was skeptical about the quality of the product, because of the price, but it surpassed my expectations. I travel with the set and set it up indoors for photo shoots. The size of the product packed up in the travel case is manageable, lightweight and easy to carry. It comes with two umbrella lights, a smaller light (3 stands all together), three light bulbs and a carrying case.

With the smaller light I aim it away from the subject and project it off a cheap poster board towards the subject. These are constant lights and it will get hot in a room fast, a fan is an extra bonus if you have one!

The only thing I recommend that you add to your purchase order is an extension cord or two as these cords are not that long. I also recommend that you keep ALL the product packaging (minus the shipping box) and take down the equipment and store it like you received it every time you use it. This is what I have been doing with it for over a year and I have not had to replace anything with it.

This is a great starter kit for the home photographer/videographer, and I would highly recommend getting it if your budget is limited but you want to work with lighting. At first I had problems because the head pieces that came in the kit had defective metal rings, making it difficult for the bulbs to screw into the headpieces (I attached two pictures where you can see how the metal rings were busted up inside the socket or simply popped out of the socket). For one of the headpieces, the bulb screwed in and then did not want to come out. With the other two, the bulbs never screwed in all the way...they just kept spinning round and round. But don't worry about this issue! I contacted Cowboy Studio via Amazon, and they very quickly shipped me replacement head pieces (it took just 2-3 days after submitting my claim). The new headpieces have not had any problems. This kit is great, and Cowboy Studio was very responsive about sending replacement parts. I'm very happy with my purchase. The lights are nice and bright white, and very good for what I am doing shooting some photos and video at relatively close range indoors.

I usually have good luck with Amazon purchases. However, this purchase so far has been less than favorable. I read all the reviews and took a chance. Hopefully this is a corner case and others won’t have these issues.

This is my first video umbrella lights purchased. Received the Cowboy Studio lights in good condition. Setup Stands, sockets, bulb, and umbrella. Noticed that two of the sockets did not have a metal ring where the bulb screws into. I expect the metal ring is for grounding as well. Then noticed the third light socket DID have a metal ring but after turning on the socket switch the bulb went out and the socket no longer functioned.

I tried calling 214-785-1255 Cowboy Studio support line and immediately went busy. I attempt three days and same happened. I sent an email to their support line and even created an account on their web-site to use the webs email and no response as before. Pandemic and all, at least they could reply with is something.

Went through Amazon and request a replacement and in process of returning the original kit. Thought I would give it one more try and then look else where. Not sure if Cowboy Studio uses good quality control like ISO9000 but these are just unacceptable quality issues.

Replacement kit is not in yet after 8 days. I will update my review after receiving my replacement kit.

I was very excited to get this kit and was truly disappointed with this product so far.

UPDATE: Did not received my replacement from Cowboy Studios, decided to process my refund and purchased Lights elsewhere. I just can’t trust I would get a replacement product that works after reading more reviews.

Did just get short reply from their support staff stating “there should be a metal ring in the socket”. With better quality control they could keep more customers, revenue, etc. can’t believe their rating is 4.5 out of 5.

Este es un equipo de iluminación bastante completo para su económico precio. Los materiales no son nada del otro mundo pero de sienten duraderos. Las luces iluminan muy bien y si planeas usar pantalla verde son excelentes.
Me encantó que los focos no calientan mucho y no es incómodo estar frente a ellos por largos periodos de tiempo. Las bases de las luces son bastante altas, de más de 2 metros.

Podría quejarme de lo tardado que fue el envío de este producto pero al final del día eso depende del proveedor y no de Amazon.

Recomiendo ampliamente este kit a menos que te sea muy urgente tenerlo.

This was a nice quality surprise given the price. I will buy more from Cowboy studio. Saving some money while starting up video production it lets you get going and looks professional enough to the average person. The only thing I wish with this particular bundle is that they included the Black outside / silver inside umbrellas. It works, but an awful lot of the light that you want reflected back (hence the umbrellas) just pass through the very thin material they are made of. Cowboy Studio also makes Black / Silver umbrellas so I don't know why they would use these as they are individually priced similarly if those (reflect better). I will be buying the black ones separately and use the ones included here as spares. One I have the Black / Silver, it is probably going to be a great inexpensive way to get started. Lots of accessories included, even the bulbs! Well packed.

Mi primer equipo de iluminación. Me gustó lo ligero que es, y la mochila en la que viene, el tamaño es adecuado para el uso que le daré.

Pensé que los focos serían mucho más fuertes de lo que son, pero supongo que le puedo comprar unos mucho más fuertes que los que trae, en general creo que por el precio que pagué fue una compra muy buena, se que para los que se dedican a fotografía profesional estos no sean los más adecuados, pero para los que queremos algo barato y no nos dedicamos a la fotografía están perfectos.

Just as described and it shipped under 24 hours. I just restarted doing stop motion animations, but my lighting was always poor and yellowish, so I bought this kit. Great price considering how efficient it is, I also like that it is compact when you store it, or want to bring somewhere. You can check the pictures below if you want, I compare the lighting before and after respectively.

This is a fabulous beginner's photography set, and is even a passable equipment setup for a semi-professional photographer. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, and the carrying case is extremely convenient. The umbrellas are cheap and flimsy, but so long as no one knocks over your lights (as a few people have done to mine), they won't be easily damaged while open. My one complaint is that only 3 of the 4 light bulbs that were sent to me were useable - for whatever reason, the fourth light bulb simply didn't work in any of the four light stands. This is apparently a common issue when buying from this company, from what I hear from friends who also purchased this package. Regardless, definitely worth the money if you don't want to buy a pricey, bulky set.

