JJC RMT-P1BT Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Commander for Sony ZV-1 RX100VII A6100 A6600 A7RIV A7SIII A9II Camera (Also for Sony A6400 A7RIII A7III A9 RX0II Camera with Firmware Update)


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  • Bluetooth Wireless Connection: It works from behind the camera as well as from in front, not having to be in direct line of sight to the camera like an infrared (IR) remote, so it is much more flexible and convenient than IR remote control
  • Wireless Range: Operating range up to 10m / 32.8ft
  • Nice and Handy Size: Its weight is only 18g / 0.64oz and its dimension is 110 x 31.6 x 12.7mm / 4.3" x 1.24" x 0.38" inch
  • Remote Available Functions: Auto focus / shutter release / locking bulb exposures / start & stop video recording / zoom in and out control (Only for Sony power zoom lenses) / adjust camera focus (lens on Manual focus mode) / send back button focus (AF-ON) as well as your C1 custom button
  • Necessary Paring Steps Required: Please see products photos and description below to learn how to pair this remote with your camera


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Color:Sony RMT-P1BT Remote Replacement

This remote allows you to wirelessly release your camera's shutter and start/stop video via Bluetooth within a 32 ft/10m operating range at any direction. It features auto focus, shutter release, locking bulb exposures, start & stop video recording, zoom in and out control (only for Sony power zoom lenses).

The W and T zoom buttons can be also used for adjusting camera focus when the lens is on manual focus mode, this is awesome for macro work and gives you a precise ability to focus stack accurately.

It replaces the Sony RMT-P1BT and works with select Sony cameras as below:

Sony ZV-1, RX100VII, A6100, A6600, A7S III, A7R IV, A9 II

Sony A9 (with Ver. 6.00 firmware update)
Sony A7 III, A7R III (with Ver. 3.00 firmware update)
Sony A6400, DSC-RX0 II (with Ver. 2.00 firmware update)

For proper use, you need pair the remote with your camera, below are the steps for reference:

(1) Make sure the lock switch on the left side of the remote is NOT in lock position
(2) Menu - Network - Bluetooth setting - Bluetooth function - ON
(3) Menu - Network - Bluetooth RMT Ctrl - ON
(4) Menu - Network - Bluetooth setting - Pairing
(5) Hold down both the shutter button and Zoom T buttons on the remote simultaneously for more than 7 seconds
(6) When a confirmation message appears on the camera screen, tap "OK" and it will appears "Paired"

User notes:

(1) The zoom buttons on the remote only works for power zoom lenses when used on mirrorless cameras.
(2) The zoom buttons on the remote will not work when taking RAW or RAW + JPEG. It only works when taking JPEG.
(3) You cannot use GPS location tagging when using this remote.
(4) If you turn off the camera and then turn it on again, you need to wait for a few seconds and then activate the remote by pressing one of the buttons on the remote.

Product information Color:Sony RMT-P1BT Remote Replacement Package Dimensions 5.6 x 2.6 x 0.5 inches Item Weight 1.58 ounces ASIN B08CR1QPKQ Item model number TPBTRS1

I've only used this twice but so far it meets all of my expectations. Sure, there are only 3 controls which is far less than the Sony Play Memories app but the smaller, less cumbersome size and shape more than makes up for it. The material on top does feel like it might be a little thin but does that really matter? I could see it surviving a sizable drop. This remote is so small, thin, and light that you'd have to actively try to break it. Then, even if you do manage to break it, it was only $8 so it's hardly like your cellphone getting broken while trying to remotely activate your camera from an awkward position. The trade off is that you can't preview your pictures. Make up for that buy taking extras. Range, I'm not entirely sure as to the limits but I used it from 15-20 feet with is on par with my phone. If you can get further, even better.

Good product for the price. The video button is what other controllers lacked on Amazon. The battery life seemed ok but it died after only a couple of days. I'm assuming I just got a bad battery so I bought a new one and no more issues.

Very lightweight and also has a mind to attach it to a key ring or other things.

My only complaint is that they should have made it work a little better from behind the camera. It works some times. Other times you have to stick it in the front of the camera. Not a huge issue for me though. If you're taking pictures of a moving target it can be frustrating.

For me, I'd say for the price, it's a really good product with only a hiccup or two.

The remote worked well enough at first, though range was limited. I got the sense that the IR was not very strong, even with several different brand new batteries from different manufacturers. Now, the remote is totally dead--swapping batteries, doing a dance, nothing works, even when held right up to the IR sensor. Yes, I've checked my camera settings.

Junk, do not buy.

This remote worked some of the time, but is very limited by where the camera is. The distance is not very good, you have to be close to the camera. The best remote control for the Sony camera is the app that Sony has. You can see the live view before you shoot the picture, adjust the aperture / shutter speed, ISO, zoom, etc. It works great as a remote and has a great distance. I would use the Sony app and not waste your time with this remote.

I use it on a a Sony A7Sii that is mounted on a jib about 10’ up. The camera is facing straight down and I can trigger it easily from below. I was worried that the camera would not signal me when it started recording but there’s a light on the camera that blinks once when recording starts and twice when it stops.

I bought this for making YouTube videos and it has helped A LOT. I can take my own photos and start clips without having to move back and forth from the camera. I have shot hours of footage with small clips and the battery has not given me any issues.

This was just what I needed for my flash photography set up. Before you start using it make sure you go into your menu settings and turn on the ir remote. Once that's on then you can start using it. It does the job 95% of the time.

...figuring out how to open the battery compartment was difficult for me. The instruction manual didn't clearly indicate to press the little latch beside the compartment to open it. Once I figured that out, battery installation was simple, and the device works exactly as expected. This is nothing negative on the seller, just something the manufacturer might improve upon.

Needed something cheap to use on a last minute shoot and thought this is only 1-2 dollars more than the pure shutter button. The extra buttons (2S delay and start/stop for video recording) do not always work. Actually I've never had the 2S shutter button work, only S for regular shutter and sometimes the video start/stop. Yes, I calibrated and setup my camera and the remote properly, but still no consistency. Also, you have to be in front or to the side of the camera. If you're behind the camera the signal won't always reach the camera and nothing happens.

Sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn't. Means its useless, I have to rely on my equipment. Another lesson not to buy the cheapest things - they are cheap for a reason!

I actually thought it was a toy when I got it because of its size, but its a really good product. Sometimes it wont respond when I use it behind the camera, but still not that much of a problem.

It works as expected. Immediate shutter, 2 seconds and video start stop.

Its Work Perfectly With Sony A7III Sometimes Its Lagg But Otherwise Its Good Product.

Easy to use. Even function just a bit at the back of the camera.

I purchased hoping that since the a6100 is a newer model it would be compatible but it wasn't. If you have the a6100 don't get this.

This product does not work right out of the packaging. A complete waste of money.

Works exceptionally well with my a6000 and a6500 Sony cameras.

So far so good, must have

It works