Nikon Bluetooth Camera Remote Control, Black (ML-L7)


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  • Remote unit allows photographers to control Various camera functions on the camera as well as trigger the shutter from the remote.
  • No need to disrupt your shooting while Super telephoto shooting or when using the camera on a tripod or in a remote location.
  • Compatible with the Nikon P1000


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The ML-L7 is a remote control that uses Bluetooth to connect with select Nikon cameras. It allows photographers to control various camera functions on the camera as well as trigger the shutter from the remote, so you don't need to disrupt your shooting while super telephoto shooting or when using the camera on a tripod or in a remote location.

Product information Product Dimensions 4.4 x 3.1 x 1.6 inches Item Weight 2.24 ounces ASIN B07FK6L5T4 Item model number ML-L7 Batteries 1 CR2 batteries required.

only buy this if you don't want to use your phone as a remote.. it is small easily fits in your pocket.. and is of high quality.. excellent companion to the Nikon Coolpix P1000.. price is a bit high.. and it can only be used with the P1000.. and it's a Nikon product so the price is expected.. still have no regrets purchasing it though.. and it works as advertised..

I have just received the remote and it seems to have paired well with my Nikon Coolpix P1000, I have only tried a few functions but it seems to work well. The remote is very small only about 3 inches, it has a hole for a lanyard but does not come with one, (really Nikon, you can't include a small piece of string ?).
However, my biggest complaint is that I placed the order on Sept 10th and it took 3 months to ship, I cancelled the order on several times and it shipped anyway. I finally received the remote on December 3rd. After cancelling the order I even received an e-mail from Amazon asking for authorization to ship the item since the order was so old. I went back on and cancelled the order again and certainly didn't authorize shipment but it shipped anyway.

You will lose bluetooth connection if the camera goes to sleep. The work around is--- go to custom settings, timers/AE lock, C3 power off delay, standby timer, then choose how long before sleep. Then I save those settings to U1( user settings) for remote shots which is I think is better then digging into menu to extend monitor time. You could set power off delay to always be on longer but battery life would suffer and battery life is one of the few complaints I have for the Z 50.
Of course reconnecting is one touch on the remotes power switch, then a short wait for reconnection.
This remote is expensive for what it does, I wish Nikon had a simple wired remote for this camera. Still, I'm glad to have it as I've had remotes for other cameras and made good use of them.

We go out and shoot landscapes, wild life and are usually in a "remote" area. Well, 98% of the time we haven't any reception, bars, Bluetooth, nada where we are. So, consequently I can't get the remote to work. I no it is not broken because it will work at the house and in town. It took forever to get it in the first place and it doesn't come with the camera, we paid a pretty penny for it. Whats chances of getting one connected to the camera that works anywhere in exchange?

A useful addition for the Nikon P1000. Allows shutter, video, focus and zoom control without touching the camera, an important consideration when using very long focal lengths where the slightest disturbance can cause the camera to shift and ruin the shot. Bluetooth connection is fairly quick and easy, but automatically disconnects if the remote is not used during a somewhat and annoyingly short period of time. The Fn1 and Fn2 buttons do not work with the P1000, which seems to be a shortcoming, given the cost of the remote, which is quite expensive. Whether it is worth it or not depends on the individual and the type of photography they do.

Good but it disconnected itself a couple time from the camera

I purchased this remote mainly for the purpose of activating the shutter remotely, and for that purpose I would give it 5 stars. But the remote is rather pricey, and the number of other things that it can do remotely are limited. However, it does what it is advertised to do. My Nikon p1000 requires that the user set the camera to receive remote commands from this remote control. Just for a heads up to new users, there is a slight delay between the press of the shutter button on the remote and the camera's taking the photograph.

So far so good, used it to take some moon close ups and it worked well, took away the shaking. I would recommend it although you can do the same with your phone(that and more), which I didn’t realize until after I got the remote. I will keep it though.

Yes, I needed one for stability in my images and video. Once paired up, it works fine. But it's just a bit of plastic with a circuit board inside, probably cost a few pounds to make so for £45 it's waay overpriced.

When connected to the camera works well and easy to use but it keeps disconnecting which is a pain. I do think it is overpriced

Product is fine - does what it’s supposed to do - even though the two “Fn” buttons don’t do anything with my Coolpix P1000. However, it ame with a multilingual instruction manual - but no English! I’m used to multilingual manuals and searching for the English, but I was dombfounfed not to find English! Then I noticed on the front page that it only German, French, Netherlands, and Italian! I’ve never seen this before!

5 star for functionality but I've knocked a whole 2 stars off for the price as I think it's disgusting what they're charging customers

When it arrived I opened the box to read the instructions, the instructions where in 4 languages none of them English, however i was able to download English version from Nikon
Next when i tried to connect it to my P1000 I discovered the battery was dead! not good enough as it is an expensive item. Bought new battery it connected easily and worked well. would have been 5 stars only for the Battery and instructions.

A must have when using your Nikon P1000 on full zoom , a small but tidy piece of kit that is essential with this camera , excellent product



Remote control is expensive, but works well.

Perfect for my trip to cold Norway. Easy to sync to camera and no need to take gloves off to take pics

Must be at least £40 over priced for what it is.
It as no quality to it at all.
Nikons app is easier to use and as more features.

Brilliant, Small to hold and carry, easy to use, mine focuses the camera shots as well as the videos, I have seen where some people have focus problems, are they using it correctly
A very good remote that is good value for money

Very handy remote for my Z50. Works really well. Overpriced for what it is (but, that’s probably true of most Nikon equipment