Annsm Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Panoramic Tripod Gimbal Head for DLSR Cameras with Telephoto Lenses with 360 Degree Movable Arca-Swiss STD 1/4” Quick Release Plate Max Loading up to 40 lbs /18 Kgs


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  • Made of heavy duty aluminum alloy, strong, durable and nice looking. It can work with DSLR cameras, camcorders and telephoto lenses. The Max Loading up to 40 lbs/18 kgs;
  • Both panning base and tilt arm have calibration scale on it for recording/repeating positioning of camera/lenses
  • Allows 360 degree rotating for both panning base and tilt arm so as to obtain different shooting angel for different photography or videos
  • Including Arca-Swiss Standard 1/4” quick release plate with bubble level and non-skip rubber design on surface– It can be horizontal adjustable to find the center of gravity for cameras and lenses. Built-in 4 large knob screws make it in super compatible in using for getting tighten or loosen in movement.
  • It works perfectly with heavy telephoto lenses, and it is great for quick capturing photography for running/moving animals like flying birds for outdoor shooting.



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Shipping Package Includes:

  • ANNSM GB100 Gimbal Head X 1
  • User Manual X 1
  • 1/4" to 3/8 Screw Adapter

ANNSM Heavy Duty Aluminum Panoramic Tripod Gimbal Head for DSLR Camera with Telephoto lenses

Product Brief:

ANNSM GB100 Gimbal Head is designed for quick capturing picture in wide nature environment specially for moving/running wide animals like flying birds or moving animals. With Arca-Swiss Standard Quick Release Plate, it is compatible with almost all DSLRs or SLR cameras as long as it can be fit and installed it on. It is made of Heavy Duty Aluminum, it is super sturdy withstanding up to 18 Kgs/ 40 lbs loading.

  • Materials: Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: height: 22 cm /8.6 inches; Base diameter: 4.7 cms /1.8 inches
  • Screw: 1/4" Standard Screw
  • Arca-swiss standard quick release plate
  • Max Loading : 40 lbs / 18 Kgs
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Why Choose ANNSM Gimbal Head?

360 rotating

Calibration Scales on Panning base and Tilt Arm

Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate and Screw adapter

  • 360 Pan Rotatable
  • 360 Tilt Arm Rotatable

  • Calibration Scales on Tilt Arm for Repeating Camera Placement
  • Calibration Scales on Pan Horizontal Rotation

  • Quick Release plate
  • 1/4" to 3/8" Screw Adapter

Read more ANNSM Aluminum Gimbal head ANNSM Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head GB100A GB100C Materials Heavy Duty Aluminum Carbon Fiber Max Loading 40 lbs / 18 Kgs 33 lbs / 15 Kgs Product Weight 1450g 1150g
Product information Size:GB100A - Aluminum Package Dimensions 11.26 x 10.24 x 2.91 inches Item Weight 3.68 pounds ASIN B07D33CDDF

I bought this to use with Nikon 810/750 bodies (~2 lb., especially with a Sigma 60-600 zoom (~6 lb.). Gimbal handles these well when locked. When unlocked, upper hinge doesn’t wobble as some others have been described. The pivoting base, however wobbles 1-2 mm when unlocked. It also has a very viscous lube which makes it difficult to pan/tilt when tracking a subject. YouTube has many videos describing the process for removing this and replacing it with a lighter lithium grease. Really easy process. I was concerned this would amplify the wobble. Also, my to-do list already cuts into my camera time, so I really didn’t want another project, more of anout-of-the-box solution.
I wound up returning this and getting a Benro. 3X as expensive, less than 1/2 the cost of a Wimberly and not requiring a new mortgage for an RRS unit. I think the Benro uses a large bushing rather than a needle bearing, but it’s very well made. And it’s better at tracking with this large lens.
Overall, if price was my main concern, this gimbal is well made and very solid... when locked down. Design, not so much. If that’s your priority, it’s a bargain. Otherwise, it becomes a minor shop project.

