Polaroid 72" Photo / Video Pro Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod For Digital Cameras & Camcorders


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  • Perfect for situations when you need long exposures yet are short on space
  • High-density, no-sweat foam grip for increased stability
  • Quad-section, solid aluminum leg features stay-set locking mechanism
  • Commercial grade rubber tip with retractable spike
  • Compact and lightweight for take-anywhere convenience, yet it extends to 72"



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Polaroid 72 inch Photo / Video Pro Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod For Digital Cameras & Camcorders

Polaroid 72 inch Photo / Video Pro Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod For Digital Cameras & Camcorders

Regardless if you're a casual photographer/videographer or a serious "prosumer" there's a Polaroid tripod designed with your needs in mind.

That's because we design our tripods with intelligent in-demand features like fluid pan-head, braced center columns, all-terrain leg tips, dual levels, compact-footprints, ergonomically designed carry handles and foam grips-and everything else you'd expect from a tripod line inspired by over half a century of imaging innovation. And to ensure they're part of your "accessory arsenal" for the long term, we've crafted them from industrial grade, lightweight aluminum to ensure they always keep your valuable equipment on solid ground.

No matter if you choose our ultra compact desktop models, our unique monopod or our ruggedized all terrain models, you'll immediately understand why Polaroid tripods are considered the ultimate in "classic image stabilization"

  • Perfect For Situations When You Need Long Exposures Yet Are Short On Space
  • High Density No Sweat Foam Grip For Increased Stability Quad-Section, Solid Aluminum Leg Features Stay Set Locking Mechanism
  • Commercial Grade Rubber Tip With Retractable Spike <> Includes Carrying Case
  • Compact And Lightweight For Take Anywhere Convenience Yet Extends To 72
  • Standard Tripod Mount Accepts Virtually All Cameras/Camcorders, Slave Lights, Remote Devices, Boom Mikes, ETC
Polaroid 72 inch Photo / Video Pro Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod For Digital Cameras & Camcorders

Leg Diameter: 25.8mm

Net Weight: 2.23 lbs.

Folded Length: 23.85 inch

Extended Length: 72 inch

Product information Product Dimensions 2.01 x 2.01 x 22.64 inches Item Weight 13.6 ounces ASIN B003LYKX0E Item model number PLMON72

This is not a replacement for a tripod. However consider that a tripod is very useful when you have time to set up a shot, ready your remote shutter release, set your locked mirror --- all to prevent vibration or camera movement. These techniques are wonderful indeed, and work very well. But, if you are taking pictures of wildlife, or that special sunset (or sunrise) it is highly unlikely you will have the time to set up a shot. Enter the monopod. I really researched several different devices and this has worked very well for me.

I'll just illustrate this with 2 pictures made possible with this "stick."

It's sturdy and the only adjustment you have to think about is height.

I bought this for two reasons: One, I am tall and this monopod really goes to six full feet, as tall as me, so my camera can always be at my eye level, no stooping. Two, I trust the Polaroid name. They say it's for digital cameras but I am certain it would handle almost any weight of camera, plus I have leaned pretty hard on it as a walking aid and there is no sign of bending (but I don't abuse it either). I am totally thrilled with my Polaroid monopod, especially since I combined it with a shooter's V-bracket instead of any sort of ball or pan head. (See product link)

Any monopod gains you sharpness at longer shutter speeds, especially anything slower than the lens's actual focal length. Using a V-bracket allows me to switch instantly from a horizontal (landscape) to a vertical (portrait) frame while keeping the lens and center of mass of the camera directly over the monopod.

I used this with my Panasonic GH2 and a fairly heavy 14-140mm lens to get some great video of a parade and event. It was my first time using a monopod and I honestly think I'm going to be replacing my tripod with a monopod for 80% of my work. I may end up upgrading to one with an adjustable head down the road, but this worked perfectly for the price.

It was very sturdy. I was also able to hold the monopod high over my head in a busy crowd at about a 30 degree angle to get some great high angle video. This was during a packed parade and I don't think this would have been feasible with my heavy tripod. I never doubted the sturdiness of the monopod doing this. Would I hold it at an angle that high with a full frame camera, probably not.

I need stability in my videos, shakiness is not acceptable, with this monopod I was able to have some slight, smooth movement that actually looked pleasing. I'll probably never take a tripod backpacking or on vacation again after using this, it's much more practical.

This is NOT a "Pro Ultra Heavy Duty" monopod unless a normal monopod is an extra long toilette paper tube. It will work fine for a small, lightweight pocket sized cameras assuming you're fairly careful. If you put a DSLR camera on it, the plastic connecting disc will break after a few uses if you spend any time at all in a horizontal position. A "pro" DSLR camera of larger size will break the minute the camera is not in an upright position, especially if it has a flash attached to the top. Mine broke after using it twice with only a flash and soft box weighing a total of 2.5 lbs. The average "pro" camera and lens can easily weigh 5 lbs or more. There is nothing "heavy duty" about this product. Unfortunately, this monopod does not live up to its name.

