Neewer Portable 64"/163cm Alluminum Alloy Camera Tripod Monopod with 360 Degree Ball Head, 1/4" Quick Release Plate and Bubble Level, Load capacity 22lbs/10kg


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  • It has the rigidity intensity, high-efficiency shock absorption, better heat resistance and corrosion resistance
  • 2-in-1 tripod, one of leg can be used as monopod
  • Quick shoe leg locking, giving a more convenient leg handling
  • Universal ball head design with 2 locks and 360 degree dial that photographers adjust angle free and quickly
  • Bubble level indicator



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2-in-1 tripod, one of leg can be used as monopod.

Quick release leg locking, giving a more convenient leg handling.

Universal ball head design with 2 locks and 360 degree dial that photographers adjust angle free and quickly.

Bubble level indicator.

Center column design with hook for goods to increase stability.

Non-slip feet design.

It has the rigidity intensity, high-efficiency shock absorption, better heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Comes with a portable bag, easy to carry.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Head Type: 360 degree Swivel Fluid Head

Folded length: 17.7"/45cm

Maximum height: 64"/163cm

Minimum height: 23"/58cm

Weight: 1.62kg/3.57lb

Sections: 4

Diameter: 1.0"/2.5cm

Screw: 1/4"

Loading capacity: 22lbs/10kg

Package Contents:

1x Tripod(with ball head)

1x Carry Bag

Product information Product Dimensions 55.12 x 208.66 x 55.12 inches Item Weight 4.81 pounds ASIN B00WWPJWDM Item model number Neewer

I bought this for my Canon 70D with 70-200L. At first I thought this tripod was a great deal until I played with it a bit. The ball head is really nice and the panning motion is smooth. I also liked the leg that converts to a monopod. What I didn't like was when I fully extended all the legs. The bottom section felt flimsy and weak because there was a lot of movement. The description states that it has a 22lbs load capacity. My lens and camera is roughly 10lbs max and I did not like how the legs flexed when moving the camera around to shoot. It just felt like it could give at any moment. I decided to return this and buy a more sturdy unit.

Ball head - panning and ball motion is smooth
Carry bag
Built in monopod

Instructions lacking.
No instructions on how to set up extra column section.
Weak legs.

This is a really nice light stand. The reason I only give it three stars is the price. I purchased the 64", which at the time of this review is $92. I also have the 62", which at the time of this review is $47. The only difference between the two is the feet on the 64 inch are perhaps a little nicer, and the logos on the tripod are different. So essentially you're paying double the price for an extra two inches? Rip off.

Since this is a review for the 64", it only gets three stars for that reason. If the price were comparable with the 62" I'd give it 5 stars easy.

I thought when I cheaped out and bought this tripod/monopod that I would get something that would last only a couple days and then break. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. I couldnt be happier with this product. Neewer puts out quality products at an affordable price and this Tripod may be the best of them all. A bit on the heavy side but so sturdy and easy to use. The top of the tripod has a quick release which is incredibly handy and its also so smooth to turn making it ideal for some shots. I love this thing

This is a really nice tri pod. The legs are completely convertible, it's light weight, strong, the ball head adjusts really well and stays where you put it. Now, I don't abuse my equipment and I'm patient. That means I don't mind waiting a couple seconds for the micro vibrations to stop before I hit the shutter and I don't throw it down the stairs or trail. For the price, you simply can't beat it. Plus, it uses the arca swiss head. One leg unscrews and turns into a monopod, but I don't really use it that way. I haven't had any issues with this at all.

This tripod is pretty awesome. I've used really expensive Manfrottos and really cheap plastic no-brand tripods. This is something in between. It's really sturdy. It holds my full-frame well. The ball head makes for easy adjustments. The legs come out easily. The only thing that's weird is that center pole sticks as it comes up or goes down. Something is wrong with the mechanism there. It's probably isolated to my tripod though, but I'm not sure.

The product is as described and actually exceeded my expectations. The only thing that could've been better positioned is the level bubble because when my camera is on the tripod it covers it. Other then that I the product is great, especially for the price.
UPDATE: The main leg which can be used as a monopod broke and the center hook also broke. Invest in a better tripod!

Truly loved this tripod when I first got it. Then within 1 month of use (fully extended and sitting in one position constantly) the leg tightening's gave out. Not one, but 2 of them fully don't work. Caused my camera to fall to the ground in the middle of the night. This was not user error. And it wouldn't be a huge deal if I didn't need it to be fully extended, but I do. And besides the whole scuffing up my brand new camera, and breaking a piece off my mic on top. So i'm left with no tripod, and damage just after a month. Don't know if it was just a fluke, or bad shipping. But it was a great tripod when I first got it.

