Induro GHB2 Gimbal Head (Black)


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  • Rugged design and construction, Smooth, fast tracking horizontally and vertically. Calibrated scale for repeatable positioning of lenses. Horizontal adjustment of the lens platform allows precise positioning to find the center of gravity of any size lens and camera system. Separate panning movement for total control.
  • Includes Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate. "Weightless" Freedom of Camera Movement. Quick & Easy Tracking of Moving Objects. Ideal for Long Telephoto Lenses.
  • Fluid Panning and Tilting. Supports Any Weight Tripod Supports. Fits Size 3 & 4 Tripods. No Ballhead Required. Suitable for Lenses Up to 400mm. Adjustable Height Platform. Optimized Positioning for Lenses 300mm+.
  • INCLUDES: GHB2 gimbal head and PU100 Arca-Swiss style camera plate



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Style:GHB2 Gimbal Head

The GHB2 gimbal head is ideal for very long, heavy telephoto lenses used in sports or bird/nature photography. Vertical and horizontal tracking of fast moving objects is quick and easy. And balancing a camera/lens system on a gimbal head makes it essentially “weightless” providing freedom of movement not possible with any other support system.

The INDURO GHB2 Gimbal Head is ideal for photography involving long, heavy telephoto lenses--in sports or nature photography, for instance. Working with a long lens on a standard ballhead or tilt head can be a real struggle, distracting you from the photography. The gimbal head makes the camera and lens seem almost weightless, with vertical and horizontal tracking of moving objects becoming relatively simple--a feat not possible with any other support system. An Arca-Swiss-compatible quick-release plate is included. Fits size 3 and 4 tripods.


WEIGHT 3.31 lb (1.5 kg)
HEAD BASE DIAMETER 2.2 in (56 mm)

Product information Style:GHB2 Gimbal Head Product Dimensions 10.4 x 3.1 x 10.4 inches Item Weight 4.1 pounds ASIN B002SB58VU Item model number GHB2

Only a day of usage at this point, so far it looks like a good buy at the on sale price of two hundred ninety nine.. It would be on it's way back at full price however. The main reason is that the tilt friction is far too much with it adjusted to the least friction and stiction becomes an issue for smooth elevation movements. The pan axis is very nice and shows no sign of this. In time I'm hoping it may loosen, we'll see. I see that the Wimberley has an adjustment for the user to tweak if required but for twice the price I could have two of these gimbals, one for spare parts. My gear is a Canon 7D MKll with battery grip and a Canon EF 400mm f/5.6. I had both this gimbal and the GHB1 to evaluate and returned the GHB1. See my review there.
Edit: My first day out birding and all seems Okay. Even the vertical axis drag was not too much of a bother for stationary targets. Birds in
flight remains a concern however. Stay tuned. BTW here's a way to attach your camera body to the gimbal, I just ordered one. Desmond
120mm Nodal Slide DNR-120 Dual Dovetail Macro Rail & Clamp Arca Compatible

Update: Dec. 16 I've upgraded my review to 4 starz now finding the vertical axis not to be a problem. Also I've added new glass, a Sigma 150-600C a more weighty lens and the GHB2 performs very well.

This head is extremely beefy and well built. Everything was thought of in it's design and it allows free adjustment of a large lens and camera with little effort. It is also tight enough to carry the assembled tripod/head/camera on your shoulder while hiking around. I love it.

Does exactly the job I needed. I am a landscape photographer and on a tripod with a ball head most of the time but those times when an unexpected wildlife subject presents itself it is a snap to get my 100-400mm lens in place and perfectly balanced without the need to remove my ball head. For me this is a wonderful thing!

Its awesome....took a few times out to get the hang of the knob positions but now its a piece of cake and its a great accessory for shooting. Never mind the weight of the camera and lens you don't have to deal with, you really don't need a shutter release with this on your tripod. You're basically locked in before you press the release button.

This gimbal mount is not too bad IMO. FYI, a gimbal head is designed for lenses that have their own tripod shoe and won't really work for mounting directly to the camera. It seems to be built pretty solid and does accomplish what it's designed for doing. These style of gimbal mounts are much more compact and lighter weight that the more complete mounts that only require a tripod. A gimbal mount gives much more control and stability to heavy lens and camera combinations. Especially using large telephoto (super-telephoto) lenses while shooting wildlife or fast moving subjects.

