Nikon DK-19 Rubber Eyecup


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  • For use with Nikon D3, D3S, D3X, D4 and D800 digital SLR cameras
  • Eyepiece shield made from soft rubber to improve viewing comfort
  • Reduces diminishing contrast by minimising the amount of stray light that enters the viewfinder


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The DK-19 rubber eyecup attaches to the viewfinder eyepiece minimizing extraneous light and vision fatigue, while keeping the camera s eyepiece lock usable. The DK-19 is compatible with the D1X, D1H, D2X, D2H, D2Hs, F4, F5, F6 and other cameras with corresponding eyepiece.

Product information Product Dimensions 1.38 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches Item Weight 0.32 ounces ASIN B00065F87E Item model number FAF51501

This eyecup is awesome!
I was first looking at the 3rd party oval eye cups, but was not happy with the erratic reviews. Some were ecstatic about the eyecup, others, not so much. The ones who were not happy with them, stated they fell off too easily.

That would be a problem.

Another reviewer talked about using the old style Nikon eyecup and an adaptor on my D610. I was used to the smaller version eyecups which fit my real Nikon 35mm's: F2AS, FE2, F3 and F5 - - from back in the day. This sounded like a great idea but I worried about the opening being too small to see the entire viewfinder screen.

Then, one reviewer said forget this nonsense and buy these three Nikon accessories: DK-19 Rubber eyecup, DK-17F Flourine coated Eyepiece, and the NEPS1 Eyepiece Adapter. This is definitely the way to go.

I received the eyecup today, and will receive the other two parts shortly. This eyecup is very large. Much larger than my eyecups of old. Even better is the small metal ring which helps keep the eyecup from falling off the eyepiece. I never had an issue with my Nikon Eyecup falling off in the old days, and I didn't think it was an issue now, but it is better to play it safe and not sorry.

I am so glad I found the review as mentioned above. Do this and never look back!

This cheap part makes all the difference when shooting in bright sunlight. It keeps light from leaking into the finder when your eye is pressed up to it. When installing, don't watch the YouTube videos explaining how to do it in every language but English. Most of them are wrong. Close the finder shutter (you can't remove the OE eyepiece until you do); unscrew the OE eyepiece; REMOVE the rubber eyepiece ring, then, install the DK-19 where the OE rubber eyepiece ring was; slip the retaining ring over the DK-19 shoulder (not under, or behind); reinstall the eyepiece with DK-19. If you're installing the DK-17M too, remove the rubber eyepiece ring that is on it and install the DK-19 where the OE rubber eyepiece ring was; slip the retaining ring over the rubber eyepiece; slip the plastic spacer ring on the DK-17M before installation, then screw the assembly on the camera. Open the finder shutter and you're finished.

Super easy to install, great fit for my Nikon D810, authentic Nikon eyepiece means great quality. I read other reviews where they complained about these rubber eyecups tearing when placed into their camera bags or collapsed, thus making them useless for block side light into the viewfinder. This is my 2nd eyepiece. I have had one on my Nikon F5 for years without a single issue. Yes, the eyecup collapses if you put too much pressure against it, but I am careful when putting my eye to the viewfinder and it works perfectly, couldn't be I ordered a 2nd one for my Nikon D810 as well. I have not experienced any problems with the eyepiece tearing or snagging on something while in my bag, but, then, I am careful about placing my cameras into my travel bag and I use dividers to give them room. I have also not had any problems with the eyecups tearing whilst hanging from my camera strap around my neck, even with my cameras swinging about somewhat around my legs and waist. Oh, and the fit of the eyecups to my F5 and D810 eyepieces is perfect, as would be expected from a true Nikon product. Would recommend this eyecup to others, but be sure it is an authentic Nikon and not a cheap knockoff. I have bought knockoffs that looked like the real thing and those tore on the rubber portion, and the plastic screw base (or slide base, depending on model) broke.

Works fine and installs easy. I suppose getting a grip on the original eyepieces, if they are on too tight, could make installation a little more difficult. Eyeglasses and sunglasses will get in the way.

It's an eye cup. Not life changing or sexy. It's fine.

I just ordered 3 more because I have torn 2. I use a Black Rapid sling-style strap and the camera sometimes gets caught in various positions around my waist, backpack, a rock or seat, etc. Not sure what happened today while hiking in Alaska but half the cup tore off. :/ There is enough rubber to keep my eye and eye socket free from injury for the rest of the trip, so not a big deal but I'm wondering if there is a better solution. I appreciate the low price but a more permanent solution would make me happier.

Yea - it's fine.

Not easy to install on the D850, which may be the fault of the camera and not the eyecup... there really isn't much room to fit it in there. That's not where my less than perfect rating comes from, however. Others may disagree with me on this, but I found the rubber eyecup was too soft and collapsed too easily when being used and put away. Whenever I went to look through it, it would collapse up against the camera and would, in essence, be of no use. After collapsing against the camera, it required some effort to restore it to it's working position because the rim would be flat up against the camera body. When in proper position, it worked right well. I'm now using another company's eyecup because it's considerably firmer and doesn't collapse. Your taste may be different from mine; if you prefer a very soft feel for your eyecup, you'll find this one quite comfortable to use.

I use glasses. With this eyecup, my eye is farther from the viewfinder than I would like. However, without glasses I can see this eyecup as a godsend. Read the instructions carefully when installing because the insides of your viewfinder are exposed to the elements (dust, moisture, etc.) while installing. Conclusion, if you use glasses it “might” work for you. If you don’t use glasses, go for it.

I use this eyecup with Wile's Wonderbox adapter to use on my Fujifilm X-T20 occasionally when shooting on bright sunny days. Like anything Nikon makes, it's totally decent. The round size doesn't cup your eye as well as the more ovular cups, but it's much smaller and on a little camera like the X-T20, this size makes sense.

product certainly good quality. post office lost the order. their records show it was def posted. the seller posted another one tom next day delivery. Thanks for that. shame the royal mail let him down.

This item arrived promptly. It was as described and comes with English instructions.
I found it rather fiddly to install but after about 10-15 mins messing about, I attached it to the camera.
I have not used it in the field yet, but when I put it to my eye it was soft and conformable, forming a better seal to light than the original.
The 4 star rating is due to the fiddly installation, not the eyecup itself.

I fitted this to my new Nikon D500 and I find it very comfortable to use. I have one fitted to all my Nikon cameras and it helps to keep out the light from the viewfinder also.

All my Nikon cameras have these. I find them indispensable when shooting in bright sunshine. Very hardy and last years.

Takes some setting up...
Nikon should have put more thought into the development, of this particular item...!

It does what it says, but sincerely it was a waste of money for how I use my camera

Essential kit for the DK-17m

This eyecup replaces the original rubber cover and stops additional light entering the viewfinder when used to frame a photo. Be aware though that it doesn't come with the glass - I lost mine on my D700 after it fell off and assumed this eyepiece would come with it - not so!

Great item, original Nikon. Great fit and quality.
Folds back against the body when not needed so avoids being knocked off.

Perfect item.

Bought it as someone said it could be stretched to fit over a Sony A7RII eyepiece. It can not. No great loss!

This is an excellent replacement Nikon Eyecup. It was received in a timely fashion.

Helps a great deal

The item is has expected, it does the job well and I am