Golden State Art, Pack of 10 8x10 White Picture Mats with White Core Bevel Cut for 5x7 Pictures


  • Pack of 10 8x10 White Picture Mats with White Core Bevel Cut for 5x7 Pictures
  • This item comes with 10 8x10 single mats. Backing board is not included.
  • Inside (opening) Size: 4.5x6.5 (bevel cut), Color is White
  • White core and 4-ply thick (about 1.4 mm or 1/16 inch). Perfect for framing 5x7 photos in an 8x10 picture frame.


Golden State Art

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golden state art pre cut photo mat board single mattes

Golden State Art is a factory-direct photo & art mat board and frames wholesaler serving the art community nationally.

We specialize in Acid-free photo and art mat boards, standard and custom cut mat boards, and frames.

Personalize your artwork and decorate your home!

Product Features

quality white core white matting precut

mat outside and inside opening measuring fit print or photo with ruler

white mat in gold aluminum frame checkmark it fits and protects nice look style

Great Quality

  • Pre-Cut, 4-ply thickness
  • Perfect beveled cut
  • White core
  • Acid-free!

Accurate Size made to display your print

Standard mat openings are smaller cut than the actual photo print size.

This is to cover the edge or any white border of the print.

To Determine the correct size, See details on the inner opening to see which mat fit your print on description/below.

Protect your Photos

The mat helps separate the photo print from the glass from frames.

Display and hold your art or document print in place.

Gives an extra aesthetic look!

Read more photo mats are additional decoration mat size inner opening to fit print or photo white color mattes Read more 5 x 7 inch white single matte 8 x 10 inch white single matte 11 x 14 inch white single matte 11 x 14 inch for 8.5x11 print single matting white color 12x12 for 8x8 single white mat pre cut white core photo mattes 16x20 white matting pre cut white core 4 ply 5 x 7 (Pack Kit) 8 x 10 11 x 14 (for 8x10) 11 x 14 (for 8.5x11) 12 x 12 16 x 20 Mat Overall Size (inches): 5 x 7 8 x 10 11 x 14 11 x 14 12 x 12 16 x 20 Mat Inner Opening (inches): 3.5 x 5.5 4.5 x 6.5 7.5 x 9.5 8 x 10.5 7.5 x 7.5 10.5 x 13.5 Inner Opening Made For Print/Size (inches): 4 x 6 5 x 7 8 x 10 8.5 x 11 8 x 8 11 x 14 Package Quantity 10 Single Mats, 10 Back Board, 10 Clear Bags 10 Single Mats 10 Single Mats 10 Single Mats 10 Single Mats 10 Single Mats combine mat board kit backing clear bag for art need artwork photography Read more

color mats with photo prints on home walls decor

white mat with backing clear bag with art print picture card

pen drawing coloring on the white mat design

matting white mat in frames and prints picture

Decorate Your Home

Applying photo mats to the prints.

Display a gallery of matted prints on the wall, desk, etc.

DIY Gift for Friends/Family

Create your own design with the mats and kits. Turn it into an amazing gift or art crafts.

Personalize the Mat

Draw or write on the mat.

Can use it as signature mat for graduation, wedding, or baby shower, etc!

Matting your Frames/Prints

Give an additional look!

Add a single mat in your frames or prints.

Read more
Product information Size:10 8x10 precut for 5x7 photo mats Product Dimensions 8 x 10 x 0.5 inches Item Weight 11 ounces Manufacturer Golden State Art ASIN B00M4M78MA Item model number X8-69159-GSA3

I worked for several years in framing store so it kills me to by “mass produced” pre-cut mats. I have new pieces of art that I want to preserve so I thought matting them would be best for storage. These mats are awesome. They are acid-free, a bright white, nicely cut beveled edge! I’m so very impressed. They arrived plastic wrapped AND boxed so that absolutely no damage was done. I immediately went to look for more. I have more packs in my shopping cart when I run out. I don’t want to forget about the Golden State company.

I really like these. I do art shows - photography - and bagged a bunch of prints all at one time over the fall. These were fantastic. I liked where the glue strip is - slightly down the back side, not at the very top. They are crystal clear and sturdy. Very nice!

I'm an artist and sell my work online and at art shows. Just tried these bags for the first time and am very pleased. They are crystal clear and professional. Very impressive!

This set is great. It has all the mats, backing boards and envelopes you need for 10 photos or prints at 5x7 inches. The items are neatly packaged and this keeps them from getting bend, mashed, or ruined. I'll be buying this package again as well as the one in black. For the money it's great quality stuff. Remember, you'll also need some tape (like Scotch 1/2 wide) and some thin double-sided tape as well to stick the backing board to the mat once the print is mounted.

I doubt they are acid-free, so I wouldn't put these on any original artwork that can't be replaced, but they work well for prints or photos. They arrived as advertised and are priced really well. No complaints!

First order from Golden State. Always heard good things. 50 mats, backers, and bags. Mats are great, bags are good quality, backers are CHEAP CARDBOARD with a grey core - not cut from mat board As a set this is unusable. I sent a message to Golden State but, after a week, no response. I'll stick with US Art Supply going forward.

These are great. Purchased with archival mounting tape you’ll make your artwork look extremely professional. I wish I had just purchased these when I was in art school. I would have saved myself a fortune and time and frustration buying and cutting mats myself. I would always mess them up and have to buy more. The box they arrived in is handy to use for storage as well. Amazing product. Strong recommendation. Price is better than plain matboard anyway, let alone the cost of time and frustration. No brainer.

Very nice and inexpensive Picture Mats Mattes, perfectly protected in the box from shipping damage. All what is needed included in the kit. You only need to have glue to complete whole assembly

These are great quality, l have ordered these 3 times and always impressed. I use them for my arr prints. Great value too. Which they made and aold 11x14 ones for 8x10 opening.

Very pleased with the quality of the purchased.

My only gripe - and it's a small one - is that some of the backings had a bit of a bend in them. It was nothing that I couldn't reverse easily, but some needed a bit of work before the front of the mat sat completely flush with the backing.

Otherwise, they look beautiful and was a great buy considering the bags are included as well.

after spending hours making drawings and paintings, it's great to have a method available to store them and keep them looking flawless.
I will purchase these again....also, they came carefully packaged so there was no damage to any of the components.

not all were perfectly cut and some of the matts were damaged on the corners.

These are fantastic. New to selling paintings but these make them look quite professional. I will be buying more when I need them.

These are great. Zero issues with quality. Came packaged very well. Perfect for displaying pictures for sale

Liked the whole product very solid. 5/5 quality
One issue which has me in a bind granted I'm on a deadline, instead of 25 of each. I received an extra Matte and one less back board. Not the worst thing, but a little annoying.

I bought these to use for packaging 5X7 prints to sell. Makes a very professional presentation and the adhesive on the sleeves is easy to seal. I will be purchasing these again.

Great complete set ready for framing!

Amazing!! Used them as party favours for our destination wedding. Each person took away a professional photo of their family. They were perfect!

I really liked the plastic sleeve that produces a made for the customer finish on my water collision photos.

As described. Thank you!

Second time ordering and will order again. Great price, great quality, fast delivery!

Exactly what I needed. Bevel cut . Everything useable.

Great product for great price