Kupo 5/8in (16mm) Receiver with 3/8in-16 Thread (KG004611) & TVMP Adapter (TV to Motion Picture) (KG005412)


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  • Product 1: allows vertical or horizontal mounting of a light fixture, flash, or camera that has a 3/8"-16 threaded receptor
  • Product 1: Locking adapter for 5/8” light stand
  • Product 1: Set screw locks firmly in place
  • Product 2: Designed to attach on the yoke of a lighting fixture that can be mounted to a stand or fit into a junior receiver of a clamp rigged on a truss.
  • Product 2: Solid steel adapter



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Style:5/8" (16mm) Receiver with 3/8"-16 Thread  |  Pattern Name:Receiver + Adapter

Kupo 5/8in (16mm) Receiver with 3/8in-16 Thread (KG004611)
This adapter consists of a baby receiver with a 3/8"-16 male thread attached to the top of it that can be mounted on any baby stud with a set-screw and knob to lock it firmly in place. It can be used to quickly mount a hot shoe flash with a Hot Shoe Adapter (KG006711), or a field monitor onto the baby pin of a C Stand, or a myriad of other uses.

Kupo TVMP Adapter (TV to Motion Picture) (KG005412)
This solid steel adapter has a junior 1-1/8" (28mm) outer diameter and a baby 5/8" (16mm) interior receiver. This adapter has a set-screw with a knob to secure it to any baby pin or accessory. On the top of the adapter there is a bolt that secures it to the yoke of a lighting fixture for easy mounting into a junior receiver or onto a baby pin. This adapter is common for mounting PAR Can fixtures to light stands.

Product information Style:5/8" (16mm) Receiver with 3/8"-16 Thread  |  Pattern Name:Receiver + Adapter ASIN B0874M5WGZ

I bought my daughter an expensive music stand for home for her middle school french horn practice. I had dreams of raising a musical prodigy, I guess, lol. Anyway, she has now finished her junior year, and the stand hasn't been used in probably 3 years. So I took the music stand back to convert it into a photography lighting stand for my studio strobes. I took off the sheet music holder tray and was just left with the center post. I saw that the description stated this was a 5/8" receiver, so I ordered it off, hoping for the best. Just received it today and it works great! It was a pretty tight fit onto the center post at 5/8" but it fits very snugly. I slid it all the way down and applied the tightening knob, not to keep it on the post, but to keep it from rotating, really. Now with the 1/4" receiver at the top, I can add a small ballhead or cold shoe and I am all set! Love the price on this item, the exacting tolerances for fit and that it delivers the very simple thing it promises. Would that the rest of the photo things I buy be the same. hanks, Kupo, gives me much more confidence in the Kupo line!

If you are just mounting a light-weight item, this may be perfect for you. I was mounting a gimbal, camera, monitor, focus unit, and batteries which proved too heavy for the 1/4-20 post to handle. The post bent over and then broke when I tried to bend it back in place.

I don't blame this adapter. My setup was too heavy for it. And I should have had 1/4-20 disks screwed over the post to protect it top to bottom.

The workmanship of this adapter is excellent. It is light. I like the spring on the turn knob - although I ended up losing it for a while when I unscrewed the knob too far. It shot out, but I found it the next day.

The tightening knob works great, however there's not a lot of material for it to bite on. You're about 1.5 turns away from the knob coming out when the screw is far enough out to allow the receiver to fit on a stand or other hardware.

This Kupo 5/8" receiver with 3/8" threaded stud is exactly what you need to mount a tripod head (and camera) on the 5/8" extension arm of a C Stand or a baby pin. It will receive a standard 3/8" threaded tripod head without the 1/4"-3/8" thread adapter some use, making it a stronger and more secure. The receiver is very well made. I would use a safety cord anytime you mount or hang a camera to help ensure it does not accidentally fall and get damaged.

A few months ago I lost the mount to my Chauvet light. The yoke was still in great shape so I looked all over for a cheap solution to mount it on a c stand. I came across this from Kupo and since my first order I have bought several. They are well built and will hold up to the job at hand.

This is a great and versatile tool. I bought it to make a small mobile laptop stand to tether my laptop to while on locations, then I realized this is also the same threading as my tripod and monopod heads. Allowing me to rig overhead rigs for product photography or set up an extra camera when I go shoot landscapes without investing into another tripod.

These are great, quality is solid, and the peace of mind I get when flying my camera for overhead shots is well worth the cost.

Previously, I would just use the grip head with a spigot, being these slip right on the 40" C Stand arm then screws directly on the ballhead makes everything feel more secure.

Just used it recently for environment capture on set. handy. well-made. good tolerances.

Unusual brackets capable of attaching any type of light to a standard studio light stand. Works perfectly. Solid construction and well made product