Oben BD-0 Mini Ball Head


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  • Single-Lever Adjustment | Supports Loads Up to 6.6 lb
  • 90° Tilt | Accepts 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Studs
  • All Aluminum Construction | Perfect for Table-Top Tripods
  • Weighs Just 1.8 oz
  • In the box: Reducer Bushing for 1/4"-20 Studs, 5 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty



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The Oben BD-0 Mini Ball Head is the perfect topper for a miniature or table-top tripod model. Constructed of aluminum, the BD-0 functions like most full-sized ball heads but features a supremely low-profile design. A single-action lever loosens the ball and allows it to move freely in all directions, and in addition, a groove allows it to tilt 90° in one direction.

The BD-0 head can serve as a replacement head for an Oben TT-100, TT-200, or TT-300 table-top tripod. Or it can allow you to properly orient your camera on any other tripod model, whether it has a 1/4"-20 or a 3/8"-16 stud – the head has a 3/8" thread and comes with a reducer bushing to make it compatible with the 1/4"-type stud.

Low-profile yet strong for its size – supports up to 6.6 lb

Supports most 35mm and DSLR cameras, as well as point & shoot models

Ball platform tilts 90°

3/8"-16 mounting thread

1/4"-20 reducer bushing

Load Capacity: 6.6 lb (3 kg)

Ball Sphere Diameter: 0.62" (16mm)

Quick Release: No

Spirit Level: No

Tension Control: No

Separate Panning Lock: No

Tripod Mount Thread Size: 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16

Height: 2.0" (52mm)

Base Diameter: 0.94" (24mm)

Weight: 1.8 oz (52 g)

Product information Product Dimensions 2.8 x 2.5 x 0.2 inches Item Weight 2.4 ounces ASIN B005Z63LWS Item model number BD0

If you are looking for a lightweight ball head, say, for a vacation trip or just occasional use, this one should meet your needs nicely. It has a good quality build, a relatively smooth ball joint, and is both small and lightweight. As photography is always a series of tradeoffs (unless you are one of the very wealthy, or are a fully professional photographer with an established business), if you need something small and light, most of the silky-smooth, professional ball heads will not do: these are heavy and large. But this model will work in that role and is surprisingly smooth in operation (small ball heads tend to be rough due to lesser-quality materials used in their construction), but this Oben has paid some attention to the ball's smoothness level, which is a good thing. It certainly has a role to play in your kit, although, as I say, if you are needing a professional setup and something for longterm use and that can hadle greater weight, you are far better off paying the extra money and getting a "professional" ball head from one of the major brands. Some of these can be incredibly expensive, but you can alsmost always find something in the sweet spot to meet your needs. I would say this head here is for travel, vacations, etc., and when you are not exceeding four pounds or so. My use is for travel and placement on a Manfrotto monopod (since you can't use tripods in most museums, cathedrals, etc.). It's not a bad device for its price, and its size and relative smoothness is certainly better than the others in this class I have used. Understanding what you need and when you need it, I would give this a Five Star rating for its true intended use.

Great basic compact ball head.

-Super tiny and light

-Simple to mount and operate

I got this as an upgrade to my Slik mini travel tripod, which came with an utterly useless and bulky pan head. This is the type of head that small tripods SHOULD include. If you have a travel tripod that doesn't earn its keep, throw one of these on it, and you'll find yourself using it more.

I was a bit surprised by exactly how small this head is. The whole thing fits in a shot glass. With the head folded, it only adds about an inch to the folded length of a tripod, which makes your compact tripod even more compact. It also means you can toss this head in your camera bag as a spare for other purposes. Because it's so small and simple, it can even be used, in a pinch, to "upgrade" a pan head to a ball, which comes in handy if you need to borrow a tripod and end up with something cumbersome and slow. A ball head generally speeds things up if you know how to use it. I'd imagine it's also a great replacement head for that old busted tripod you inherited from your dad; it's perfectly adequate for anything light duty.

What you will NOT be doing with this is hanging your f/2.8 zooms off the front of your full-frame body. You'll need a full size head for that, of course.

Best uses:

- Simple, compact travel tripods

- Spare head to keep in the bag as a backup

- Quick and dirty "in between" ball head to stack on top of another head for odd uses

- Light stands

The other review complained about the label, but I don't see how that's an issue. The logo is on a red plastic sticker and if you wanted to, you could peel it off and have an all-black body. Just use a light solvent to clean the residue off. But it does look nice with the red on there; makes it look a lot more expensive than it is. If that matters.

The Oben Mini Ball Head is all metal ball and housing and it's made very well. I don't use this ball head for a camera, I use use it for made LED light panels (CN-160) so I can face them inward to concentrate the light and they work exceptionally good this way. They also come in very handy for my flash units also. I doubt very seriously that they can hold 6.6 lbs (2 kg) but half that weight would be more realistic. The only problem I've had is one of the ball heads would not tighten completely. I discovered there is a set screw opposite the locking screw that can be tightened to increase friction. When I did this I noticed a grating sound so I dismantled the head to see what the problem was and lo and behold there is only a metal to metal contact surface between the friction and locking screw and the ball hence the grating sound. Since my range of movement for them will be very limited it won't cause me any problems and it shouldn't cause any problems with a light weight camera but with out any protection this head probably won't last long in moderate use. Still it's a far superior light weight ball head when compared to others of similar size especially the ones that came with my LED lights, they fell apart with in minutes. For the price I can recommend them as long as you only use them for light applications such as compact or bridge cameras.

I purchased the Oben BD-0 Mini Ball Head to attach my Samsung Note 7 smartphone to a tripod. It sorta worked out OK.

The Note 7 was almost too heavy for this Mini Ball Head. I had to seriously tighten the side knob to prevent the Ball Head from flopping over side-wise (when the Note 7 was attached). Funny thing is that the Note 7 is relatively light in weight, especially in comparison to digital cameras.

The quality is so-so. It feels cheap. And, again, the Ball Head easily becomes 'un-tight' by the weight of my smartphone....that's not quality!

I would not buy the Oben Mini Ball Head again.

The build quality is OK, ball is not real smooth but the worst error is that it is so short that it will not allow a DSLR to be set in the portrait mode, the verticle position, because the camera hits the top mounting platform of the tripod and the camera is sitting in a less that full verticle position. I is ok for landscape but useless for portrait mode. Dont know why no one has mentioned that in the reviews! I just wasted $13.00 for this head trying to save some weight over my current tripod head which is a pistol grip and weighs 2lbs. This unit is useless, might work on a light stand, not on a tripod!

Excellent ball head.

I have 2 more of these purchased from BHphotovideo, and they are not the same. This one appears to be made of cheaper materials, the colors of the metal are different, and the Oben symbol is a completely different material. I think I paid more for this version too.

Holds better than most in similar size, but the plastic handle feels like its going to break every time I use it

Very strong clamp. Boo to the plastic pad.

I would recomend this Oben BD - O mini ball head. Fits on my monopod without taking any space very sturdy Holds my panasonic camcorder efficiently.

perfect quality !

It works for small things, sucks if you want to do something serious...

Great product