Kupo 40in Master C-Stand with Sliding Leg Kit (Stand 2.5in Grip Head & 40in Grip Arm with Hex Stud) - Silver (KS703912)


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  • Great for working on uneven terrain stairs or with apple boxes.
  • Fitted with captive locking t-knobs on the column.
  • Easily attach a grip head and boom for added flexibility.



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Style:40" Sliding Leg Kit  |  Color:Silver

The Kupo Master C Stand with Sliding Leg has two legs that are spring loaded to open in fixed positions while the third leg is height adjustable by loosening a locking knob and sliding it up and down the main riser section. This enables the user to raise one leg higher than the others to level out the stand on an incline or uneven terrain. The 40" Grip Arm with Hex Stud is a 2 1/2" grip head mounted on the end of a 40" piece of steel tubing 5/8" (16mm) in diameter and finished with a faceted hex stud to keep lighting fixtures in position when they are placed on the end of the arm. The surface of the tubing is painstakingly machined to create a rough texture to ensure a non-slip surface. The 2 1/2" grip head consists of a pair of rotating aluminum discs attached to a 5/8" (16 mm) receiver. The discs have four different sized V shaped jaws to accept any accessory with a 5/8", 1/2", 3/8" or 1/4" mounting stud or tubing. The V shaped jaws have teeth that grab whatever is mounted between the plates securely. The 2 1/2" grip head features an oversized ergonomic T handle and dedicated roller bearings designed for maximum torque.

Product information Style:40" Sliding Leg Kit  |  Color:Silver Product Dimensions 40 x 2 x 2 inches Item Weight 1.5 pounds ASIN B00LP3GRF8 Item model number KS703912

This is the most solid light stand that I own. I have numerous heavy duty stands yet none of them are as solidly built as this Kupo stand. I Have a Kupo boom that I use it with and it holds my 60" Fotodiox octobox and Alien Bees with no problems. You cannot go wrong with this light stand.

Sure, this is a Made in China C-stand. But it's NOT like the rest of those, and believe me I have several from various vendors. This thing is very obviously better built from better materials to a higher standard. It's the only C-stand in my collection I'm not a little embarrassed about when fancy pants Hollywood G&E dudes and dudettes are around my gear. I'll have to get a couple of the big ones too. And if you haven't seen or used Kupo's "Baby Boom" (also available on Amazon) - you're especially missing out, no matter what C-stands you're using.

I've always used traditional fold-up light stands, but was looking for something a bit more robust (I use the Paul C Buff heavy duty stands, and the Impact brand stands, and only one out of three of them has survived the 4 years since I purchased them). The production company I work with has a few Matthews C-Stands, and I've never had any issue with them, but before purchasing my own stands I wanted to see what else was out there. In my research, I heard a couple people mention Kupo... which I had never heard of at that time. I went back and forth for a couple weeks between Avenger, Kupo, and Matthews... and ultimately decided on Kupo (it seemed like even though now many people were talking about them, the few that did absolutely loved them)

When the stand arrived I was extremely impressed. The build quality was every bit as good as the Matthews, and in some cases even a step above the Matthews. The large knobs to tighten things down are a pleasure to use. All the fit and finish is top notch. Its actually "beefier" than the Matthews (the diameter of the main tubes are larger). The turtle base is extremely simple to use... the locking mechanism is really clever and definitely a step up from what I was used (some of the ones I use at work have this weird friction/spring lock where you basically just have to man-handle them to get them to fold out... which often confuses assistants). The grip head tightens easier and more securely with less effort than any of the other c-stands I've used.

Im 100% happy with the purchase. Going with Kupo was a bit of a gamble because they were unknown to me at a time, but I now think this is the nicest C-stand I've ever used. I plan on buying at least one more, as well as one of the Kupo boom arms and some of their other assorted grip accessories.

This is the first Kupo C stand I own and bought it after buying a baby boom from them, I have several C stands and some cost about three times what I paid for this one. Very well made, solid, and it sets up and breaks down just like in the demo video. I normally use this with the baby boom to hold a 7' umbrella or a 5' octobox and a studio strobe over my head, with a 20# sandbag on the long leg I don't even think about it after I set it up. Also used it to hold a 22" beauty dish on the 40" grip arm over both me and a model, put it where I wanted it and shot away.
The fit and finish on these stands is good, The parts that should move do and without binding and the parts that should lock in place really stay put. Nice large T handles on the grip heads let you really torque the head in place or release it when it tightens itself down. I can find slightly cheaper C stands out there that are similar in quality but this looks to me like the stand I'll still be using in 10 years.

Love the stands. The price was great. The boxes were destroyed when they arrived, and the seller promised to refund some money for the damage, but they have no record of my call or complaint, and I never got the confirmation email they promised to lodge a complaint or to register to get some money back. I've purchased from them before and usually have and issues and customer service is a joke. Nevertheless, I love the stands. They're durable, but heavy. I use them frequently. I read complaints about spring loaded accidents and injuries, and have not encountered the same problems. It's just important to be aware of what you're doing while you work. The stands are quite heavy, but withing the range of what I'd expect for heavy, steel support stands.

I needed another light stand and decided to give the Kupo 40" Turtle Base Kit a go. It consists of three components--base, two-riser column and arm--rather than a single integrated unit. Component design allows compact storage and compatibility with other Kupo C-stand parts, e.g., riser columns, extensions, booms and grip heads. The column sections and legs move silky smooth and lock securely with large t-handles. And, yeah, the turtle base twist lock and big beefy T-handles make for fast setup and teardown.

It’s an attractive piece of kit: fit and finish are excellent and materials—chromed steel tubes with aluminum locks—appear strong enough for war zone duty. Of course, all that metal helps stability but comes at a cost: weight. This beast is 24LBs according to my bathroom scale! So great for studio use but not something I’d want carry to a gig in the boondocks. However, it disassembles quickly and folds fairly flat for storage or transport and fits in my On Stage SSB6500 Speaker And Mic Stand Bag along with a Manfrotto 420CSUNS.

The relatively small footprint means it fits in spaces big folding tripod-style light stands dare not tread. I rarely need to saddlebag the base with my small CFL heads and softbox, but I sometimes hang a counterweight on the arm for balance and ease of movement.

I mainly use the Kupo to hold a CFL light head and softbox, but have pressed it into service to hold a DSLR for overhead video. Add a Manfrotto 143BK bracket and small ball head and it holds solid. Not as versatile as a jib crane but good for static shots.

I own two of these stands and am extremely pleased with their quality, design and performance. And, while a little pricy, is money well spent due to the increased durability and stability.

buen producto resistente y de acuerdo a las necesidades que se requieren en producciones para ocuparlos en campo y estudio

No es tan firme como quisiera pero hace el trabajo
El envío fue bueno y rápido
El color negro es un plus