Haloview B-F02 Backup Camera Bracket Adapter Compatible with Furrion Pre-Wired RVs for Haloview MC5111/CA109 Camera


  • Haloview B-F02 Backup Camera Bracket Adapter Compatible with Furrion Pre-wired RVs for Haloview MC5111/CA109 Camera


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Haloview B-F02 Backup Camera Bracket Adapter Compatible with Furrion Pre-wired RVs for Haloview MC5111/CA109 Camera

Product information Package Dimensions 3.62 x 3.54 x 0.79 inches Item Weight 1.41 ounces ASIN B07SBTPHCM Item model number B-F02

I just installed a Haloview wireless camera using this adaptor. I would have given it a 5, but the mounting screws are too short or not there at all and it leaves an opening on the Furrion mount where the Furrion camera's antenna would exit the Furrion mount. The bottom line is that you don't have to have this adaptor because the Haloview kit comes with everything needed to mount the camera on the outside of the trailer and you can drill a hole thru the Furrion mount for the wires to reach. This thing just makes it look more professional.

I would caution that the scews that both Furion and Haloview provide are tiny. I also found that the screws were over tightened on Furrrion adaptor Grand Design installed on my trailer, so the screw holes were crushed and cracked (yet another example of how poor RV workmanship is). So I applied black exterior caulk to all the screws and seams to ensure it was sealed. I left a small opening at the bottom assuming that eventually water would enter and have to drain, and I'd prefer it to drain ouside.

Love this adapter bracket for the existing Furrion housing. Had to refer to ad for the positioning of the bracket since no instructions were included. The "Haloview" writing needs to face toward rear or towards camera and the cameras pairing button points down.

Lines up with Furrion Mount. You will have to use silicon or something because the Furrion Plate that you replace has a tab at the top right that this doesn't cover. Not metal, but seems strong for plastic.

I have a 2018 Montana, prewired for the Furrion camera system. This bracket was a perfect fit and the cable was a perfect adapter for the (non-Furrion) camera I used.

So convenient and easy to install! Glad these are available so I didn't have to worry about cutting the factory wire or trying to modify the existing mount!

I was told this kit would work for my camera’s change from furrion pre mounted system. Not even close. Backing plate holes didn’t line up or couldn’t even be modified to work. The cable adapter was not anyway able to plug in. All in all had to throw the whole kit in the garbage. The service was good just not the right thing.

It worked...

The bracket did not fit my Amtifo backup camera. Very discouraged. The pigtail works.

The bracket fit where the furrion cover is , but it leaves the antenna hole exposed , also the Halovoew camera mounts didn’t line up , nor could I adjust the angle due to the cameras antenna in the rear .