Celestron 82052 Tripod, Regal Premium (Black)


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  • Perfect support for a spotting scope, binocular, camera, or small telescope
  • Sturdy aluminum tripod adjusts in height from just over 18 inches to nearly 69 inches and includes a two-way fluid pan head with quick release plate that doubles as a balance rail
  • The four-section legs can be set to three different angles and use quick and easy flip lever locks for length adjustment
  • The center column can be extended when additional height is needed. A retractable balance hook lets you add weight if extra stability is required.
  • Tripod case and shoulder strap included



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Style:Regal Premium Tripod

The perfect tripod should be stable yet lightweight and easy to operate, requiring minimal knob twisting and lever flipping. The Celestron Regal was designed to be your perfect tripod. It is lightweight (6.04 lb.) and compact, yet it can hold up to almost 9 lb of equipment. The Celestron Regal Tripod is topped with a two-way fluid pan head. The single handle makes it easy to move the head around, while two knobs, located on the same side of the head make it easy to adjust the tension of the pan and tilt. A quick release plate with standard 1/4-20 thread mount makes it easy to attach a spotting scope, binocular, camera, or small telescope to the tripod. The quick release plate also doubles as a balance rail allowing the optic to be balanced when attached to the tripod. For additional peace of mind the quick release plate has a safety mechanism which prevents it from sliding completely out of the pan head without pushing the release button. The aluminum legs of the Regal Tripod are fully adjustable, not just in length, but in their angle as well. Each leg is made up of four sections that can be shortened or lengthened with the flip of a simple lever lock. This makes it easy to make the tripod a little taller or a little shorter as your terrain or needs change. Each leg can also be set to three different angles. If the place you need to set up your tripod is not perfectly flat, the ability to adjust the angle of one or more legs makes all the difference. With the center column fully extended, the maximum height achieved is nearly 69 inches (59 inches with the column down). The center column of the Regal Tripod does more than just go up and down. The bottom end of the column holds a retractable balance hook. This simple device can make all the difference in the stability of your tripod, especially on windy days. Just hang something heavy from the hook like a backpack and you’ll be amazed at the difference. When the hook is not needed, it retracts up into the center column to stay neatly out of the way. Two of the legs come with padded wraps, providing protection for your shoulder when carrying and making it more comfortable to make adjustments during cold weather. The legs also feature retractable spiked feet with the ability to change from rubber to spiked feet if the terrain requires it with the simple turn of the rubber pad. Other features include bubble levels, located on the top of the tripod as well as on the side of the pan head, and a carrying case. The case is the perfect place to store your tripod when not in use, and makes it easy to transport via the shoulder strap.

Product information Style:Regal Premium Tripod Product Dimensions 28.74 x 14.96 x 10.04 inches Item Weight 6.04 pounds ASIN B00NI9CV7K Item model number 82052

If you torn between the Regal or the less expensive Trailseeker get the Regal Tripod. Remember you get what you pay for. I returned the Trailseeker because of the "chintzy" quick- release head. IMO it is too small for a bigger spotting scope. One reviewer wrote how he almost dropped his binoculars and it is true. Here are the advantages of the Regal over the Trailseeker.

1) It is almost 2 pounds heavier and much stronger and more stabile.
2)You can lock the pan in either direction independently so for example you can just scan the horizon without changin the altitude.
3) The surface area of the quick release head is twice as big as the Trailseeker and it has a safety release so it won't accidently come off.
4) The rubber legs screw in instead of being poorly glued on so they won't come off plus you can convert them to spikes for soft ground.
5) The leg angle adjustment on the Regal is much better than the Trailseeker which seems cheap and likely to break.
6) You can balance bigger scopes on the trpod head on the Regal because there is an adjustment.

Again the biggest advantage of the Regal over the Trailseeker is the quick release head. On the Regal the scope slides into the mount so it is just not the little bolt taking all the force when you are turning the scope around. It also has a safety release so the scope can't come off. Don't cheap out. Get the Regal.

Just came today (on time) and I unpacked and assembled it (had to attach the Pan-Tilt handle).

Excellent tripod, very stable with my Celestron Regal 100 ED spotter in top, fits like a glove and I'm not sure if I need the 100 ED balance rail at all....

Fit and finish is excellent, adjustments are excellent and the fluid pan and til is extremely smooth and very adjustable.

The only downside is, it'a a tad heavy, but then so is the Regal 100 ED. The tripod and spotter together weigh just under 11 pounds or about as much as a full on long range rifle.

A comparable Carbon Fiber tripod kit with the weight capacity to handle a big spotter like the Regal 100 ED would cost you upwards of 350 bucks. The regal Tripod kit is actually a very good deal.

Comes with a nicely made case and shoulder strap plus adjustment hex keys (not sure I need them), everything seems quite well adjusted.

One thing that's not mentioned anywhere is you can flip the center column over and spread the legs and use the head upside down in a prone position. Nice feature for shooting on a shooting mat. No having to stand up to use a spotter.

Never posted a review on the Regal 100 ED but it's suffice to say, it's also a bargain. I also own a Vortex 80mm spotter and the Regal is every bit as good, or better than the Vortex at a much better price point.