El envío fue muy rápido. Llego cerrado y todo en orden. Este kit es para principiantes y sirve mucho para práctica en acomodos de luz. La luz directa hace que los entusiastas de la fotografía con iluminación vayan teniendo un control directo sobre las áreas iluminadas, Las lámparas son de 5500 k con lo que el ajustar un WB resulta muy sencillo, las sombrillas como medio difusor es sumamente práctico ya que no se requieren tantas instalaciones o armados. Recomendable para aquellos que desean empezar con la fotografía de estudio.

I purchased these years ago and, while they worked well enough for a few months (the brightness was satisfactory), I had massive problems with them after the initial few months. The craftsmanship of the light stands themselves leaves much to be desired, and one day while unscrewing a bulb I actually brought out the entire bulb track (the metallic piece you insert the bulb into) with it! The stand never functioned properly after, and the other stand followed suit a couple weeks after.

If the craftsmanship was a little bit better, it would be worth it - but buyer's are better of spending a bit more to get equipment that will last.

Hoy recibí el producto. La verdad, por el precio tan bajo, no puedo recomendar otro kit de iluminación. Con este obtienes todo lo necesario para iluminar a un sujeto. Nada es de excelente calidad, pero los materiales cumplen con su trabajo. Sólo me hubiese gustado que se sintiera más firme el tripié a la hora de ponerlo en una posición, siento que los mecanismos de bloqueo se desgastarán muy rápido.

La principal razón por la cual le pongo 4 estrellas, es porque un foco venía mal, se apagó al instante.


This is a GREAT set to add to your arsenal.

I am an animal photographer and though I prefer to shoot in natural light, I often have to shoot in people's homes where the light isn't always ideal. This set is easy to pack up and take with me. Super light and uncomplicated to set up...although you Will need 3 outlets or a couple of extension cords. Just heads up, there are only 2 umbrellas with the set.

I also use it for home videocasts.

You will need to treat it gently, especially if you are putting it up and taking it down a lot...the stands are not super sturdy. But with care, I would think it will last nicely.

You can't beat the price! All in all a great little kit.

Great value / price.
Stands are nice and are of reasonably good quality.
The lamps are nice, bright and power efficient. 1 of my received lights is defective though.

Some of the screws / knobs have plastic handles that feel like they will break when tightened.
The white umbrellas have some brown stains on them, probably oil or rust from the metal arms.
The bulb mounts don't seem overly sturdy.

This is probably a kit you don't want to move around too much or adjust around too much either. It'll be great for stationary / fixed applications and is for indoor use only. I plugged all 3 lamps into a power bar controlled by a hardwired light switch, so I can flick them all on and off without touching the assembly.

I used this for a small filming project. I used it about 2x a week for 2-3 hours. The rods are OK, not that sturdy but it did the job. I had to purchase extra umbrellas because the metal rods holding the umbrella are really weak and break easily. I used it with care but it broke on me.. twice.

These are absolutely perfect!
Especially for the price
I use them in a room where there's almost no natural light to begin with and everything looks clear!
I completely recommend these for anyone who's into amateur photography and using them in a small space!
Plus they come with a snazzy bag

This is a great starter kit for any amateur photographer/videographer, student or anybody looking for a low budget solution. I was able to create some great photos using this 3 point set-up (key, fill, and backlight). However, depending on my photo needs, I had to add window daylight in certain cases as these lights are not overly bright. On the other hand, I was able to get some really nice artistic type shots without any window daylight (e.g. at night with the curtains closed) thanks to this 3 point set-up (key, fill, and backlight).

Last but not least, and most importantly for me, these lights are great for my live-streaming to Facebook, Periscope and YouTube. Not only do they nicely diffuse the light through the umbrellas, but they are perfect for use with my green screen. I use to have a hard time with my LED-160 lights and my green screen, but this Cowboy Studio kit light's me very well (as if I'm in a TV studio) and they make it so that the green screen behind me is cut out nice and sharply without any artifacts or other common green screen issues. This makes my videos look professional and almost as if I were broadcasting from an actual TV studio. They are what they are, as in surely a very expensive pro kit can do much better. But, for a low budget starter solution, I am more than pleased with my purchase and have absolutely no regrets buying this kit.

This is the perfect lighting system to add a bit of light to my indoor shots. I do some YouTube videos in the basement and they are a bit grainy due to the low light down there. It was packaged great and everything worked perfectly.

I plan on leaving it set up, but if you were to take it apart and set it up daily, I would be slightly concerned about how long it will last. There is some plastic and the umbrellas may wear out. But as long as you are careful and don't abuse it, everything should work as planned.


"You get what you pay for" are words we come upon a lot when reading reviews for cheap gear. We don't always weight the full meaning of it though. Consider that for 90$, you've got 2 umbrellas, 4 globes, 2 heads, 2 stands and a bag. It's A LOT of stuff. And you understand how it can cost so little when you start assembling. It shows most on the (really) cheap fabric of the heads. Nothing holds tight, plastic is really soft and worst of all the sockets move so depending on how you screw the bulbs on, it might work or not. You got to twist it the right amount and/or push it a bit around. I don't know yet, but life expectancy may be very short.

STILL. You got good bulbs and almost decent stands. Umbrellas are OK. If (or should I say "when") the heads fall apart I guess you can still use them as actual umbrellas. So, yes, it IS worth the 90$. But don't expect something you'd hold onto once you start getting serious.

Oh and there's a bag.