Manfrotto 026 Swivel Lite-Tite Umbrella Adapter,Black


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  • Easily attaches an umbrella to your light stand.
  • Tilting feature adds adjustability to light and umbrella.



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Easily attaches an umbrella to your light stand. Tilting feature adds adjustability to light and umbrella.

From the Manufacturer

No place to mount an umbrella on your light stand?

That is no problem with this Manfrotto Swivel Umbrella Adapter (Lite-Tite). This adapter attaches between the light head and stand, giving a receptacle for mounting an umbrella.

The adapter also tilts allowing multiple positioning of the light head and umbrella.

Includes the Swivel Umbrella Adapter, a 118 adapter (double male 5/8" stud) and a 119 adapter (double female 5/8" stud).

Recommended Accessory: The 143S or 143S-1 will allow you to attach a standard cold shoe mount to the Swivel Umbrella Adapter so that you can easily attach your shoe mount flash.

Technical Specs:

Attaches by 17.5mm female
0.38 kg • 0.84 lb

Load Capacity
2.5 kg • 5.5 lb


Product information Product Dimensions 10.39 x 5.28 x 1.18 inches Item Weight 1 pounds ASIN B000JLO6OG Item model number 026

This is a very high quality pro umbrella/modifier bracket. I bought two of them after one of my Impact bracket's handle's broke off in my hand while tightening with my Westcott 2348 50-Inch Recessed Mega JS Apollo (Black) and 2 Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash for Canon EOS Digital SLR Cameras speed lights mounted on it. Luckily, I was holding onto the rod of the modifier so nothing plummeted to the earth(carpet LOL).I was thinking, at the time, what would happen if I was on a shoot? So I replaced both of the Impacts. These brackets are all metal, except for two knobs and come with the brass spigots. I love how solid they feel when mounted to the light stands. Easy to turn all the adjusters. These things are so sturdy, I think NASA used them to hold the Shuttle to the launch tower. :)
Additionally, they are heavy duty as in Heavy. That does not bother me in the least. Can't think of anything negative about them at all! Do yourself a favor and get these bad boys!

This Manfrotto swivel umbrella adapter connects your light stand to your accessories such as an umbrella, radio remote or directly to your speedlite flash. It is a heavy-duty, long-lasting addition to your bag.

* All heavy-duty, strong and solid material used in construction
* The main adjustment handle is on an external socket that permits you to re-adjust it so the handle always faces a certain direction, e.g., down for deploying or up for storage
* Double-male and double-female brass spigots (aka studs) included (1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threads on both)
* Fits virtually all umbrellas or with the included spigots, can adapt to 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 units
* With the addition of a second male spigot, can function short-term as a tripod camera mount (not meant for this, but it can support a few pounds this way for non-critical work)

* The handle, though configurable, cannot be easily removed for more compact storage
* The top and bottom screws will dig into your brass spigots, marring them, and if you're overzealous about it, they will collapse hollow umbrella tubes (workaround: fit dowels into your umbrella tube ends, or buy solid-stick umbrellas)

Other thoughts
Despite the cons, it's a great way to connect up your lighting components. Some improvements would include a cupped, captive, center-swiveling end to the tightening screws (top and bottom); this would keep the screw from digging into your accessories and marring them (or collapsing hollow umbrella tubes). For a while, until I got used to the directionality of the umbrella socket, I marked the normal "in" side so I wouldn't inadvertently feed in the umbrella backwards. Either way works, but you should be aware of your intended use and direction for aiming your flash, so you choose the best way.

This is the mother of all umbrella adaptors! While there are cheaper knock-offs, you get what you pay for. First, the Manfrotto is built to withstand abuse. Short of stripping the screws, I doubt I will be able to break this thing. Second, each of the screws has a different shape knob. This comes in handy when a strobe is mounted to this adaptor inside of a umbrella-style soft box - you can identify the handle or knob for the umbrella shaft or the swivel adjustment by feel. Finally, the biggest thing for me is the fact that one can tighten the swivel so it will not slip. I have found this to be a huge issue on cheaper umbrella adaptors - the swivel screw knob or handle is so small that you can torque the handle down, and the the swivel slips. This doesn't happen with the Mafrotto! Is the Manfrotto more expensive than many? Yes. But worth every penny!

