Golden State Art, Pack of 100 11 3/8x14 1/8 Crystal Clear Bag for 11x14 mat Mattes


  • 100 11 3/8x14 1/8 Crystal Clear Bag for mat mattes
  • Clear bag
  • 11x14 photo bag
  • Crystal Clear Bag
  • Protective bag


Golden State Art

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golden state art logo clear bag made to fit photo mat art print card crystal storage size bags

Golden State Art is a factory-direct photo & art mat board and frames wholesaler serving the art community nationally.

We specialize in Acid-free photo and art mat boards, standard and custom cut mat boards, and frames.

Personalize your artwork and decorate your home!

golden state art resealable clear bag thin layer made to fit size photo matting board

Clear Bag Features

  • Thin Layer Clear Bags
  • Fit paper, greeting cards, mat board, art print or photo and backer board.
  • With Resealable adhesive strip below opening on Bag
  • Protect your artwork from dirt or dust

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Add Clear Bags into your Show Kit!

  • Combination Made for Matted Photos
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect Display for your Artwork

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Product information Product Dimensions 11.5 x 14.5 x 0.5 inches Item Weight 1.6 pounds ASIN B01GGJ8QE0 Item model number M8-63460-GSA9

I have bought a broad spectrum of photo and photo printing accessories from Golden State Art over the years. GSA is a first-class, professional operation that offers a substantial, high-grade selection of everything from photo mats to plastic inserts such as these, affording reliable protection to not-yet-framed prints that are fitted with mats and backing and in need of secure storage and handling prior to sale. Crystal Clear Sleeves are NOT an option, but an absolute mandate if you have printed, at considerable expense, top-grade photos or other images that need complete, reliable protection prior to sale. Highly recommend!

I am very happy with this purchase. Not only was it a great price, having the sealing strip on the back of the bag instead of the flap is fantastic. The bags I used before had it on the flap and always got stuck to the photos when you took them out of the bag. It was the only complaint I ever got from my customers. So nice not to have to warn customers of this problem and not to get complaints anymore !

The seams on these bags tear easily, come apart. When I am sliding my picture into the bag, the seams come apart. very frustrating. i had to be very very careful. i have purchased other items from golden state art and i am happy with the other things i bought. i also bought 16x20 clear bags. the 16x20 clear bags did not come apart at the seams, no problem with the 16x20 bags. the adhesive on both sizes is good. i can seal them and re-open them and re-seal them no problem.

They looked fine; roomy; but without much pressure one of the side seams would peel apart. Same side on every bag, and we weren't trying to stuff them with a lot of photos. If you handle a bag carefully and inserted only 1 photo, it might work for you. I realize this is how many people would store individual precious photos. They will not, for example, hold an inch of old thin photos without risk that the the side seam will fail. After we discovered the weak side, we test a few more by pushing from the inside of the bag. Several more failed, so they're going back.

I'm selling vintage sheet music from the turn of last century. I needed a safe way to store them. These work perfectly. I haven't used the seals yet, so can comment only on the size and ease of getting my items put in the envelopes. I would buy the item again and from the same seller. The item arrived quickly and was well-packed. No complaints from me!

These sleeves are easy to use, large enough to hold an 11x14 mat plus the backing/mounting board (I use 8 ply rag for the mat and 4 ply rag for the mounting). It is great that they seal shut after inserting the art work. Very clear so that you can clearly see the contents. My only issue is that the cover over the sealing adhesive is hard to get peeled off; actually it is easy to peel off after you get the first edge started, the hard part is getting it off to start peeling. Highly recommended.

Worked as advertised. I use these to hold prints of my art. The paper I use is 60lb matte photo paper, so it isn't thin, but these bags are large enough to hold the prints and a business card without a problem. If I were going to mat my art I would size up.

It gives my art a surprisingly professional look, and customers don't have to worry about their art being damaged due to the weather if it's not a clear day and they are buying from me in person.

If I'm mailing art, these bags are great to help protect the art from weather and any acidic materials.

This is a great product if you are looking to protect your art work. It will do exactly that. Protect your art from scratches, and other types of surface damages. I would buy this product again when I run out.

Crisp, clear, the right size. I doubt they can reliably be resealed nicely. So don't peel the glue strip until you're sure you're done.

My backings were quite thick so found these bags a tight fit and some of the seams split. But not bad really as exactly as they stated.