JOBY GorillaPod 500: A Compact, Flexible Tripod for Sub-Compact Cameras, Point & Shoot, 360 Cameras and Other Devices up to 500 grams


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  • Flexible: Flexible legs wrap around objects for unlimited angles and precise composition control
  • Modern: New stainless steel reinforced ballhead with 90° tilt, perfect for shooting in portrait or landscape mode for FaceTime, livestreaming and selfies
  • Versatile: Mount point-and-shoot cameras, lighting, microphone, Pico projector, action cam, speaker, any device weighing less than 1lb with a ¼"-20 tripod mount or smartphone using JOBY GripTight mount
  • Portable: Compact & lightweight (weighs in at just under 3 oz) for easy transport in pocket, handbag or backpack
  • Stable: Rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability in difficult terrain



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Brand new size! The beefed up version of our 325, the GorillaPod 500 offers all the awesome attributes you've come to expect from GorillaPod with the added ability to hold devices weighing up to 1 pound (or 500 grams, for all you metric types). Are you a sucker for heavier, more feature rich, compact point-and-shoot cameras like the Sony RX100 or Canon G Series? This is the camera tripod for you!

Product information Style:GorillaPod 500 Product Dimensions 1.57 x 1.57 x 8.07 inches Item Weight 2.72 ounces ASIN B074WFQDBF Item model number JB01502

Let's face it, these "specs" for camera weight supported are grossly understated and you no doubt will be using with a heavier camera than it states it allows. Even so, this is a dumb design, even if you stick to the featherweight limits it claims to support. This is a "ball head" type design, which would be great, and it even LOOKS like you can tighten the head by turning the top ring under the head, but you can't! That means the camera is attached to a moveable ball head and supported ONLY by its innate friction resistance - and you know what's going to happen with that! After constant moving, any ball-in-socket design will weaken, and the camera won't hold its position. While this did not happen to me - yet - there is no way that a plastic-on-plastic ball and socket mechanism with no lock will not weaken over time with use. A simple tightening mechanism of the ring would insure that it will never happen. Also, tightening it to the bottom of your camera is problematic since you can’t get a tight fit because as soon as you meet resistance, the ball head starts turning - because you can’t lock it. Also, this means that trying to set the camera precisely is a bit of a jerky operation, not smooth at all as it would be if you could release the socket grip on the ball, adjust the camera and then tighten. Too bad. It looked like a great design - the image sure looked like you could tighten it - but you can't. Otherwise, these Joby products are well-made and durable. I've used a much larger one with a SLR for many years, no problem and would recommend Joby in general, but I'm disappointed with this model's design.

Intended for use with my Canon G7X Mark ii on backpacking trips where I needed a tripod to take long exposure shots, this little guy did a pretty good job for my needs. It was properly sized for the weight of the Canon so I had no issues with it wanting to tip over even when I had the camera pointed directly up at the night sky. The pivot ball at the head is rather stiff, but I'm hoping it will loosen up a little bit as I use it more. It fits nicely in my pack's outer mesh pouch for quick access, it's rather lightweight, and so far no issues with the legs coming off as in other reviews.

Even though it is short, it still works great as a handle for doing selfie videos and pictures. It adds just a little bit extra arm length to selfie shots, allowing me to capture more of the surrounding background. I took away one star only because of how stiff the pivot ball is at the head. I felt like I was putting a lot of pressure on my camera to reposition it.

Man, I love the mounting tricks that you can do with this, BUT, again, sections are getting loose after minimal use and even popping off. UGH.

14 MONTH UPDATE: It broke after very little use over the past year. One of the legs developed a cracked ball. Was a five star review, now three. Sorry Joby.
ORIGINAL REVIEW: Just as described, it is stable when using as a tripod and also grips when wrapping the legs around something. Tips for Google Pixel XL users: turn off Active Edge before using it as the clamp tends to activate it. Also, for Pixel XL, you'll need to attach the clamp under the the volume control to keep it from adjusting your volume. If you slide it all the way to the bottom of the volume you'll still be able to use the phone camera's menu to change between camera, video, etc.

