Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album 200 Pockets Hold 4x6 Photos, Apple Red


  • Fabric cover features a frame to insert a favorite photo and a deluxe rounded bookbound spine
  • 2-up album holds 200 photos up to 4"x6"
  • Patented Bi-Directional pockets hold horizontal or vertical photos
  • Memo area next to each pocket
  • Archival, photo safe: acid, lignin and PVC free


Pioneer Photo Albums

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Color:Apple Red

Product Description

This fabric cover photo album features a frame to insert a favorite photo and a deluxe rounded bookbound spine. The album's patented Bi-Directional pockets hold horizontal or vertical photos up to 4 x 6 inches. There is a memo writing area next to each pocket. Photos are displayed two per page. The album holds 200 photos up to 4 x 6 inches in optically clear pockets with a shaded paper background. Archival, photo safe: acid, lignin and PVC free.

From the Manufacturer

This fabric cover photo album features a frame to insert a favorite photo and a deluxe rounded bookbound spine. The album's patented Bi-Directional pockets hold horizontal or vertical photos up to 4 x 6 inches. There is a memo writing area next to each pocket. Photos are displayed two per page. The album holds 200 photos up to 4 x 6 inches in optically clear pockets with a shaded paper background. Archival, photo safe: acid, lignin and PVC free.

Product information Color:Apple Red Product Dimensions 2 x 9.25 x 9.5 inches Item Weight 1.9 pounds Manufacturer Pioneer Photo Albums ASIN B000B7C3E8 Item model number DA200CBF/R

I've been buying this same type of fabric photo album from Pioneer in various colors, capacities, and sizes for the 11 years my husband and I have been married. We use a different color each time to show the order all of the pictures go. The albums have held up so well, and I love the small caption writing space this album has next to the pics. We don't display them with the dust cover it comes with because they've held up well without it, they look better without in my opinion, and any dust is easily wiped off without leaving a mark on the fabric.

 This photo album is exactly what I was looking for. I've been printing out the photos that I've taken on my cellphone and now I have a nice place to put them all. The fabric on this album is nice, I liked that there were so many colors to choose from. I read the reviews before purchasing. There is a slight smell but it's not nauseating and I can only smell it if I stick my nose in the album (It's like any new plastic product) I didn't have any problems with the plastic ripping when I was placing my photos in. I'd say the only down fall is that the area to write the memos is on the pages themselves so once you've written you can't change the location of the picture. I think I will fill up the album and make sure everything is in an order I like before writing anything. I will be buying more of these albums in different colors!!

I decided to re-organize some older photos from trips of the past. The photo albums that they were already in were big and heavy and hard to handle, not to mention that I didn't know what was in each album until I opened it and leafed through it. So I ordered 13 of these books, each in a different color. The idea was to put one trip in each book and then use the front "window" to list the information for the book's contents...ie: Year, Trip and highlights, so that I can tell without even opening the book what is inside.

These albums are truly wonderful, small, light and easy to handle once full. The 4" x 6" photos slide in and stay put, but you need to be mindful and careful or you will tear the glue that holds the plastic pockets in place. With care, this went very smoothy. Only one book had a couple of pages where the glue gave way a bit in places...a dot of Super Glue did the trick to restore them.

The pages hold only horizontal images, but if you put your verticals in sideways, the book is easy to just rotate in your hands so you can see them upright, so it's no big deal really.

Some reviewers are complaining about a horrible smell. While I did notice a smell, it was only at first and then it faded very quickly.

There is a clear plastic dust cover that comes on the books and I left mine on for now. But they are easily removable. These books make a pretty rainbow on my bookshelf. The quality is quite nice and the colors were pretty true to what is shown on the website.

I was surprised because this item had such good reviews but the product is terrible! The photo pockets were stuck to the page and when I tried to put a photo in the pocket would literally come off the page. It left a horrible mark too. It is poorly made and the pockets are cheap plastic sticking to the page.

Very disappointing. The description talks of "pockets". There are no pockets for holding pictures. Just a whole-page clear overlay sheet on each page. So I folded that clear sheet back and put the pictures onto the page. The pictures did not cling or hold. When I put the clear sheet back over the pictures I hoped something magic would happen to hold everything in place. It didn't. When I picked up the album the pictures fell out.