This Induro head, like others of this style, can actually fit in my camera bag allowing me to carry the tripod and ball head separately. This allows a much more compact carrying experience and allows me to use the ball head for non-gimbal use with regular camera/lens combinations.

Using a 500mm Sigma lens and a DSLR with battery grip, this head seemed to handle the weight just fine. It was, however, slightly less than smooth when pivoting the camera up and down. The locking knob of the gimbal pivot was also a little weird and tended to be either fully locked or unlocked. It does not easily allow slight tension to be placed on the pivot.

Lastly, I could not tilt the camera up all the way without hitting the locking knob of my ball head. This could be a simple flaw in my specific ball head design, and was easily solved by pivoting the gimbal head back slightly from perfect vertical position. This would not be any issue if I did not have the battery grip on my camera.

I would like to try Wimberley's version of this style of gimbal for a comparison. It appears to only be ~$50 more expensive but may work better?

Solid construction
Handles heavy loads and secured lens and camera very well
Compact and easily removed for transport

Locking knob worked best for fully locked or unlocked position only
Smoothness of pivot was a little lacking

I'd previously used an Induro ball mount on my tripod and although it produced better shots in less than ideal light I didn't feel the results warranted packing a tripod in my suitcase when I traveled. That attitude changed when I first mounted my camera on the Induro gimbal head. Suddenly my camera was free in a way it never could be with a ball head. I could effortlessly track flying birds. I could quickly and easily lock on to a subject and rip off perfectly focused shots. I could swing my camera around, zoom in and out, recompose, and do it all with an ease no ball head could ever match.

If you're using lenses with their own mounting foot I strongly suggest trying a gimbal head with your tripod, especially if you photograph birds or other wildlife. You'll feel nearly as free as hand holding your rig, but you'll have stability hand holding is unlikely to match.

I now pack my tripod and Induro gimbal head on every trip.

For my Canon 7D MKll/battery grip and EF Canon 400mm f5/6 it leaves much to be desired for birding, my main application . The pivots are smooth as butter and work very well however the up swing angle is severely restricted as the battery grip contacts the pan axis area on the gimbal head. I would think a larger and heavier lens may not have this issue. So it's on it's way back. I also bought the GHB2 gimbal which I will keep. See my review there.

I think it is a well made product and would work superbly with most large lenses. Not the best for mine as my collar is longer then those on newer lenses and not interchangeable.which causes the lens to sit off center over the tripod raising balance concerns. My lens is a Nikkor 500mm f/4 AF-I..

I have tried out a number of Gimbals and found this to be one of the best, the graduated scales are a great feature if you swap between camera / lens combinations (what the Arca Swiss quick release is all about). Don't be fooled by price, the most expensive is not always the best, everyone swears by the original but this is every bit as good.

I was recommended this head by a fellow wildlife photographer, I needed a head to take an older and very heavy Nikon 500mm f4 Lens. I am so pleased with this head and would recommend it to anyone wishing to own a Gimbal type head but for less money.

Makes my wildlife photography so much easier, quality product and one of my best ever buys.

rotula para los tele , profesional , aun precio increible, con la confianza de ser de induro....muy contento con el, el embalaje y el envio

I received my Induro GHB2 Gimbal Head by return of post from Amazon. This product is absolutely amazing. As a 'bird photographer' this tripod head will open up a whole new world of 'rock steady' support using my Induro carbon fibre tripod. The design of this gimbal is first class. The bottom line with anything in this world is.. 'you get what you pay for'. Does your photography deserve the best possible breaks when that little subject comes bobbing within range? The Induro will help you capture that magical moment. Highly recommended. Thank you Amazon.
GHB2 Gimbal head

Je donne 5 étoiles car la qualité et le fonctionnement sont vraiment au rendez-vous. Je conseil à tous les amateurs de photo animalière possesseurs de longs télés de faire le pas. C'est indispensable et quel confort d'utilisation !

superbly and solidly made.high quality item.cannot be beaten on quality and price.seriously consider this to other similar products for your photo needs