Action Mount - Universal Smartphone Mount Set Add-On for Video. Attach to Any Sport Camera Mount for Use with Phone While Hunting & Fishing. (Action Mount Setup)


  • UNIVERSAL PHONE MOUNT - This patent pending mount design works with all sizes of phones, regardless of brand or case design.
  • STRONG - This Action Mount phone adapter contains a 2-part attachment system; suction cup and elastic strap, which combined create a holding strength of 45 lbs. Your phone will stay put.
  • ANY PHONE/ANY CASE - This unique mount can work with all phones big and small, and you can use this with a waterproof case, or shockproof case to protect your phone while in the outdoors.
  • GOPRO COMPATIBLE- This phone adapter can be inserted onto any action sports mounts that work with GoPro, Xiaomi, etc. Now you can record video via with your phone by using any other GoPro style mounts.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED - Made in USA Phone mount, tripod adapter, 1 thumb screw, quick clip, aluminum tightening wrench ($5.00 value).


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Great mount for Hunters, outdoorsman, and fisherman. Now you can easily mount your phone to your equipment so you can capture amazing action video of all your outdoor adventures. Easily mount your phone onto any tripod or GoPro compatible mount with this strong phone adapter. Now you can attach your phone to any hunting mount like a picatinny rail mount, sportsman mount, chest mount, etc. Get a solid grip on your phone while using this patented adapter with any other accessories you may already own. Why risk dropping your phone while hunting or fishing? The tripod adapter contains the typical 1/4"-20 thread, so this will screw onto any compatible tripod, or accessory with similar threads. Action Mount is a USA based company that manufactures innovative smartphone accessories so you can use the device you already own to record the moments in your life that matter most. Action Mount: Shoot. Edit. Share.

Product information Color:Action Mount Setup Product Dimensions 4 x 4 x 1.5 inches Item Weight 0.798 ounces ASIN B01DKWITGQ Item model number 280

Meh. Mounting system is a good idea, just wish it was a little sturdier at the base. Cheapish quality of plastic, secures alright. not Bad, but not Great. Worth 20Bucks. not 26.
I would definitely suggest spending more money on a better device.

Good, rock solid mount. My only two problems ate that the jaws that clamp down on your phone have trouble if you have a case on it and the other issue is that the part that attaches to the rail is fixed and doesn't adjust so you can't just drop it in place, you have to slide it onto the rail and into place

Use a smartphone as an action camera... It sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try. In a short answer, I am glad I did!

I was not sure if this mount could hold my iPhone 6S with a case. No Problem! So, I put the mount on my Ruger 10/22 and went shooting with my friend. At first, I was concerned if the iPhone would come off from the mount while shooting. Nope! It did not! We even ran the dry creek and shot targets, but the iPhone didn't move at all. So, the friend and I were impressed at that.

This product worked well for me! I think I will always take it with me whenever I go shooting from now.

OMG, this thing awesome! I own a helicopter company we take a lot of action videos in the air. GoPro is great but the editing and uploading is a pain in [email protected]%. With this mount it goes straight to my phone for immediate editing and seamless uploading! Sweet!!

This thing broke while uninstalling from my rails. It’s almost as if the screw won’t go back on to the threads. Very cheap. I guess I was expecting more.

Great rail mount for having your phone up with ballistic apps!

Good mount