Nikon DR-6 Right Angle Viewfinder -Rectangular Slip-On


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  • Attaches to the viewfinder of Nikon digital and 35mm SLR cameras
  • Allows images to be viewed at right angles
  • Slip-on mount design for rectangular-eyepiece cameras
  • Convenient for close-up work or photomicrography


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The Nikon DR-6 provides an upright, unreversed image for right-angle viewing, very convenient for waist-level or low-angle photography. Individual eyesight adjustment is possible with the built-in diopter, and the reproduction ratio can be set to 1:1 or 1:2. This version can be used with all Nikon SLR cameras that feature a rectangular viewing eyepiece, such as the D50, D70, D70s, D100, N80, N75, N70, N65, N60, N55, N50, N2000, N2020, N4040, N4004s, N5005, N6000, N6006, EM, FG, and Pronea 6i.

Product information Product Dimensions 5.5 x 3.3 x 2.8 inches Item Weight 3.17 ounces ASIN B0002WT6RY Item model number 4753

I hesitated before dropping almost $200 on this little gadget. Especially since it was for the "older" Nikon. (In my case, the D80). However, my shooting style is changing (wanting to take more shots closer to the ground), and frankly, at 66 I don't enjoy getting prone on damp ground as much as I used to. I took this out for an hour or two's shooting, and it made a fantastic difference- made it a much more enjoyable experience. There are those who suggest that there are newer cameras that have the tilt screen... that's fine, but the D80 and my current glass does everything that I need in my current capabilities. I dropped about $400 on the viewfinder, a Platypod and a new ball head, and I feel like I got a whole new system!

The Nikon DR-6 Right Angle Viewfinder is just the ticket for getting shots where you need to get on an 'eye level' with your subject or you need to get the camera a few inches off the floor. As my body is not as flexible as it once was and I was never one to want to kiss the floor while shooting from a low angle, the DR-6 really helps. It comes with a carring case that I can attach to a belt or camera strap so I can keep it handy in the field. Because the viewfinder rotates, it can be used landscape, portrait, or even overhead. It can be a little touchy to focus because you need to set the camera lens focus and the viewfinder focus. If you don't check the viewfinder focus first, you may find yourself fiddling with the lens focus then realizing that it was the viewfinder focus that wasn't set and consequently loose the shot while you get both set properly. The 2X magnification can help in setting the focus but may leave you with a shot that isn't cropped corectly so I'd set the crop view at 1X then set the focus at 2X. Not the kind of device to be used for action shots and because it clips on in place of the rubber eyecup, it can be easily knocked off the camera.

Four years ago I started thinking about a right-angle viewfinder and was put-off by the cost of the Nikon product. I did locate a less expensive product called Seagull which works with a number of different cameras via adaptors. I bought that model and quickly found the right-angle viewfinder to be indispensable to my work (mainly nature shots). I used it constantly and the adaptor for the Nikon camera finally gave out. I couldn't locate anywhere to buy just the adaptors and since the tool had become so important for me I decided to take the plunge with the Nikon DR-6. I am very pleased with it. The optics are better, definitely brighter and more clear which makes focusing easier. And the fit on my camera is excellent. I don't understand comments from people who say it is shaky. I was happy with the Seagull and if you are going to be using this type of tool infrequently then save the money. But if you like getting different angles, especially lower, and find getting up and down a lot harder than it used to be then do yourself a favor and go with the DR-6.

I tried two of the cheap ($30 to $50) right angle viewfinders and they were terrible. They were so dark I could hardly see my subject. Then I found Nikon's. I was stunned by the price. But I bought it anyway figuring that if i didn't like it I could return it like I did the others. It is to use. If you need a right angle viewfinder, take a deep breath and buy this one.

This is a valuable tool, worthy of 5 stars with the usual caveats: slightly loose fit on the D200's eyepiece (a little black tape helps), the need to refocus at 2x and the current price (up $40-$50 from 2008).

The DR-6 is very sharp & free from distortion -- sharp enough to show the tiny black feeds from the AF sensors seen even at 1x. It's great for landscapes, macros & manual focusing (all the better to make use of the deep pool of used MF Nikkors). Rotation is more useful than I thought at first. Another benefit I didn't expect is shooting into the sun. In that application it's far easier to get a good view and relax one's eye muscles with a right-angle finder than the camera's own eyepiece. Sometimes the DR-6 goes on my camera for one shot then stays on most of the day. The good-quality belt pouch included is another plus.