I needed another umbrella bracket and so the Manfrotto 026 landed in my mailbox. The official name is "Manfrotto 026 Swivel Lite-Tite Umbrella Adapter." With an awkward moniker like that I figured it had to be good! I mounted it on a Manfrotto 1052BAC and it held my Westcott 43-inch umbrella and Yongnuo LED YN300 like a champ. The adjustable tilt locked tight and didn't drift. The umbrella mount hole is slanted 25 degrees, making it easier to center the light in the umbrella than horizontal holes. Each axis lock has a different shape so controls can be distinguished by feel or sight. It also makes a great elbow or swivel for an extension arm, flag, etc.

Two brass spigots are included, allowing mounting on light stands, tripods and the Super Clamp. Mic stands are 5/8", so it can be used to convert mic stands or booms for lighting use. A cold shoe is not included but the Stroboframe Bracket Shoe Mount is the best I've owned (has a lock so the flash won't slip out). However, many flash units and video lights have a 1/4" socket and can be screwed directly onto a spigot.

Compared to my Cowboy Studio Umbrella Bracket this Manfrotto 026 feels like a million bucks: excellent fit and finish, beefy build and more flexible positioning. The extra fifteen shekels for this Italian made beauty is definitely worth it.

I've had a few of these type of things, they are usually plastic, usually break - I've even broken some of the metal ones!

The only piece of plastic on this Manfrotto adapter is the screw handle for the stand and umbrella mount, but even they are top quality strong plastic and I have no fears of it breaking at all.

Be aware though that this is HEAVY! It isn't a lightweight bit of kit to be carried around everywhere, if you've got three stands and three of these, you're soon going to know about it! The upside to that though is that it will last forever and you won't be buying three or four replacements as you do with the cheaper versions. The others might be half of even a third of the price, but when you have to replace them for the second and third time, you might as well just have bought the best to start with!

It comes with the two plugs shown in the photo on Amazon, which are useful and have all the necessary standard sized studs or screws that you may need for lighting, meaning you can fit it to pretty much anything!

It clamps up easily with the large handles making it easy to tighten and loosen off again afterwards, all with a good solid positive feel and no wobble, strong enough to hold even the largest of umbrellas or softboxes.

A great bit of quality kit, highly recommended if you're going to use this type of adapter more than about twice a year!

Currently the product description states that it is New, Black & Aluminum. I will attempt the difficult task of being more helpful than this.

Firstly after removing them from the plastic carton packaging, I say 'them' because I bought two, they felt really solid. Weighing in at 406 grams each, that's nearly an extra kilogram of weight to be carrying. I previously used cheapo plastic brackets which were very lightweight but didn't feel very secure and struggled with heavy loads (ie. Softbox & Flashgun) These looked much better, and I have a lot of faith in Manfrotto gear as I've yet to be let down by them and I always appreciate their build quality.

It's basically a bracket double ended with a 5/8" female mount (with tightening locks) with a lockable hinge in the middle, an umbrella hole and tightener screw and then 2 (possibly brass) adaptors of 1/4" and 3/8" mounts. One is all female and the other is all male. Each locking mechanism holds the bracket very tight. I use it with a Lastolite Ezybox 60cm hotshoe softbox with Nikon SB910's mounted and it holds them solid as a rock. I have never attached lighting units to it however I reckon that it would hold some moderate light heads. Heavier dedicated light heads would come with their own mounts and stands anyway.

I combine the brass adaptors together and the Manfrotto bracket then tightens onto my light stand, and the top of the bracket tightens onto the brass adaptors which I then secure my softbox and flash mount to the protruding area of the brass adaptors. A solid set up, reassuringly solid and I initially scoffed at the price, went elsewhere, learned my lesson and then came back to these. I could have save £14 by just buying these first and not using cheapo chinese mounts. I learn the hard way, 5 stars for this product, heftily recommended.

