Olympus Large Eyecup EP-16 for the OM-D E-M5 Mark II Camera Body


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  • Mounts on OM-D E-M5 Mark II viewfinder
  • Larger than EP-15 which comes with the OM-D E-M5 Mark II
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Large eyecup for the OM-D E-M5 Mark II

Product information Product Dimensions 2.5 x 0.4 x 1 inches Item Weight 0.353 ounces ASIN B00STQY0JY Item model number V329190BW000

Although it does better job than the one that comes with the camera, I am not thrilled with the cost to quality ratio.
First, it is way to expensive for what it is (here in New Zealand price is even more ridiculos - they want around $40US for it! Get out of here!) and it should have been included with the camera as a free option at the first place, remember OMD EM-5 Mk2 in by no means cheap or consumer grade camera.
Second, it suffers from the same problem as the eyecups on my previous generation OMD EM-5 - it is flimsy mount and never feels secure enough. I also own Nikon D7000 and never have issue with eyecup on it - it feels solid in it's place and can take a lot of abuse (not that I mishandle my gear) without ever looking like it can move out of it's mount.
Third, again comparing to the design by Nikon, an air pocket around the edges would be nice so that when you press it against your eyebrow it makes better seal from light getting in between an eyecup and your face and at the same time feels more comfortable. Seriously, again this is not a el cheepo camera and with all the options that it has under the sun, this kind of repeated poor design is unacceptable.
For those who are wondering how to try to keep the damn thing in place more secure, I applied a bit of blu tuck so that bonds the eyecup for it's seat and also eliminate flimsy free play and can be removed if necessary.

Eye cup is of excellent quality and fit, however I did not particularly like it. Not the eye cup's fault but more of a preference on my part. It stuck out too far from the camera body, and just did not feel good on my eye. I would say these would work well for those that wear glasses as it gives them more coverage to block out light.
I gave it a 5 star as it wasn't the eye cup's fault that I didn't like it. For the right user it would work perfectly, and it was of Olympus quality.

Don't get this if you wear glasses. You can't see the entire screen because the cup keeps you too far away. It will work great for someone that can just push their face up against it.

I've had my OM-D EM5 mark ll for a couple of months and consider it a fantastic 4/3's camera, the eyecup has been replaced twice. It pops off the camera fitting too easily. I've resorted to using strips of black tape to help prevent the eyecup from popping off. It's so light you may well not be aware it's gone missing. It won't make a sound if it falls off in the car, or a client's office.

It's easy to replace the stock eyecup with this one. It helps being able to see the viewfinder outdoors, but not perfect. It would need to be much larger, and interfere with the LCD screen to actually be perfect, but worth having anyway. The camera should have come with this eyecup standard!!!

This item makes the viewfinder easier for me to see when using my OMD-5 II while wearing Bifocals. I don't have to lift up my glasses or take them off to use the camera or put them back on after the shot.

Works great if you like a larger eyecup (like I do), but very expensive for what it is. Well made and no problems so far with falling off, etc. One star off for being so expensive. Five stars if you don't care about the price!

It certainly does the job, but suffers from the same problem the original OMD-D EM5 II eyecup does - it comes off too easily. I use the Peak Design clip system and this eye cup came off.

Ich kann nicht viel dazu schreiben, es ist das Original und macht was es soll. Leider ist es für so ein kleines Zubehör Teil sehr teuer.

A little deeper and a shade wider than the eyepiece supplied with the OMD EM5 MkII body. It will take some getting used to, but I like the extra space between the camera body and my face. It is an Olympus part, and snaps on easily.