This is pretty nice. I was looking for a photo album for old family pictures. Has plenty of pages, each with 4x6 vinyl pockets. The quality of the pages is good, there is no need to glue things down, and they are not like those contact pages that ruin your photos. And it is a decent price! Highly recommend it. I also would mention to people who keep their photos on their smart phones... Print those puppies out (you can use the machine at various places like Walgreen's, CVS, WalMart) and put them in an album. First - what happens to your photos on the phone 45 years from now when the technology has changed? Secondly - it's awful hard to hand those down to a 2nd or 3rd generation. And after you have printed them out, write the names on the back. I promise you that after 40 years, those babies all look alike... <So embarrassing>

This is a nice photo album. It holds 2 pictures per page (horizontal orientation), with space for (short) captions. I found it hard to fit what I wanted to say and write neatly near the spine, so I ended up printing out captions and pasting them to each box. The front cover photo was easy to insert, though I did have to trim the picture to the right size (leave a small amount of extra so you don't see the edges), and there is a heavy-duty plastic cover over the fabric cover, which I removed.

My only complaint is there is no way to remove or add pages. So, I have some books with blank pages at the end, some that I cut out the extra pages, and some where I glued in the pages I cut out from other books to be able to fit the number of pictures I wanted. (I'm no expert, so they look like they've been doctored.)

 This photo album has a sturdy construction with a nice plastic covering to protect the cloth binder.

The pages accommodate 4x6 photographs nicely, with either 2 horizontal per page, or 1 vertical per page.

Room is available to write a memo next to each photo.

Pages are securely bound in the spine.

In all, a very good product for the price.

It was a nice enough album but just a shame it came as a pocket album instead of self adheisive which means photo's can slide out of the pockets if slightly smaller than the actual pocket size. It also means you can only have small ish photo's and not use a whole page to display a photo on its own.

This was just what I wanted because I was unable to find it in the shops. This type of album means I can have oblong photos on the same page as horizontal ones.

I received the album with a large scratch on the cover, and it stank of chemicals like other reviewers have mentioned. The spine of the album was unevenly glued and looked very cheap. I bought Biscotti Beige and found the colour to be quite drab and unlike the listed photo. Overall, it's of poor quality. If you're looking for something purely practical and don't mind airing it out before use, I guess this could work seeing as it is only $19. I ended up returning it and for $10 more bought a similar style album of much better quality at a well-known craft store.

Es bonito por fuera, sin embargo, igual que otra opinión, el plástico para colocar las fotos se rompe de las orillas, además vienen muy pegados del centro lo que hace que al levantar el plástico por primera vez se traiga parte del cartón lo que hace que al introducir la foto se vea muy mal.
No recomiendo el producto.

El albúm por fuera parece excelente, pero a la hora de querer utilizarlo y colocar las fotos, las pestañas se rompen, el plástico se despega y la primera hoja vino rota. La verdad no lo recomiendo, fue bastante decepcionante.

Horrible, returned immediately. The sleeves (which hold photos) are poorly glued onto the pages. They easily peel (separate) from the pages when trying to insert photos. Have tried to carefully & slowing insert photos, but sleeves easily peel off. Quality is horrible. I have used other Pioneer albums but use different type of pages which are more durable.

Esta marca siempre es la mejor en diseño y calidad de material. Yo los actualizaría para poder guardar una pen drive o algún tipo de dispositivo de almacenamiento. Por lo demás todo está excelente. Recomendaciones: tener cuidado al insertando cada fotografía porque
Se corre el riesgo de despegar la orilla de la hoja.

Love the album. Only little down side is the front frame which is a little on the cheap side and picture doesn’t hold really well in it.

Came on time and I like it. The chemical smell is very strong that makes you nauseous - I have to spray it air freshner in hopes to get rid of the smell but still won't go away. It does the job but I won't buy it again.

Me gustó mucho el material con el que viene forrado y la parte interior, el único detalle que le veo es que en algunas páginas los bolsillos están un poco más ajustados, por lo que hace un poco difícil el acomodar las fotografías. Si volvería a comprar este producto

These albums are beautifully simple with the wide variety of colors, you can pick the ones that match your home. They came with a plastic cover protector. Pictures fit just right and if need be two or three can fit in one slot. The smell other reviews mentioned isn't that strong it's kind of like paint fumes or rubbing alcohol, which doesn't bother me at all. Four stars only because the beige one I ordered had scratch marks and a defect on the fabric cover.

Terrible quality. As soon as i opened it to start putting pictures in the spine separated from the binding. Also the slots for pictures are low quality and the plastic easily peels off the page. Cheaply made, i will be returning.

Muy buenos materiales, se ve que va a durar, llego a tiempo. Buena relación costo / beneficio. Cuesta trabajo encontrar artículos así en las tiendas convencionales.

Les deux albums que j’ai commandé avant des traces de colle un peut partout (traces de doigts). Pour insérer les photos, il faut faire très attention car les pochettes ont tendance à se déchirer facilement.

Good quality for price. Nice colour for cover. Some of the plastic flaps seem to tear off the page easily so be careful when inserting photos.