Like another reviewer, I teamed this with a plastic/rubber "V" gun mount for photographic use. I was hoping for a home run with it being strong/solid enough for a walking staff/trekking "pole" too, but unfortunately the locks aren't strong enough when you lean much weight on it. They are certainly strong enough for any photographic equipment I can think of, so I can hardly hold this against the product. The "V" mount makes a decent "handle"/grip for modest descents, stream crossings, etc. Just wish there was a way to tighten the locks for more stability. For the price, however, a very solid product. Would certainly be decent for a gun mount/monopod as well.

Works well with my Nikon D3400. In many situations, a tripod is too cumbersome and time consuming. The monopod is a good compromise.
It is light weight and when fully extended is long enough for a photographer who is seven feet tall (I am 6'3" and it is a fair amount longer than I need). It is much easier to work with than a tripod and it is very adequate for stabilizing the camera - even when using my largest telephoto lens (300 mm).

I bought a laser tape measure unit and found I could not hold it steady enough for surveying my property using trilateration. Needed something to keep it more steady. I didn't want to drag a tripod around the woods, so I tried the monopod. For a light aluminum tool, it is well built and feels relatively sturdy. The adjustment tabs keep the telescoping sections in place very nicely. It won't stand up to any abuse, but for helping steady a camera or other item it works very well.

This monopod appears more than adequate for my need of supporting a compact DSLR and a long lens.

The tubular aluminum is thick-walled and provides plenty of strength. Even fully extended, there is very little lateral flex. Latches open and close smoothly and keep each portion at the chosen length. Overall height is more than adequate, too, with plenty of length.

This is certainly not the lightest monopod available, by any means, but I don't think it can be beaten for strength, stiffness, and length--more than adequate in all those categories. I am confident it will give many years of service. If I find I have need for a lighter-weight monopod, I'll probably look for another one, but I anticipate this pod will work fine for those instances where it will not be carried for long distances.

A reliable and good value brand. Simple and lightweight. Long enough (at 5 ft / ), unlike one or two other budget ones. Foot is adjustable between point and rubber pad. Comes with a neat carrying bag.

Note that if you need a head, you need to get that separately; it's not included; but still excellent value.

Have had lots of fun with this product. The family taking lots of selfies!

Although this is cheap its a good strong monopod but very light.

My first monopod and very happy with it especially when using my zoom lens...assists stability for a small and light little gadget.

It exceeded my expectations....Very pleased with the product...

Hatte mir das Stativ für den Urlaub gekauft, damit ich auch einmal bei schwierigen Lichtverhältnisse oder in Innenräumen etwas mehr Stabilität bekomme. Die Handhabung und das Halten ist gut, schade nur, dass das Stativ nicht in den Rucksack passt ohne das man den offen lassen musste (daher Punkteabzug)
Fotografieren beim Besuch eines Aquariums und Tropenhauses hat gut funktioniert.

Perfect for what I need it for. I have trouble squatting, so in order to take pics of flowers this monopod will help me get my camera down to the flower level, I use my movable screen on my dslr and remote trigger to get the pictures I want. Also when extended, the monopod helps steady the camera when taking landscape shots. I combine the monopod with the smal swivel and 1/4 screw. good combination.

Basically one of the best monopods you can buy! Bought it for my new Canon XA11 and it does what I needed to do! Build quality is an A, and it's easy and quick to setup. It comes with a good quality black carrying pouch. Would I buy this again? Well...its basically the only monopod I will ever buy!

Was soll man sagen, ein schönes, leichtes und auch robustes Einbeinstativ, dass sich ideal zum schnellen Mitnehmen eignet und vielseitig (bei mir hauptsächlich zur Naturfotographie) einsetzbar ist.

Bought the monopod as my daughter's convocation was rapidly coming up and I realized that there was no possible way to hold the camcorder steady in a busy auditorium and on the university's grounds without a tripod or monopod. This monopod is light, easy to transport around and reliable. The locks held when they were supposed to and were easy to unlock when required. The rubber foot even held on the wooden auditorium bench floor. While it didn't make me better videographer, it did make the shots smoother.

Great addition to my bag. A monopod is one of those items that I always shied away from purchasing. As a casual photogrpaher, I was never really sure that I really needed one.

At such a low price I decided to purchase this model. It's great ... it's fairly light and extends easily.

What I've always wanted. I used it right away, and my indoor photos turned out much clearer for a change. The clips are really tight, and I really love how portable it is. Light too. Looks to be of good quality. I'll be using it lots because I find tripods a pain.

gutes stativ, sehr leicht und eine tasche ist dabei. obwohl es recht günstig ist, ist es trotzdem ein gutes stativ ! mann muss halt immer abwegen für was mann es braucht. ich fotografiere auf events und konzerten dafür ist es gut geeigent, mehr muss nicht.

Bin sehr zufrieden, es ist leicht und handlich, aber sehr stabil. Verwende es mit einer GoPro. Habe es sogar zum Schnorcheln verwendet, sollte man aber nicht, da es sich seitdem wegen dem Salzwasser nicht mehr so flüssig ein- und auseinanderziehen lässt. Auch praktisch als Spazierstock. Würde wieder bestellen!

leggero ma resistente, utile da avere spesso con se quando si devono fare foto sia con macchian fotografica che con cellulare.