This product is affordable but its also cheap. The legs are very flimsy, and the detachable leg is very annoying.
Every time you try to adjust that leg when in tri-pod mode, it loosens to a mono-pod. The weight hook fell off the
first time I used it, and several months of light use it is now junk. The screws easily stripped out and won't go back

I was looking for a tripod to use with my fluid head video mount, and I came across this and decided to buy it and I must say It is sturdy and comfortable with a 1/4 tread mount although it comes with a ball head attached, so I simply took off the ball head that is currently mounted on the tripod and installed my fluid head and now I got a fantastic fluid head video tripod with reasonable steady shots with Canon D100.

- affordable
- sturdy.
- light weight.
- convertible to monopod.
- convertible to achieve low to the ground shots.
- great price.

- the leg extensions system is a bit awkward, I preferred a latching lever than the screw system on this tripod.
- when fully extended to the max on everywhere (especially the center beam) it can begin to experience extra unwanted movement.

Bottom line: I still think it's a great tripod to get some work done, and I recommend this product.

Hope this helps someone make a decision.

Absolutely amazing. At first before I saw it, I thought it would be cheap and poor quality but it's very solid and sturdy and great quality with a lot of weight to it. Its really tall reaching about 6 foot 1 and remains sturdy.

For a what I assume to be a mid-range tripod, can't go wrong. It's simple, sturdy, doesn't feel cheap, and works well. The locks for angling the legs can be a bit fiddly to do, especially in cold weather, but apart from that, it's decent. Fairly light too, can strap this to a rucksack no problem.

Great product, strong and sturdy and reasonably priced, easy to adjust and you can also have a single leg for that quick shot

I am using this for couple of years now, very good quality, well made. If you want to buy I would highly recommended

I put my 7 kg Sigmonster 300-800 on it and it's stable and secure. I am 6' 2 inches high and I can stand up tall while shooting. Why pay 3 times more just for a brand name?

Exactly what I was looking for and at nearly half the price quoted by other suppliers.

Never been disappointed with Neewer brand to date

I usually use it as monopod, can reach 160 cm and it is amazing. The aluminium leg is strong enough, by the price range this tripod is the best in my opinion.

I love this tripod, build quality is great!

Allot better quality then I was expecting great buy

Excellent quality to price ratio! Stable, and easy to operate!

Also vorab. Ich hab auch ein 190 von Manfrotto und eine relativ umfangreiche Spiegelreflex-ausrüstung. Ich weiß also, wovon ich schreibe. Vorweg mal grundsätzlich mein zugang: es ist noch immer besser so ein stativ dabei zu haben als gar keines. Und darum geht's mir. Das Manfrotto hab ich eben nur dabei, wenn ich explizit ne fototour (zumindest teilmotorisiert) mache. Es ist mir sonst zu schwer (alu-variante. Die carbon-dinger sind mir einfach zu teuer. Das geld nehm ich lieber und legs für ne gute linse drauf). Für urlaub, ausflug, trekking, hatte ich bisher ein kleines nanomax aber die nutzbare höhe dieses dings war einfach käse. Das neewer überrascht erst mal durch sein geringes gewicht und seine maximale höhe. Diese vorteile werden allerdings auch teuer erkauft. Gewicht wird durch die geringe wandstärke der beinrohre und durch massiven einsatz von kunstoffen (beinschellen und gelenken). Die maximalhöhe ist, wie auch bei viel teureren stativen eine rein theoretische. Aber wenn man sich über diese sachen im klaren ist, ist das stativ durchaus tauglich. Die Kunststoffteile muss man eben schonend behandeln und vor der ersten Verwendung mit Silikonöl behandeln sowie vor Verschmutzung schützten und nach Benutzung reinigen. Die rohre sollte man vor seitlicher krafteinwirkung bewahren. Beschränkt man sich auf zwei beinauszüge und lässt die mittelsäule unten trägt das stativ durchaus auch eine vollformat dslr mit batterypack und 70-200 2,8 mit nem 300 2,8 oder nem 150-600 muss man die beinspreizung verstellen und ev. beide beinauszüge drin lassen.
Bei einer miitelklasse apsc dslr mit einem sigma 17-70 2,8 kann man das stativ auch mit 3 beinauszügen verwenden. Nachschwingverhalten ist eher mit leichteren kamerakombis ein problem (wegen der masseträgheit - übersehen viele die ein leichtes stativ eher für systemkameras udgl empfehlen).
Konkret zusammengefasst:
Grosse Vollformat kombi - 2 sterne (jedoch mit Einschränkungen wie oben beschrieben durchaus nutzbar)
Aps-c Aufsteiger kombi - 3,5 sterne
Verarbeitung - 3,5 sterne
Material - 2,75 sterne (2 sterne für die Rohre , 3,5 sterne für den kopf)
Gewicht - 4 sterne
Preis leistung 3,5 sterne
Flexibilität - 4 sterne (mehrfachbeinrastung. 2 mittelsäulen wendemöglichkeit. Einbeinfunktion. Viele verschraubungen sohin sehr interchangeabel. Kugelkopf dabei s.u. sackhaken usw)
Nutzbare höhe - 2sterne
Design (irgendwie für mich auch wichtig