To JOBY, a requested improvement: please add a hot shoe and/or some other enhancement to be able to clip an external mic to the clamp.

A flexible tripod for solo adventures and perfect for all type of locations. Handy enough during my treks.

I actually bought this just before vacation with the intent of using the mount for my GoPro Session 5 more than for the cell phone holder part. I viewed the cell phone holder and bundled bluetooth camera clicker as a bonus. The pod legs have excellent rigidity and really hold my oneplus 5 well. The legs do grip branches and rails really well. The reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is the rubber grippy stuff that you can see around the edge of the leg bulbs isn't the most hardy of materials. I'd already had a chunk come off one leg within a few days of use. The red lever turns to grip the cell phone and is adjustable, but it's not a tight grip. Also if you want to take pictures in portrait orientation it can take a bit to adjust the legs just right. I wouldn't trust it in a place where the cell phone holder would be shaken (like on a car ride). As a GoPro mount it's fantastic.

This is the first GorillaPod I have owned, and now I'm kicking myself for not buying one years ago. I wanted something to use with a 360 camera at a theme park, so I could easily clamp it on a fence rather than taking my tripod. The new models of GorillaPods are made with 360 cameras in mind, and they removed the tightening knob on the base so it won't be in the shots.

It seems well built, and works great.

This newer design is very difficult to swivel the head on its ball; there is no longer a separate shoe to attach to the camera.

I have been using the Joby GorillaPod for the past few months with my micro projector. I used to use a micro fixed leg tripod, which worked well, but was not especially durable. As well as this, I found some difficulties getting the positioning right in smaller rooms. This GorillaPod offers unrivalled versatility and has been wonderful to use when travelling. Indeed, I have attached my projector to the frame of a bunkbed, the back rest of a chair and the handle from a set of office draws. You certainly can't do that with a conventional tripod!

The GorillaPod relies on a typical screw mount which can be found on most cameras and a myriad of electric devices as universal fitment. It is easy to tighten and hasn't easily come loose in the bottom of my travel backpack. The legs are stiff enough to keep the device securely attached, and do not sag over extended periods of use. The swivel head is quite stiff however, and quite a bit of force needs to be applied to make it move. This can prove a challenge, as that force commonly moves the legs too, leading to a complete reposition being required. Instead, I try and make all adjustments using the legs to avoid this issue. It is also worthwhile noting that any movement in the surface the GorrillaPod is placed on can cause some side-to-side sway. This is more noticeable since the projector is casting a large image on a wall, so small movements make a big difference.

However the main issue I have experienced is legs popping off in my backpack. This doesn't happen often, but sometimes half of one of the legs (always the same one) unclips, leading to me having to hunt for it in the bottom of my bag. To rectify this, when not in use, I wrap the legs around each other, which seems to prevent this from happening as frequently.

Overall I love my GorillaPod. Great for my needs, and looks quite cool too!

I brought this for a month long trip to Japan where we planned to take lots of photos and videos on a daily basis. Unfortunately half way through the trip one of the legs broke off when it was barely touched, then another leg split in two a couple days later, I ended up returning this in a box in about 6 different pieces which I had to bring home from Japan to the UK in order to get my refund. Appalling build quality, which is a shame - as the concept is fantastic and up until the point it all went wrong it was an extremely helpful product. I now use an alternative which does the same sort of things but is much sturdier.

Had this for a couple of weeks and am using it primarily with a Panasonic LX15 which weighs 310g. Have used it as a simple tripod on a solid surface, and using the legs to wrap around railings and fences. Even did a little time-lapse using it. Worked 100% of the time so far, the rubber surrounds of the 'knuckles' seem to grip things pretty well. Can also be used to add a little extra distance for hand held selfies, but note it's short so the effect is not like you get with a mobile on a selfie-stick (just so you know). Quite small and carry-able, and does what is says on the tin.