The Regal Tripod Kit and the regal 100 ED is a hard to beat combination for medium to long range spotting, bird watching and spying on the neighbors....lol

I purchased a Celestron 82050 TrailSeeker tripod to use with the but do not feel they work well together.
PROS: This tripod looks to be nicely finished and might work very well with a camera or other lighter item. The legs offered plenty of adjustment options and seemed to hold securely once adjusted.
CONS: This tripod was simply not sturdy enough to use with the Celestron 52268 C90 Spotting Scope. The assembly wiggled, even on a concrete floor, at even modest touches while adjusting the scope. When unlocked, rotation in a plane was not at all smooth. Very disappointing!!! Also, I did not feel the system to secure the scope to the beveled mount was particularly robust with the C90 Scope.
COMMENTS-CONCLUSIONS: After experiencing this tripod, I understand why so many highly rated tripods cost several hundred dollars. The TrailSeeker tripod was simply not robust enough to securely hold the C90 Spotting Scope. Also, horizontal rotation always ended with a "rebound" and required additional adjustment. Based on its inability to hold the C90 scope still when locked and its difficulty in rotational adjustment when unlocked, I would not recommend this tripod for use with a relatively heavy scope.

I bought this to hold a spotting scope for birding. The two foam covered legs, for carrying it with scope on your shoulder with legs extended, are useful, and the included case is well made. However, I returned it because it was too hard to use, with the tilt/pan tension knob on the side of the head rather than in the handle as in most tripods, and it felt unstable and jiggly. Also, the quick release plate did not seat tightly. I replaced it with a Vortex Pro GT tripod which weighs only a few ounces more but is much sturdier (partly due to 3 leg sections, vs. 4 in this one) and easier to use (the handle on the head controls tilt/pan tension), and the Vortex has a much more secure quick release plate.

A perfect mount for my Celestron C90 Mak-Cass.
A solid foundation as a grab-and-go astronomy scope mount, albeit without slow-motion hand adjustments.
But for quick lunar and planetary spotting this is a winner.

Convenient carry case, provides inside pocket for whatever, zippered full-length and easy open padded compartment for tripod.
Provides leveling bubble
Provides a small compass for basic polar alignment if needed.
Single knob provides lock-down of both elevation and circular movement.
Very sturdy legs! 3-section; center post also extends vertically if you need additional height. I like that I can set the mount level low and sit comfortably in a lawn chair for my observing sessions.

Bonus: not advertised, my tripod arrived with a very nice Celestron metal (ie, non-flexible/moveable) binocular/camera mounting adapter; also a smaller plastic adapter but no manufacturing info.

Cons: none found.

Nyah: nice add-on features might be azimuth and latitude rings, but this was not advertised as an astronomy mount, though it can serve that function.

fantastic, I use this with my Celestron spotting scope and my daughter uses it with her camera. Compact and easy to set up. good quality.

For binoculars

First class tripod, it has every thing you will need.

does what is says on the tin!

This is a robust tripod but not that robust. The best thing of this tripod is it’s not very heavy and it holds weight. The tripod also has fluid/bubble balance and a hook to hang some extra weight to make it more stable. There’s a compass too. But it’s so small it’s not of much use. The main problem is the tripod is not optically very stable with total weight close to 2 kg. One has to constantly keep an eye on Live view for FoV while manually focusing the camera while digiscoping even after tightening all screws and knobs.

With this additional efforts I am satisfied with the Celestron tripod in its price range. I would give 80 for value for money score.

Come per altro prodotto ricevuto la qualità di Celesteon non si discute ma è evidente che si tratta di oggetto che dalla vetrina di qualche negozio si è ritrovato inscatolato alla meglio e venduto come perfetto. Purtroppo i miei soldi erano tutti perfetti e loro se lo sono fatto pagare TUTTO come immacolato. Discutibile la politica di Amazon di accettare tale compromesso. Si consiglia di applicare una percentuale di sconto su tale tipologia di prodotti ed informare l’acquirente che si tratta di prodotti da esposizione. All’acquirente poi la scelta.

Compre el trípode para adaptarlo a unos binoculares Celestron skymaster, se adaptó a la perfección. la calidad del material es buena, no tiene partes plásticas, tiene dos niveles y una pequeña brújula, es ligero y práctico. Si busca un trípode de calidad para un pequeño telescopio, cámara o binocular este es el adecuado

Light, multiadjustments, easy setup.
Light means not heavy duty but feels well designed and reasonably stable.

My only issue is there is a little bit of play in the quick release mechanism. Other than that, it's great. I use it for Celestron Skymaster 40X80 binoculars.

Was fine for a few months. Had it for 4 months and then one of the legs snapped off right at the top.

The center column lock knob, which actually is a screw, its thread is too short to lock the center column and the tripod could not hold my spotting scope still without center column locked. I had to use another knob from my old tripod. Beside this, other parts are good.

Use it every day and it works great. Lots of adjustment options to make it stable and the perfect height no matter what i need to look at.

Muy buen funcionamiento. Se adapta muy bien a la cámara, binoculares y un pequeño telescopio.

Nota: no me queda claro el porqué de las dos secciones para opiniones del producto.

Love it

Excellent value for the money and a very good tripod.