Emart Photo Video Studio 9.2 x 10ft Heavy Duty Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit with Carry Bag for Photography


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  • The kit include: (4) x 1.1 inch Diameter crossbar / (2) x 9.2ft Heavy duty aluminum alloy light stand / (2) x 4.5 inch Heavy duty spring clamps / (1) x Heavy duty portable carry bag.
  • This kit is a professional heavy duty support (The maximum can withstand 30 lbs backdrops), Aluminum Alloy Construction for Durability, Portability.
  • Let you control what you want can be a very good height (adjustable from 3.8 ft to 9.2 ft) and width (adjustable from 5 ft or 10 ft)
  • Holds Canvas, Muslin, or Paper. Two clamps combine ergonomic with advanced technology to provide comfortable grip to you, can prevents background slippage.
  • The background support system is easy to install and uninstall for your convenience. The heavy duty portable carry bag for your easier carry and store.



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EMART support backdrop stand

Emart Photo Video Studio 9.2 x 10ft Heavy Duty Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit

Perfect Heavy Duty Aluminum backdrop support bracket kit is extremely suitable for Amateurs to professionals from all levels of photographers.

Installation complete only few seconds, the 4 crossbars can be freely combined.

Supporting stands extend up to 9.2 Ft height. 30 lbs load capacity.

Application Scenario

Birthday Background

  • Could hang children's growth experiences, photos, blessings, etc.

Application Scenario

Theater Background

  • Could be used as a background frame for the venue and theater.

Application Scenario

Slide Background

  • Hanging a white background cloth, used as a background for slides.

Application Scenario

Interior decoration Background

  • Could be used to hang decorations to add brilliance to a monotonous interior

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Technical Specs

2*110" Light stands

4* Cross bars

2* Heavy Duty Spring Clamps

1* Convenient carry case

Light Stands

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Sections: 3
  • Max height: 110"(280 cm)
  • Min height: 45.7" (116 cm)
  • Folded height: 39.4"(100 cm)
  • Diameter of legs: Φ0.91" (Φ23 mm)
  • Net weight: 3.88 lbs (1.76 kg)

Cross Bars

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Interlocking cross bars
  • Sections: 4
  • Diameter: 1.1 inch
  • Max length: 120" (4 cross bars)
  • Min length: 60" (2 cross bars)

Heavy Duty Spring Clamps

  • 4.5 inches long
  • 3/4" x 5/8" rugged, pivoting pads
  • Package Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 2 inches
  • Maximum Opening: 2 inch mouth
  • Material: Nylon
  • Holds canvas, muslin or paper

Convenient Carry Case

  • Premium Quality Nylon Material
  • The heavy duty portable carry bag for your easier carry and store.

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Product information Product Dimensions 33.6 x 12.2 x 13.4 inches Item Weight 11.44 pounds ASIN B00NIDQ5Y6 Item model number EM-BS2830

Yes, there are the usual cheaper version backdrop stands, and they will always bow in the top/center so you can't put a heavier drop on them, and they will be flimsy and lean forward or back, and the clamps will break off or stop working altogether. And then you'll buy another set of the cheap ones, and the cycle will start all over again.

You should just buy something like this in the first place: heavy-duty metal, great interlocking horizontal pole design, sprung vertical poles, opens up very wide. It also comes with a padded storage/transfer bag, and they even threw in a couple of clamps.

My first impression wasn't ideal but EmartInc customer service reached out promptly to address my concerns and I have update my review accordingly. I bought this specific kit for the dimensions, I wanted a better fit on the cross bar for my space and muslin and this had the tallest stands at a reasonable price. The crossbar fits my use perfectly and 9ft stands are high enough to allow subjects to reach overhead and still be on my background. The stands have a large footprint which should provide extra stability and easy sand bagging on location. Very nice carry bag, two large pockets for the stands, a zippered end cap so you can slide everything out and a full length zipper to lay the bag open for packing.