It is a bit pricey, however I have found over the years that sometimes paying a few buck more for something is well worth the agrivation. I remember spending hours trying to get a similar low cost unit to fit my Nikon F-2 for the same purpose, and it never did work very well.

My use for this little gem is for work with 'astrophotography' and I have to reley on repeatability and very low light situations to focus. Although I have not tested it against other similar, less expensive units like the Seagull or Photodiox Pro-1, I can say the Nikon DR-6 seems to give me eactly what I wanted. It fits very well on my D300 and the 2x feature is a very big plus.

I've looked at everyone of these I could find information on. Read every review and still couldn't decide on what was the best way to go. I finally too the plunge and order the Nikon. Yeah there's the sticker shock ... but once over that ... it's great. So very pleased with it. Gave it four stars because of the price and it's not a solid attachment when slipped into place. I guess though that is due to the connection design. But that said that's not a negative ... it works great. The focus issue others talked about ... changing from 1x to 2x ... I can't figure what the big deal is. Anyway it's fine for me I usually use it on 1x anyway. Focusing it is easier than setting the diopter one the camera it's self anyway. If you can afford it ... go for it. I can reccmd this one without reservation ... I'm sure most of the cost is just the name but it is very, very well made.

Bought this for my Nikon D300. I have an 18 month old son and my knees and back were taking a beating getting up and down constantly trying to keep up with his fast movements and photograph him down at his height. This solves the problem and works great. I note some other reviews complaining that it does not lock on the camera. Although I do agree this would be a nice feature, mine fits quite snugly and I don't feel concerned. The lack of a lock and the inflated price point make me give it 4 instead of 5 stars.

This is a fantastic piece of equipment. Well built to usual Nikon standards, the optics are crystal clear and the mechanics are rock solid. It comes in a bag which has a pocket inside for you to put the eyepiece that you remove from the camera to prevent loss.

The fit itself to the camera is strong, and the manual even warns you that you should work slowly and take care to remove it so that it doesn't fly off and fall on the floor. This nearly happened to me, so consider yourself doubly warned!

The arm of this right angle viewer can be positioned to any angle, although it locks at all four right angles. The locking action has a nice feel.

The diopter adjust thread is very smooth and won't slip when your eye is against the cup, and the eyecup itself is large to get a good seal against glasses or around the eye.

In operation, there's a 2x magnification setting that gives a 2:1 reproduction ratio. Again, the build and action on that lever is super smooth. For low down work on the ground, this cannot be beaten.

Again, this is simply a fantastic piece of equipment, and although a little pricey, you won't regret the purchase and the creative opportunities it unlocks.

I considered spending less, but decided to buy the genuine Nikon angle finder. This is indispensable for macro photography. It is bright, clear and is ideal for use on a rail.


Excellent edition to my camera bag, will be fitted to a D600 for low level photography.

This is a cracking piece of kit and worth every penny, If you need to get down low for your photography then this is what you need.

If you want to take ground-level landscape and macro shots this really is an essential piece of kit. Convenient and easy to use. It's not the cheapest but I'm hoping not to have to buy one again for a long time.

100% superb

Vorerst: Ich habe keinen "Fremdhersteller" ausprobiert.
Nachdem ich überall gelesen habe, dass diese ihr Geld nicht wert sind, habe ich mich beschlossen, den Griff in den Geldbeutel zu wagen und den DR-6 zu kaufen. In diesem Zuge habe ich mir außerdem ein stabiles Stativ, das man gut auf Bodenhöhe einstellen kann, besorgt. Mit beidem bin ich zum "makrofotieren" gegangen und es war echt herrlich. Endlich kriege ich Bodennahe Fotos hin, die vorher schlecht oder gar nicht möglich waren und eine Katastrophe dargestellt haben, Bildausschnitt und Komposition zu bestimmen. Ebenfalls die 2x Vergrößerung ist super, da ich grade im Makro-Bereich eine minimale Tiefenschärfe (tw. unter 1mm tief) habe und meinen Fokus aber manuell setze.
Seit ich ihn hab, will ich ihn nicht mehr missen.

