ESDDI Photo Light Box Photography 16"x16"/40x40cm Portable Table Top Lighting Shooting Tent Kit Foldable Cube with 2x20 LED Lights 3 Color Backdrop for Jewellery Product Advertising


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ESDDI is one of the brands in the photography sector, dedicated to the creation of professional photographic equipment.

And the product line includes lighting kits, camera tripods, photo box and other accessories.

Chic design and superb technology allow you to combine photography and entertainment.

Photography is more than it is. It is a kind of lifestyle. With piercing eyes and professional equipment, all wonders last forever.


Professional after-sale service

  • ESDDI provides customer contact service, one-year for repairing, good quality and customer experience, committing to create professional photographic equipment to users worldwide.

  • Product List:
  • 1.Studio Box *1
  • 2.Fordable tent*1
  • 3.Studio lights*2
  • 4.Background cloth*3 (black, white,orange)
  • 5.Mini Tripod*1


  • Material:Nylon
  • Dimension: 40*40*40cm when open, 40*40*2cm when folding
  • Weight:1.9kg all package
  • Color: black+white
  • Background colors:black, white,,orange
  • Studio lights:

  • Voltage:110-240V
  • Lights head adjust angle:180°
  • Color temperature: 6400K
  • Color rendering index:80
  • Lamps number:14*2
  • Color temperature: 5500K
  • Output Power:8W
  • Brightness:400
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light stand


photo box

Adjustable brightness with 2 LED light stands

  • One Freely Positioned Adjustable Angel LED Light Stand.
  • Two Independent light stand with 14 LED lamp beads, you can insert as you like and adjust the angle of 180 ° to take the best photos.

High quality PVC backdrops with 3 Colors

  • Three color backgrounds (white black orange) that will satisfy all your needs, provide different shooting results

Conveniently Designed Folding Box

  • It only takes 10 seconds to assemble or close, waterproof cloth and it is easy enough to carry on any occasion.

Read more black backdrop

The three-color background gives you different shooting experience

Black: A versatile, advanced color, it can bring a mysterious, layered visual effect and make other colors (bright colors) stand out. Suitable for taking photos with strong contrast, such as jewelry, play equipment and toys.

white backdrop

White: A bright, pure, minimalist color, usually used with other colors. In the field of daily needs and clothes, white is the main popular color, suitable for all styles, able to show the cleanliness of the items.

orange backdrop

Orange: A high quality and healthy color, when emphasizing technology, efficient goods or corporate image, people often use orange as a standard color, such as computers, cars, photographic equipment, etc.

black backdrop

white backdrop

orange backdrop

Photography Lighting Kit 60cm Light Box 50cm Light Box 40cm light soft box Camera bag Photography Lighting Kit 60cm Light Box 50cm Light Box 40cm light soft box Camera bag Feature Include everything basic you need to start photo studio Brightness-adjustable, 60cm * 60cm Brightness-adjustable, 50cm * 50 cm Photo Light Box, for Jewellery Large Capacity,Waterproof,DIY compartment Voltage 110V-140V (Bulb) 85-265V 85-265V 110-240V X Package Dimension 91*27*22 CM 61*7.5*66* CM 55*7*55 CM 49*8.5*41 CM 32*15*46 CM Package Weight 12.8kg 4.2kg 3.2kg 1.51kg 1kg Carry Bag Itself Itself Itself Itself Quantity of Bulb 4*85W 156LED 120LED 2*Studio lights X Model Number PS055 PKL-D660 PKL-D550 PKL-D400 B3 Launch Date 13-Mar-2018 11-Dec-2018 30-May-2018 Feb-26-2019 Mar-5-2019
Product information Size:40cm light softbox Package Dimensions 17 x 16.7 x 3.9 inches Item Weight 5.04 pounds ASIN B07P5N7WB3

So I bought this to shoot product photos (I primarily sell adult sized shoes and boots to give you a sense of scale). My previous set up used 2-3 photography lights, on stands, with umbrellas/shades, and a “rolling white” backdrop. My old set up worked well, but was a hassle to set up and took up a ton of storage space. I’d looked into light boxes before, but found most were too expensive ($200+ at local camera shops), or were cheaply made and too small for what I needed. I found this light box, and bought the 24” version on Amazon recently, and really like it.

1.). Very, very easy to set up. It’s a 24” square with a handle for carrying it at the top. The material is similar to that used in most art portfolios (a coated canvas). You unfold the (rigid) sides, which connect along the edges using Velcro to form a cube. There are instructions, but it’s pretty straight forward. The side Interior panels have a reflective material. There is a pocket on the outside which holds the cords/light switch.
2.) It includes 4 plastic “backgrounds” (white, beige, black, gray). Each one has Velcro at the corners, and you can attach them to the inside of the box/cube via the Velcro. Super simple.
3.). Inside the box is a circular shaped LED lighting system at the (inside) top of the box. There is an exterior cord with a control knob that allows you to turn up (Increase) or dim (decrease) the LED lights. There is also an on/off switch on the power cord.
4. ) once you have the box set up, there is a flap that will be on the front side/wall facing you. You simply open the flap, and shoot through this “window”. To keep the flap open, simply roll the flap up, and use the Velcro to hold it in place (only mentioning this as I saw another review saying that there was no way to hold this flap open - there is...just use the Velcro).
5. ). There is also another “flap” at the top of the box that you can open to shoot down onto the item.

