Neewer 35" x 70"/ 90 x 180cm Photo Studio Gold/Silver & Black/White Flat Panel Light Reflector with 360 degree Rotating Holding Bracket and Carrying Bag


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  • Reversible black/white panel; reversible silver/gold panel.
  • Silver for the contrast you look for, gold for warm tone, white to fill the shadow and adjust lighting ratios, and the black to block out stray light or as background.
  • 360 degree rotating bracket. Geared tooth locking mechanism.
  • Horizontal or vertical placement.
  • Dimensions: 35 x 70" / 90 x 180cm.Note: Stand not included.The item will be more stable if you add sandbag to add weight.



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Note: Stand not included.The item will be more stable if you add sandbag to add weight.


The Neewer Reflector Panel is a light shaping tool consisting of 4 aluminum rods and a geared bracket that hold its 35 x 70" (90 x 180 cm) fabric taut without a frame. Two reversible reflective fabrics are included, black/white and gold/silver. The tilting bracket accepts stands with a 5/8" top stud and rotates 360 degrees so that you can turn the panel horizontally, vertically or any angle in between. A carry bag is included to store and transport the panel.


Reversible black/white panel; reversible silver/gold panel.

Silver for the contrast you look for, gold for warm tone, white to fill the shadow and adjust lighting ratios, and the black to block out stray light or as background.

360 degree rotating bracket. Geared tooth locking mechanism.

Horizontal or vertical placement.


Dimensions: 35 x 70" / 90 x 180cm

Mount: 5/8"

Package Contents:

1x Reversible Gold/Silver Fabric

1x Reversible Black/White Fabric

1x Mounting Bracket with Flex Rod Adapter

4x Flex Rods

1x Carry Bag

Note: Stand not included

Product information Size:90x180cm Product Dimensions 43.7 x 1.97 x 0.39 inches Item Weight 3.33 pounds ASIN B00PIDCITU Item model number [email protected]@##2

I looked at a much more expensive version of this and thought I'd never get one, but Neewer has done it again! I got virtually the same thing for an eighth of the cost of the one I thought I'd never own. This rotates and tilts so that I can use it in many different ways. It's great for the price.

Had been using a couple pieces of insulation board to bounce my strobe off of. They worked great but were a pain in the butt to store / move around. This provides the same functionality, with the add of giving me a black surface for blocking and silver/gold for some tone change.

Clamp works as intended, set up and breakdown are a breeze.

Using a 3 ft piece of 1/2" PVC pipe to wrap the reflectors around when stored in the bag.

Flawless four in one reflector set. The rodded frame bracket holder stretches the fabric out, interchangeability is easy as well. Reversible sheets with dual siding for each reflector. The gold, silver, white, and black all serve their purpose well at maintaining or reducing the light. The rotatable gearing bracket is pretty cool and stable and positions horizontally as well as vertically. Foldable cloths and stand for easy storage. Provides me the large amount of reflection and fill that I need.

I am still trying to figure out how to use this on my shoots, but people are right, these are huge and decent quality. You have to be careful with the cloth because it does seem like it may be delicate, like you can't be rough with it.

The best analogy is that it's like putting together a kite. I like how you can turn it different ways. It's just something good to have. Also know that it does not come with a stand. It has an adaptor for the stand but not the actual stand.

These are just the right size reflectors I needed. They fill in the lighting well for close up portraits. They don't take up a lot of room and they're foldable. The bracket rotates long and sideways which is also good for space. The fabrics are stretchy so they fit into the bracket holder and smoothed out great. The silver really bounces the light off while the black holds it. The gold is great for bronzing and the white is the best for diffusion. Can't beat the price for this 4 piece in one reflector deal.

Awesome convertible reflector. Use in natural or studio lighting, as a reflector or for subtractive lighting. Good specular highlights with silver side, gold side warms nicely, especially at a distance. Only wish the white was a little more translucent to use as a diffuser. Nice portability in carry case and setup is a breeze.

This is just what I was looking for; like the different color reflectors it comes with. Putting it together is not difficult but it can be tricky. This has worked well in studio situations, but it's a bit harder outdoors because of wind even with sandbags.
I would have given it a five, except that I wish it were a bit thicker material - seems like the poles could poke through if you're not careful.

Perhaps it was my haste in ordering, but this item did not come with a stand (as pictured) and does not come with instructions for putting it together. You will need help when assembling the poles. I eventually figured it out and used it on a photo shoot. It is ideal for blocking harsh sun for the purpose of photographing 1-2 individuals. I feel like it is a little overpriced, but it does serve the purpose I intended it for.