P.S.: auch auf Hochzeiten, verwende ich ihn ab und zu, wenn ich weitwinklige Fotos von Bodennähe mache. Mit dem Winkelsucher ist die Komposition einfach besser und schneller geschehen!

Completely agree with the previous reviewer, it is a superb piece of kit, perfect for avoiding laying on the ground when taking photographs low down, the image in the finder is crisp (once you realise the finder has to be focused!).

My only problem with it is that it is an awful lot of money for such a small item, even by Nikon standards, I thought about the cheaper versions, which I always find to be OK, but never as good as the Nikon products, so to avoid dissapointment I bought this one.

I found it difficult to work out whether I needed the DR-6 or the similar DR-5, the descriptions are not very clear, even on the Nikon website and it took me a long time to work out that the DR-5 is for cameras with round view finders, whilst the DR-6 is for rectangular, which is certainly my D80, D7000 and probably most recent Nikon cameras.

Neidisch habe ich als D80 Besitzer auf die verstellbaren Liveview Monitore anderer Kameras geschielt; es hat schon was im Makrobereich, oder dicht am Boden, genauso bei Astrofotogrfie auf dem Stativ, nicht so wie ich am Boden liegend oder knieend ins Okular zu schielen und dann doch nicht immer 100%-ig den Fokus zu treffen. Aber nur wg. einem Schwenkmonitor die Kamera wechseln ? 1. ist mir meine D80 zu sehr ans Herz gewachsen als dass ich sie hergeben möchte und 2. soll die Qualität der LieveView Monitore nicht so berauschend sein (im Vergleich zum Blick durchs Okuklar).

Der Ausweg: ein Winkelsucher !

ich wollte schon 150,- € sparen und mir ein Lowcost Teil für um die 50,- € bestellen, wurde aber durch die entsprechenden negativen Rezessionen abgeschreckt und habe mich zum Orginal Nikon durchgerungen (... nach langen schlaflosen Nächten ;-). Lieferung erhalten und aufgesteckt - WOW, das war ein Erlebnis, das Sucherbild mit dem 18-70 war um gefühlte 30-40% heller/klarer ! Fokussieren mit der einschwenkbaren x2 Lupe (ist im Sucher integriert) ein Kinderspiel. Das Aufstecken am Sucher geht ohne hackeln von statten und die Haptik des Gehäuses ist auch ok (natürlich nicht aus einem Stück Metall gefräst, sondern Kunststoff, aber ordentlich verarbeitet); Man kann den Sucher alle 90° einrasten lassen, wobei die Positionen dazwischen auch möglich sind.

Ich kann wirklich nur zum Nikon DR-6 raten; das ist Qualität die ich gesucht habe - die aber auch bezahlt werden will.

Zuerst ein großes Lob an die Amazon-Logistik: Die Ware kam schneller als angekündigt und die Verpackung war perfekt - wie es sein soll!
Der Winkelsucher ist als Original-Zubehör sicherlich sehr teuer, aber absolut hochwertig. Passgenau, tolle Verarbeitung und wertige Materialien relativieren den Preis.
Besonders angenehm ist die Möglichkeit, das Sucherbild um den Faktor 2 zu vergrößern. Damit geht die manuelle Scharfstellung bei Makro-Aufnahmen einfach und präzise. Bemerkenswert ist meiner Meinung auch das helle Bild - das deutet auch auf eine hochwertige Optik hin.

On va dire que pour le prix il y a plutôt intérêt que ce soit un très bon produit Et je confirme ouf ! C'est vraiment très pratique pour ne pas ce tordre à en deux, le réglage de la mise au point du viseur et très agréable puis la fonction loupe (x2) est tout aussi pratique et fiable.
Aucun jeu de fonctionnement et reste bien en place sur l'appareil, pas de risque de chute involontaire ci on fait un tant soit peu attention à cette excroissance qui dépasse de l’arrière du boitier.

Qalitativ hochwertig, vorallem der Adapteranschschluß ist sehr stabil

Expensive compared to the 3rd party viewfinders but it's a Nikon and made very well. Has worked well for me with a nice clear image and easy to use.

Gutes Gerät macht das Fotografieren in großen Räumen ( Deckenmalerei )einfacher, auch das Fotografieren von Kindern in Augenhöhe oder Pflanzen in Bodenhöhe macht es einfacher.