I would have given 5 stars, except the first day I was out hiking with this the bubble level popped out, never to be found again. So I bought a replacement (12x7mm) and put this in with some thin double-stick tape on its back. However, this is too tall, and the level's face was getting scratched because it was no longer recessed. A 12x6mm bubble level should work, but it is unclear if those that Amazon sells are "high sensitivity" like the 12x7 one they sell is. I ended up epoxying an O-ring around the level to recess and protect the face (see 1st photo).

So, to use the level, you have to dismount the camera & lens, remove the Arca clamp, and place the clamp on top of the panning base, I presume, as I did in the 1st photo. This is the same for the other gimbal heads that Amazon sells, but it is awkward and time-consuming in the field. So I bought a bigger bubble level (50x9mm, which was actually 18mm tall) and attached it directly to the panning base, as in the 2nd photo. You can do this with thick double-stick foam tape so that the level sits ~1/8" above the base, to clear the screw head that protrudes from the center of the panning base. Instead, I counter-bored into the bottom of the bubble level to get clearance, then used thin double-stick tape. Either way, at least for my camera+lens, the level does not interfere with the lens, even when it is as far up or down as it can tilt. Now, when I reposition the tripod, everything is quick and easy to level.

Aside from this, the head performed perfectly in the field, and was a pleasure to use. Images with my 900mm equivalent tele were tack sharp. I had no issues with the viscosity of the lubricants, as others have complained about on other gimbal brands, though I haven't tried this head in the bitter cold.

UPDATE after 9 months of use ...

I have no problem of play in the panning axis, contrary to what others have seen.

The double-stick tape solution on the new spirit level didn't last. I knocked it off while hiking, and lost the level. So I bought another level and attached it with 3 small tapping screws seated in blind holes that I drilled in the top of the base. This works perfectly.

Since it's now winter, I got to see how this works in the bitter cold (10 degrees F). Yes, the thick grease it's packed with adds more than a desirable amount of drag when very cold. Even at pleasant temperatures, the grease tends to leak out from the tilt bearing, and is a sticky mess to clean up after each use.

So I decided to take the tilt bearing apart to add a grease seal. It came apart easily, just needing a metric hex key. I scraped, wiped, and washed out the grease (but left it on the roller thrust bearing), and reassembled it without replacing the lubricant (and nixed the idea of adding a seal).

Now, with aluminum-on-aluminum bearing surfaces, without a grease film between them, the tilt friction was hard to set, and quickly went from loose to locked when rotating its knob. Friction also was non-uniform over the various tilt positions at a given knob setting. So I added a compliant washer, that I cut out of rubber-impregnated cloth, between the mating parts. Now the knob affords me a range of frictions as I tighten it, and the friction is consistent across all tilts. I am happy again.

Yes, it's a minor shop project to fix the quirks, but if you are handy, you'll end up with a gimbal that you will be quite pleased with, at a small fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

Ok, this is almost a perfect gimbal. Just one thing. Go to youtube and see the tutorials to remove the original grease on the product and put new grease on the gimbal. The grease that the company use feels like glue so the movement of the gimbal its not that great. When you ad the new grease the movement its going to be perfect. Its like a totally new product. I think the expensive gimbals ($300-$600) they just use a better grease and that it. The construction on the gimbal is almost the same. Its a 5 stars product if the company use a better grease.

This is a decent gimbal head, however it doesn't have a terribly smooth function (you can feel the heavy grease). It has good dimensions and when lock down it is very sturdy. The issue is that it uses hardware that doesn't work well when not locked down. It displays a reasonably high amount of play when panning.

This is far better than it looks in the photo, A BIT ON THE HEAVY SIDE BUT EXTRA STABLE ON A MID WEIGHT TRIPOD, this item allows free movement of my 6d mark 2 with a 100-400 IS 11, the puppy is rock steady. I believe you could add double the weight and not diminish its functionality, once again AMAZON has delivered an exceptional product and a very reasonable price, yes you will love one in your kit bag for heavier camera set-ups, ease of set up and tracking moving objects is very impressive, I am sure you will see the value in one should you have the need for it.

High quality and fast shipping!!

Excellent for the $$$. Does exactly as intended. My photo shooting is now simple and under control.

This product fits all of my needs!