2 Pack JJC Eyecup Eyepiece Eye Cup for Canon EOS 80D 90D 70D 60D 77D 6D 6D Mark II 5D 5D Mark II 50D 40D 30D 20D 20Da 10D 60Da A2 A2E D30 D60 Camera,Replaces Canon EB Eyecup Eyepiece


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  • Made from soft and durable silicone + high quality ABS
  • Provide cushioning around the camera's eyepiece, and are especially useful to eyeglass wearers
  • Mounts easily and securely to camera's viewfinder
  • Spare or Replacement Eyepiece, packaging includes 2 pieces
  • It Replaces original Canon Eb eyepeice, compatible with Canon EOS 10D, 20D, 20Da, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 60Da, 70D, 77D, 80D, 90D, 5D, 5D Mark II, 6D, 6D Mark II, A2, A2E, D30, D60, Digital Rebel, Elan II, Elan IIE, Rebel 2000, Rebel G, Rebel G II, Rebel K2


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Size:Canon Eb Replacement

The eyecup is made of soft and durable silicone, so it allows for more comfortable viewing through the camera's viewfinder. Meanwhile, it can prevent scratching and damage to eyeglasses. What's more, the dome-shaped eyecup effectively shields light that may enter the viewfinder and cause flare. It also can be mounted to the viewfinder easily and securely.

It replaces original Canon EB eyepeice, compatible with Canon cameras as below:

Canon EOS 80D 90D 70D 60D 77D 6D 6D Mark II 5D 5D Mark II 50D 40D 30D 20D 20Da 10D 60Da A2 A2E D30 D60

Canon EOS 80D 90D 70D 60D 77D 6D 6D Mark II 5D 5D Mark II 50D 40D 30D 20D 20Da 10D 60Da A2 A2E D30 D60

Product information Size:Canon Eb Replacement Product Dimensions 1.18 x 1.77 x 0.87 inches Item Weight 0.493 ounces ASIN B072ZZLMLR Item model number EC3 2pack

This eyecup lacks the part of that locks it to the camera - but because there's no photo included in the original listing, you don't know this until you open the package - SUPRISE! An inferior knock off. Look elsewhere for this part.

I bought this for my 5D Mark III. It fits on the camera, but nothing locks it in place, so it just slides up or down whenever something puts any pressure on it. So either my face, or my camera bag (it ALWAYS falls off).
Also, the rubber composite is something that just makes every piece of dust or debris stick to it. It's not sticky, but everything sticks to it constantly, and I'm always wiping it off before use (and you guessed it, it falls off).
Not really a fan.
Just spend the $20 to get the OEM eye cup and be done with it.

I lost an original Canon eyecup recently after multiple years of use. So I dutifully checked Amazon for replacements.

This product was a complete waste. I had thought to myself, “How could they get this wrong? It’s a piece of plastic with a rubber gasket.” Well, our Chinese overlords figured out how to get it wrong.

I tried this on both a 7D Mark II and a 1D Mark IV. It takes considerable pressure to get this eyecup to slip into place on the camera, and the two “clips” or “fangs” that are meant to snap into place around the bottom of the eyepiece do not engage. My hopes the the tight fit alone would keep it in place were ended after simply walking about three laps around the interior of my house with the camera hanging at my side (“second-camera” style). Just that minimal amount of movement had the eyecup out of position and about 1/4 of the way off of the camera eyepiece.

I’d could easily have lost both eyecups in this package within a week. Which may be the manufacturer’s master plan anyway.

I use several Sigma and Tamron lenses, so I’m not a shill for Canon OEM stuff. But do yourself a favor and pay the few extra bucks for an original Canon eyecup.

Or, just subscribe to a weekly delivery of this item. Your call.

I used this to replace the OEM eye cup which I lost. Fits just like the original however I found it partially blocks the sensor immediately above on my 77d. I couldn't figure out why the display was blank and almost sent me camera to Canon for service. Then I realized this product was so large that it partially covered the sensor. The sensor (circled in image) is what turns off your display when you hold the camera up to your face while looking through the eyepiece. Removing the eyecup solves the problem. While this might not be an issue for other camera models it was for my 77d. That aside it does fit on the camera.

They fall off of the camera too easily and do not lock/ click into place as the canon branded ones do. That being said the are half the price. The aren't made as well but what do you expect? I guess it is a decent value but I was hoping the comfort of the rubber would be the same.

Eyepiece fits my 1DX viewfinder BUT there is no locking onto the viewfinder like the one that comes with the camera. It is just a press-fit onto it. Thus, I have had the eyepiece fall off my camera several times & luckily found it each time. Returning just for that reason.

I bought this eyepiece to convert to a black-out cover for long exposures. The eyepiece cover provided by Canon is very small and isn't as easy to use.

This came as a two-pack and I keep one as a spare just in case I lose the OEM part.

The eye piece fitted perfectly on my Canon 77d. I normally would only want Canon branded products. However, these do the job well and I have extra if it falls off again. I don't think it will fall off. It fitted snug.

The clips/hooks which hold the eyecup onto the eyepiece of the camera - the ones you release by pressing the sides of the original Canon item - are just tiny bumps which don't fulfil the purpose, so the eyecup has fallen off my 5D4 several times. The fit is similarly bad on my 7D2. Also the rubber rim comes away from the plastic too easily on one side. Not fit for purpose - one star.

I bought these as the used Canon EOS 1-DX mkii I bought was missing the eyecup. I already owned a Canon EOS 7d mkii which uses the same eyecup so I thought it would be useful to have a spare which I could use on either camera. They arrived next day using Amazon Prime. The rubber on n the eyecup is pretty decent, as soft as the Canon original i would say. The shape and size of the eyecup is also identical. So far so good. The only problem, and it's a pretty big one, is that these eyecups do not click into lace like the original Canon item. When you fit an original Canon eyecup it clicks (and therefore locks) into place. This copy eyecup just slides on and isn't locked, so it can (and does!) easily slide off when you're putting your camera into a bag, or if it rubs against your clothing. It's fine when you're holding your camera up to your face when in use, but you need to be very careful when handling your camera, otherwise these eyecups have a tendency to come off.

To summarise, they fit absolutely fine, they just don't lock into place, so can easily get knocked off and lost. Needless to say, I will be buying an original Canon eyecup very soon!

I had to buy this product for my Canon 650D, as two previous eyepieces had gone walkies in dark venues, with no chance of finding them.

I was a bit apprehensive about buying a non-standard product but they're absolutely fine - a very tight fit with a positive locking 'click' and the rubber surround is firmer than the original and creates a great seal.

These aren't going to be falling off any time soon...


When doing extra long exposures you’re told to block the light coming in from the eyepiece So I am going to block one of these with a plastic cover so I can place this on the camera when doing long exposures

Unlike the Canon original, this eyecup does not have a latch and relies only on the tightness of the fit to stay on. This is OK with care, but when carrying the camera on a strap round the neck it takes only a small movement against a coat to knock it off and lose it.

Does not clip in like Canon eye cups so they keep coming off, avoid (this is when using with 1DX MKII)

The Eyecup is a perfect fit, the soft rubber outer is slightly harder than the original Canon Eyecup bu, overall I'm very pleased with the product.t works exactly as it should

Great fit on my Canon 750D. Previous owner had lost it but this one is a direct replacement. Very happy with the quality and fit.

Fantastic replacement but the Canon's original is slightly more comfortable on the eye area of the face.

Arrived in good time. Not as good quality as the original but fine for the job. Would recommend this as an adequate replacement.

Excellent fit

Does the job.

The eye piece for my canon camera by JJC eye cup fits superbly! Thank you