Surprising good. The screen is Light weight and sturdy. However The adjustable mount for the lighting stand is terrible and I swapped it out pretty much immediately for the manfrotto equivalent that’s made of metal rather than the cheapest grade of plastic.

Il prodotto è robusto , bisogna solo fare attenzione quando lo si monta, poichè le asticelle metalliche devono rimanere in tensione e con la sbadataggine rischiano di slittare fuori prima di averle fissate come si deve.
Per il resto è un prodotto molto utile e sicuramente fa il suo dovere.

Il prodotto è un'ottima idea per non avere sempre in mezzo ai piedi un ingombrante vflat. I teli sono robusti, così come la struttura. Il fissaggio dei "bracci" è però solo "ad appoggio", non c'è un incastro vero e proprio. Una volta messo su uno stativo occupa abbastanza spazio, circa un metro, tra lo stativo e il telo (speravo rimanesse un po' più stretto, perché non ho tantissimo spazio). Complessivamente mi sembra comunque un buon prodotto, non vedo l'ora di testarlo su un set.

Buoni i tempi di attesa, comodo e veloci da montare... ma... l’imballaggio del prodotto dalla fabbrica è indegno.. invece di piegare i teli creando pieghe non ci vuole un ingegnere per fare un rotolo che non crea problemi. Del resto il problema si risolve ma crea perdita di tempo

L'oggetto risponde alle esigenze di avere un pannello riflettente portatile e leggero. Peccato che il supporto non era incluso, è scritto nell'annuncio in fondo alla descrizione, ma non lo avevo letto, mi aspettavo anche i supporti. Consiglio di modificare la foto e rendere i supporti di un grigio molto chiaro per far capire che non sono forniti, come si fa di solito per prassi su Amazon.

Ottimo prodotto, fa quello che deve. E' molto leggero quindi se lo utilizzi all'aperto conviene mettere un contrappeso anche per evitare che svolazzi via,

Ottimo pannello a 4 colori ( nero-bianco/argento-oro). Molto leggero e facile da montare. Rispecchia le caratteristiche della descrizione

Pratique et ingénieux, un peut de sport pour la monter .... vous comprendrez, les tiges tiennent par le réflecteur, il faudrait modifier et faire que les deux du bas soit fixé par des petites vis mais très bien je l'utilise beaucoup pour bloquer la lumière avec le noir , très pratique et léger

Comodo trasporto nella sacca, si monta molto velocemente e, all’occorrenza, si può utilizzare anche come fondale per ritratti.

Prodotto che rispecchia le aspettative per rapporto qualità prezzo. Spedizione puntuale e precisa. Ha la sua sacca per trasporto. Piuttosto facile il montaggio anche lavorando da soli si riesce ad assemblare il pannello.

Nouvel avis fin mai 2017 :
Ca s'améliore grandement :)

-Housse de transport, certes démesurée, mais mieux finie.
-Finition des tissues nettement améliorée
-système de fixation élaboré : ce en sont plus le petits coin pliés des modèles de mars.


Avis de mars 2017 :
Le système est plutôt pas mal. Montage aisé et transport facile.
Mais :
Pourquoi une housse toute en longueur pour un produit si petit ? Seules les 4 tiges ( très fines) ont besoin de longueur.... Le reste est perdu au fond.
Défaut egalement de finition. En depliant delicatement les baches la "peinture" se décole ....
S'il n'y avait ce problème de transport et de finition je recommanderai chaudement.

1st time set makes you think you need more than 2 hands but a little practice and its fine.

It didn't came with a stand. I somehow misunderstood this, because all of the product pictures are showing the stand. If I was aware of this I wouldn't have bought the product.
The stand in the product pictures could be dimmed out, or visualized as a sketch.

On the other hand the white surface was sticked to itself and unpacking caused the white paint to fall and the result could be observed on the provided photo - there are holes

Ho acquistato il prodotto a novembre, per una serie di motivi, non l'ho usato fino a febbraio, senza minimamente pensare che mi sarei trovato di fronte a questo: ho aperto la tele e mentre le stendevo, si strappavano mano a mano che l'aprivo, in allegato ci sono le foto, adesso che sono passati tre mesi non posso neanche restituirlo, il prodotto si è dimostrato veramente scadente e adesso non posso neanche utilizzarlo.
Prodotto altamente sconsigliato, soprattutto ad un prezzo così elevato.

When tightening the bolts to ensure they clamp to the stand the gold inner screws that the bolt locks to come out loose so therefore the reflector doesn't clamp and just release from the stand and doesn't hold in a position.
This is a new purchase of only about a month and had barely been used, 8-10 times, i wanted to buy a couple more of these but unless i can get better quality attachments that clamp tight i wont make any further purchases. I will look to return this attachment and see what is offered as a replacement.