Corsair Elgato Green Screen MT - Mountable Chroma Key Panel for background removal, wrinkle-resistant chroma-green fabric


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  • Instant immersion: Wrinkle-resistant Green screen optimized for camera Chroma keying
  • Ultra-quick deployment: Set up and pack up in seconds; Material: 100% polyester
  • Pop-up Tech: Lift and let the pneumatic X-frame automatically lock the screen in place
  • Concealable design: Retract into the hard case and stash out of sight



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A dedicated chroma key surface that requires zero floor space, Green Screen MT strikes the perfect balance between sleek construction and pro performance. Mount Green Screen MT on your wall or ceiling, pull the handle down to any position, and let the precision roller automatically lock your screen in place. Panoramic dimensions cover your entire height and wingspan. Premium fabric ensures a wrinkle-free spread, while optimized chroma green guarantees the cleanest key you can get. It’s a wrap? Give the handle a tug and the screen will automatically disappear into its protective metal casing.

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Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand Elgato Series Green Screen MT Item model number 10GAO9901 Item Weight 11.88 pounds Product Dimensions 82.68 x 2.76 x 3.15 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 82.68 x 2.76 x 3.15 inches Color Green Manufacturer Corsair ASIN B07QWMS7X5 Date First Available June 11, 2019

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I use a green screen for both live webinars through zoom and to record videos for my online business. I initially had a cloth green screen with a bulky hanging apparatus that involved two tripod stands. I hated it. The cloth wrinkled constantly (which had to be corrected in post-production and never looked that great), and it took up so much space. I found this one and LOVE it. I have it mounted to my wall near the ceiling. It pulls down easily and is completely wrinkle free! I simply pull it down and go. Every webinar and video I've done now has an excellent background WITHOUT having to touch it up. It's wide enough and long enough that I can easily capture what I need to. I typically use it as a back drop while I'm sitting (e.g, at a computer). It's brilliant and makes the whole video process much more enjoyable. The quality of my videos definitely looks more professional, too!
My business partner got the same one for her home office. She installed hers so it hangs from the ceiling, and she's said the same things - leveled up her videos and is MUCH easier than the previous one.

With COVID-19 I have had to go remote for both work and school. I wanted a green screen to provide a better professional background to my meetings. I chose this product because I loved that it was made out of fabric, and because it seemed like it was high quality. The product arrived and it met those expectations. The fabric looks high quality and the casing is very sturdy. The only thing I will warn is that it is heavier than I thought. At least 10 pounds if not more. I expected it to be lighter. Also, was a heavy pull down, but I loved that it locked at different heights, so you don't have to put the whole thing down if you don't need it. I already used it for one my meetings, and it worked flawlessly. Compared to all others in the meeting, I seem to have the best camera quality. For example, some of their backgrounds were blurry or grainy while mine was flawless. Even when I walked away from the camera the green background kept the image perfect, and my movement didn't cause any distortions. Note that the stand in the picture is not included, I bought it separately. The screen is fully extended in the picture.

I suspended this from the ceiling in my home office for using the virtual backdrop for zoom meetings. I am a teacher and have been using zoom more than I ever thought possible. This is a great solution. I can pull this down about a foot behind my office chair and it works great. I had a green sheet material prior to this but the wrinkles really throw off the background in zoom. By pulling this down from the ceiling, there are very few wrinkles. I mounted some 60w soft white LED lights with 3d printed diffusers shining toward me and the screen. $150 is a little more than I wanted to spend, but with this I have zero set up everyday so I think it is worth it. This unit is pretty beefy and I feel that the quality is pretty good. I have not used this very much as it arrived during the last week of classes.

I love the build quality, I love the ease of installation, I love the concept for my kids rooms and my studio in the basement. What I HATE? The color is not pure green. I have standard green screens in my basement that are extremely close to (0,255,0) Green and therefore easy to capture and filter out in OBS. However, the Green on the 'green screen' from Elgato is yellowish - It takes a lot more tweaking to get the screen to filter out, and when I do, it's just on the border of making my kids hair and face get that white spot where their heads become semi-transparent. How do you mess up on a green screen by not making it pure green? why would you not make it pure green??? It has everything else right, but it's core function is messed up :-/

Larger than I anticipated -- which is great, because I'd prefer a larger green screen over a smaller one. I can move my camera around and not have to worry about it seeing the edge of the green screen.

Mounted this on the wall behind me, use it for Twitch streaming. Install was a cinch with a stud finder and a bubble level. With a good back light, this pairs very well with StreamLabs OBS chroma keying. Has a very solid, quality feel when you draw it down. No wrinkles and is a quality, thick fabric. Stops where you want it to. Makes a cool sound as you draw it up and down -- zrrrrrrp chunkachunkachunk. Makes my office less green when I'm not streaming. This product will make other streamers green with envy, and my wife approves.

No complaints, quality product, would recommend.

Excellent uniform color. Great thick/stiff fabric. Reasonably heavy duty construction. If I had one design request it would be that the side mounting screw holes were offset sufficiently to allow the screen to be mounted to a wall/beam/rafter without a standoff -- it looks like some attention was paid to this, but the clearance of the screen is not enough (I had to fabricate a standoff).

I have another green screen on a stand, and although it's great for podcasting it is a terrible unwieldy monster of a thing to keep in my office. This attached nicely to the ceiling and rolls out of view when not in use. The size is great and the aspect ratio is better than the stand-mounted screen. Well worth it.

It worked just fine. Two weeks before I ordered this one, I bought a cheaper one but it had a lot of wrinkles, which required me to iron them (seriously!). I did not bother to return that one so I ordered this one instead. It is a bit pricy but it worked.

Worth 5 stars and the money. But when you select click larger size from the previous Elgato that stands on its own, take care, this one doesn't stand on its own. I got tricked, but I still use this one.

Love it. Had a problem with the first one but was sorted out very fast and replaced. I have it up on the wall and it’s perfect for streaming. I would say for the price that it could have included the screws for walls and ceilings. But still a fantastic product none the least.