This worked exactly as I expected. It's sturdy and looks like it will take a battering.

I know some people have complained it was tight or difficult to move. I haven't experienced this at all. The joints on the legs are as stiff as I'd expect them but any looser and you risk it not gripping onto things. The top ball is tighter but easy enough to move when you've got the camera mounted.

All in all it does the job and feels strong enough to last a while.

J’avais dans doute mal lu en détail la fiche article de ce produit.
Malheureusement, je l’avais acheté pour l’utIliser avec un adaptateur SmartPhone... mais ce n’est pas le cas.
Si vous estimez que ce commentaire vous a aidé, n’hésitez pas à cliquer sur j’aime à propos de mon commentaire.
Merci par avance,

I loved it at first. It fit around so many things and was a really handy tool. It held my relatively hefty camcorder, although I thought it wouldn't be able to. However, on a trip to Brazil some gum got stuck on it and so I washed it, only to find it stiffened up really badly and was almost impossible to use. This, along with the price, which is too high to justify what you get in the package, dissuades me from recommending it.

Bought this after dealing with various cheap 'flex' stand alternatives. Would usually break and put my camera at risk. With the Joby, I can see and justify the premium pricing. It's very stable and you can rely on it. I have an RX100 M3 and it holds its well. Have used it in various environments and it provides a good hold on most objects. Perfect for Timelapses as you can find a location and be in sound mind,it won't have fallen to its demise

Superb tripod, excellent value, with the only very slight let down being the lack of guide notes/explanation for two of the fittings supplied. However full marks for customer service, as when I emailed to ask about them there was an immediate response with illustrative pictures (they're for Go Pro cameras).

I didn’t like this and sent it back. It’s very small. It does not attach to the camera well : you have to screw it in like a screwdriver. I tried it on a few items around the house and couldn’t get it to grip well. I’ve had a larger one of these before and was pleased with it, but this one didn’t work for me. Good point: it’s very light and easy to carry.

Great little tripod for holding my Zoom H5. Seems sturdy enough to hold it even with mics plugged in underneath. I didn't want the bigger one mostly on portability and cost and as this should be able to hold at least twice the Zoom H5 it seemed great.

If your phone is a plus or X (apple), unless you strap this Joby to a pole or any other similar contraption, it's a nuisance to keep it steady. My recommendation is to go with something heavier in their range. Also, the phone clip is obsolete design in 2018 and a pain to use, when there are spontaneous shots to be taken

Bought this as my first tripod for the G7x II. First thoughts are that is works, as expected, well as a tripod. The joints are quite easy to bend yet sturdy. However, the ball joint is quite stiff and can be quite hard to rotate. The joint at the bottom (touching the ground) is made of a grippy rubber and is good enough to stop the tripod from slipping. Wrapping the joints around a pole can be useful to get higher shots and is one of the main selling points of this tripod. It can be a bit daunting to attach an expensive camera to high places, so I would recommend additionally securing the wrist strap to something as an extra safety measure.

Fantastic little stand, the legs are ridged enough to rap around poles and small trees with the confidence that it won't let go and fall or topple on a flat or uneven surface. Better than the cheap replica I last purchased, better build, legs bend nicer and smoother than the copy. Should last a good while.

I really recommend this for those that simply need certain photoshoot/videoshoot that's not complicated (eg, using a phone or a go pro). I say this because there's a limit to how much the mount will hold up. Be aware of the fact that the legs are not magnetic and the mount doesn't come with any attachments. Overall I highly recommend using this.

this is my second gorilla pod as I lost the first one... I bought it again because it provides a very stable position even though my camera (fuji x100s) is just under the recommended maximum weight. I use it mainly for low angle shots, up from the ground.. not as much with rails and fences, but I can imagine it would have no issues with fixing the cam pretty much to any similar object. Important accessory, makes a big difference to the lousy selfies that I shot without it.