It's heavy. That was my first impression. That means it's solid and will probably be reliable. However the way the spigots attach is not very smooth, and if you're using a brolly with it the brolly is massively off centre to the speedlite. I very much dislike the top bolt which is tightened by a bar. It reminds me of the method used to tighten the jaws in a bench vice in metal work at school. Is there really such a need to tighten so much that you need a lever? Also the lever is not the easiest thing to use anyway.
The wheel below to tighten a brolly or other attachment is so close to the top lever that you have to be careful when tightening it or you'll lose skin off your knuckles. Also the main lever for locking the tilt joint is MASSIVE! Way, way bigger and heavier than it needs to be.
Perhaps in a studio environment where you have very heavy gear, and you're changing it several times a day, you may need this, but for the majority of standard strobes it's just not necessary.
I've got adaptors that cost a quarter of the price and are actually better to use than this one. I'll be selling these Manfrotto's on to anyone who requires them.

Sometimes it is true in that you get what you pay for. I needed a stand and flash holder for the portraits I was going to do. I didn't want to invest too much for something that I may use infrequently. I wanted to get something strong and that was going to last. After some research I went for this Manfrotto Adaptor. Is it worth the extra over a cheaper device?

Yes! The construction is substantial and feels very solid. There is a lot of weight in the device both in the main body and all the levers and knobs. It doesn't use a ball joint which makes it easy to tighten in position. True a ball joint would be easy to position and aim but this device give you a lot of confidence about it staying put. There are two brass adapters that are for mounting different threaded devices on top or for mounting the adapter on a stand.
This is well worth the extra money over a cheaper device. Though I haven't used it yet in anger I feel very confident about it doing what I want and not having to worry about if it is going to move and see the flash unit hit the floor because it has failed. Well worth considering.

For me please are without dance the best value swivel head around. They will moving to almost any position that you need and are well built throughout. They are not ridiculously heavy and that portable enough to fit into most camera bags.

I trust these with Broncolor heads which certainly aren't cheap and I also use them with my speedlight set up too so overall have to say that these are a godsend and an essential part of my daily photographic equipment.

There are cheaper adaptors around and I also own a few of these which are slightly lighter however I would not trust the cheaper adaptors with my more expensive heads and if I am using them it will always be with a compact flash system rather than a strobe.

There are many umbrella/speedlight adapors on the market. Although more expensive than most I opted to buy one of these adaptors to try out as the look of the model and previous reviews indicated this was a good choice. They weren't wrong. I have now got three of these for use with my light stands and speedlights. They are very well made and will last a lifetime. The two brass connectors have both 3/8 and 1/4 treads which make it very versatile. I would say the design is excellent and for me it ticks all the boxes. I would highly recommend these adaptors. There are other cheaper options out there but how long will they last and how secure will your equipment be? You can have confidence that this adaptor will hold the umbrella/softbox, trigger and light with no issues. Highly recommend.

The adapter arrived this morning and meets all expectations. I have a Canon Speedlite (430EXII) and this is my first foray into using an umbrella. I wanted something that would mount an umbrella onto my tripod and allow me to experiment before investing in lighting stands (although some stands are cheaper than this adapter). This adapter fits the requirement perfectly. Canon Speedlites come with a tripod mounting plate which fits onto this piece of kit nicely. The adapter also connects to the tripod with no problem (after the tripod head is removed).

The build quality is also first class. It is a solid, weighty adapter. it is possibly a little bit pricey but you get what you pay for. I would have no trouble in recommending this item.

The Manfrotto Lighting adapter is ideal for a strobist like myself. It comes fully equipped with the correct studs and quality of the product is beyond reproach as befits Manfrotto.

Having tried other makes, I find two common issues with these products - either they are of poor quality/design and dont last or they dont come with the appropriate stud adapters.

The Manfrotto is a brilliant design and is of professional quality. The nuts dont fall out , the levers tighten and simply work. The body itself is very robust and I have been using these for several years and have yet to replace one.