Our church approached me about doing photos for a parish directory. I could have "winged it" with the equipment I had, but knew I would not be happy with the results. Let the search begin for the equipment necessary to set up my first actual "studio". I chose the Emart backdrop stand based on reviews I read online. The backdrop arrived in very sturdy packaging and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the actual carrying case the backdrop stand came in. As for the stands themselves, I'm guessing they probably won't last for years and years if they are set up and taken down frequently. Setup is simple and the stands support my 10' x 20' muslin backdrop with no problems whatsoever. For the purchase price, I feel like I got a very good set of stands when evaluating quality vs. dollars spent.

This is an absolutely crappy product. It came broken and damaged in several places. It is made out of flimsy material, easily beds. How this got labeled as semi professional is beyond me. I am better of learning how to do my own stand using PVC pipes!

Good solid very well made product but I wouldn't define it as "heavy duty". I would say it's medium-to-heavy duty, it's not going to hold very heavy rolls but will hold a good amount of weight perfectly fine (probably up to 40 lbs if distributed evenly across). Yes it has a little bit (LITTLE BIT) of sag but seriously what bar measuring almost 9 ft across will not? This holds just fine. This is not a 2 inch thick steel pole. I bought this to use for my photo backdrop and it is totally adequate. I'm glad I bought it. Easy as heck to put together, sturdy enough to hold a back drop and seems very well built for the price. As always it's a good idea to handle any equipment with care if you want it to last. Came with a nice bag and it's pretty wide. Two clamps also came included. I would recommend this product. It's right between heavy duty and medium duty.

This product is as advertised. Heavy duty. I purchased it to hold 19lbs of white paper back drop.

I did have an issue, when the shipment arrived. The product page at the time offered two free spring clips. They were not shipped. At first I was going to overlook it until I made a rookie mistake. I set up the stand and started to rollout the paper and the paper unraveled too fast to control. If I had those clamps I would of avoided this mistake.... We'll probably not. Rookie mistake.

So, I contacted the seller because a promise is a promise and I'm sure it was an accident. They immediately responded by shipping me 6 spring clamps.

Nice touch from the seller. Thank you.

This is a great sturdy piece of equipment for a novice photographer. I originally used this for my daughters birthday party for a diy photoboth. I was able to add a 10 x 20ft muslin background without any bend from the weight. Only small thing I noticed was that there was a small dent in one of the stands, but not a major thing because it still works great.

I am so not HAPPY about this product!! I bought it and had to use it for a shoot yesterday! First one of the stands wouldn't clamp together but we were able to make it work! Thank when I was packing it up I had a lot of washers falling off! When I first pulled it out I was pleased with it just not now after I used it!! I just wish it would have lived up to it's name HEAVY DUTY!! I am so returning this it SUCKS!!!

I'm very happy with this kit. At first, I've bought the cheaper one (7'x10') around 50$ and had to returned it. The tube was very thin. The long horizontal bar blended in the middle even before you put any weight on it. You can tell it's very flimsy and cheap. Also, I thought 7' is tall enough for my needs but I was wrong. When you fully extend the legs for a steady support, you can't even reach 6'5" in height. My ceiling is 8' in height so this one does the job with no problem at all. For 20$ more, this kit is another level. The tube is ticker. The legs are much stronger. For interior use, this kit is excellent. I've not tried it outdoor so I can't comment on that. Overall, I'm very happy with this kit.

it is definitely stronger and thicker than the other ones.

great as advertised.

Fantastic equipment

Je l’ai achete pour mon monter un set up je l’adore! Tres facile a monter, leger, fait bien le travail !

For the price its realy good ! Light weight and very stable! Can homd my 10 feet seamless roll with no trouble! The tube size is bigger then the other stand at this price range so it makes it very tought!

Excellent produit. Tout est de qualité: les tuyaux, le système de serrage, le ressort intérieur et même le sac. Le tuyau 1.5 pouce est solide et ne plie pas sous le poids du fond de scène. Les pattes sont stables. Vraiment très satisfait.


Very good quality