-suggestions/notes: if you’re on the fence about which size to buy, I’d suggest sizing up. The 24” is probably the smallest size that will allow you to shoot something similar in size to adult sized shoes and boots without having to crop out the edges in post.
- the plastic backgrounds are good quality, and can be wiped down with a damp paper towel. They do not store/fit into the light box once it is folded up. I saved the original cardboard (outer) box that everything shipped in to store them, and the light box, inside when not in use. The outer cardboard box has a plastic carrying handle at top, and is only slightly larger than the actual light box itself (and should fit in most hallway closets).
- the Velcro edges of the box are not 100% light tight. I haven’t found this to be a huge issue, even when shooting in my kitchen/living room areas that have a ton of natural light from the windows during the day. A cloth draped over top would likely solve any minor light leak issues (but again, it’s not a huge issue for me).
- everything was of very good quality. I was really surprised, and honestly thought I’d likely have to Mcgyver a lot of it to get it to work properly. Not the case at all. Everything seems really well made and what I’d expect my local camera shops to sell for $150+. The plastic backgrounds are a huge plus if you shoot objects that tend to leave marks on light paper backgrounds, since these can be wiped off.
- the LED light system so far has been about 95% sufficient for my needs... If turned up to the brightest setting it can/will make reflections and bright white spots on some of my shoes that have a highly reflective or highly polished surface (but this happened with my old setup too, and is expected). On some of the taller, knee high boots, I may need an additional light source to ensure proper lighting (as they are a tight fit inside the 24” box, and will cast shadows at certain angles).
- I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a reasonably priced set up, that is portable, lightweight, and with built in lighting. I typically shoot with my iPhone X (since it’s quick and easy, and still takes good enough photos for what I need). I haven’t used this box with any of my actual cameras yet, but imagine some of the minor lighting issues would be resolved by shooting with a better quality camera. At the moment I still need to do some minor editing to photos, but can easily get a clean white background (with no shadows/lines/etc) with this setup. Well worth the price!

The product arrived in a sturdy cardboard box with a plastic carry handle. This box is perfectly suited for long term use. I plan on storing and transport the product on this box.

It took me a minute two to figure which way to fold the sides and where to put the cloth diffuser but it was super easy to do. All of the parts are held together with velcro so it's as simple as stick and go. I've collapsed and re-assembled the light box several times and now that I have the hang of it, it takes seconds.

The inside is lined with silver foil that coupled with the diffuser really provides an even, clean light all the way around your subject item.

The dimmer is a nice touch, allowing you to dial it down a bit.

You cant go wrong buying this.

 I am very happy, but not completely over the moon with this buy. I got this, of course, to shoot product photos. The size is good for a smaller studio or for home use with the benefit of being able to fold up and be moved and set up again in a matter of minutes. I'm impressed with the overall strength of the materials themselves which are made of a thicker plastic than expected and are easy to clean and adjust within the box.

My main concern with the backings, while they do hold, has a tendency to slip if you bump up against the bottom of the backing that leads out to the front of the box. Also, the box is held together with velcro straps that are very thin and can cause the setup to fall with little agitation, setting you back for some time as you need to re-align everything. This would benefit from a thicker strip or silicone stoppers on the end to keep them in place.

Finally, the lights, while powerful, have a short power cord, so you may need to invest in power strips or extension cords for your setup. The included phone holder stand is a nice addition, and the color options are actually not terrible as most of my items would benefit from either a stark white or black backdrop. It would most likely be best to keep this in one area of your studio, ready and set up when you need it rather than disassembling it.

I just recently started getting serious about my eBay/Amazon selling and me already being a stickler for detailed pictures this was the logical next step forward. I've only taken pictures for one item but this is the coolest thing i've bought in a while :-). Easy to assemble and figure out although one thing I definitely noticed before shooting was the white and possibly all the backdrops are maybe 2" too long, its curled up in the front because it wouldn't fit or be flat inserted under the tab inside. Not a big deal as the items aren't going to be that close to the front anyway.

Dimmer switch is a nice touch, I was surprised how bright it was when I first plugged it in. I haven't even touched my (phone) camera yet to fine tune the exposure.

I have nothing to compare this to but i'm pretty happy with my purchase and can't wait to try out all the different color backdrops. Also worth mentioning I was looking at smaller cheaper boxes but I knew i'd outgrow them too quickly. If you have the space you'll IMO be glad you went with this.