The lack of appropriate studs just annoys me. My view is that it is all but certain you'll need them and yet they dont bundle them. Its just a hidden cost ( and delay ) that should be preventable. I prefer the manfrotto approach where you pay for a single item and it comes equipped.

Highly recommended.

Quite why they have light weight in the ratings I don’t know, I bought it for the metal robustness and expected it to be a little heavy. It’s a great solid and tested unit that i trust with the expensive speed lights on it.

Haven't had another one before, but durability looks very promising, as it appears to be very very solidly constructed. It can keep a significant amount of weight in place, without moving or collapsing forwards and downwards.
All necessary threads/diemeters, are included. I have used it to attach my speedlight on a Manfrotto Compact Stand (Manfrotto 1052BAC lightstand) which appears to be a very solid combination.
There is no ballhead for free rotation, but I can swivel the whole thing by rotating the connection between the lightstand and Lite Tite adaptor, which basically rotates by 360 degrees, with some friction that feels "just right" (trust me, it is hard to explain, but easy peasy to do!). I much prefer this option, as adjusting the ball head would mean having to adjust vertical angle too every time. This makes it more like a 3-way head.
I also find very useful the black handle which is spring loaded, so you can take the way out of the way if needed, without unscrewing the actual handle.

One star gone as there is no flash cold shoe included. You will need to acquire one separately and attach on the brass thread. Manfrotto makes one Manfrotto Flash Shoe, 1/4" Male Attchment but I find it completely useless (there is no safety to hold the speedlight from slipping out) and it is way overpriced at GBP8.45 at the time of writing this. It is so dissapointing that Manfrotto do not include a cold shoe, as the 026 Lite Tite is definitely not the cheapest in the market.

If you shoot with off camera flash, at some point you'll probably need the following items:

-light stand
-flash mount (coldshoe)
-light modifier

This Lite Tite is one of the most widely used grips for mounting flashes on light stands. I've paired 3 of these up with 3 Frio coldshoes ( - 10 pounds a pop) and you can't go wrong. Your flash will mount nice and solidly on the stand, reducing your nerves as you step away to start shooting.

The brass spigot comes in two pieces fitted together. 99% of the time you'll only need to use the 'male' end of the spigot, but don't get rid of the female part as it may come in handy later on (there are a couple of specific applications for it).

-easy to use
-industry standard
-solidly built
-gives you faith that your flash is well secured
-pairs seamlessly with the Frio

Good unit, but bad threads. Unfortunately I only started using this several months after purchase and after ruining the threads on some of my gear I looked more closely at the spigot head which were bad. Have had to pay €15 out for another spigot off a spare parts website.

FOR: Its cast white metal/steel and the handles all work tightly with no slippage. Easy to use, It will last a lifetime. Buy the right thing once !

Against: The brass inserts have a tendency to get lost as you don't use them a lot and they rattle around in the bottom of my bag. which is also true of all its competitors (if they even supply them, most don't)
Its about twice the cost of plastic and cheap alloy types from China ( There is a reason for that...)

I purchased this after suggestions made from the online flash photography course I'm currently following. It's very strong / sturdy and I have not only used it holding the Neewer diffusion umbrellas (bought from Amazon UK), along with my Canon 430 EX II flashgun, but also holding (with ease) the Aurora 'Firefly' 65cm 'beauty box' (bought from Excellent quality product from Manfrotto !

I bought a pair of these 026 adaptors with the matching flash gun cold shoe adaptors to fit on top of existing lightstands. I have used them with the Nikon CLS trigger system outside to illuminate a group shot. They now extend my off camera flash capability when the heavy studio light system is unlikely to be needed.

Different makes of umbrellas and difusers can be used through the clamp with the generous shaft diameter provided. The clamps are well designed and engineered to the high Manfrotto standard. Attaching a £350 flash gun gives you the confidence that is needed. This product is not flimsy or a poor copy. It is a quality item for a specific need at an acceptable price. It can also be attached to other types of spigot supports other than lightstands.

I am glad that I purchased them as a lighting capability bridge before my full studio lighting system.

I highly recommend these Manfrotto adaptors.