Suptig Remote WiFi Remote Compatible for Gopro Hero 8 Hero 7 Black Hero 6 Hero 5 Hero 4 Hero Session Hero 3 Hero 3+ Hero +LCD Max Fusion Waterproof Wireless Remote WiFi Remote(Black)


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  • WATERPROFF wireless Remote Control Compatible for Gopro Hero 8 Hero 7 black/ Hero 5/ Hero 6/ Hero Session/ Hero4 Session/ Hero5 Session/Hero 4/ Hero 3+/ Hero 3/ Hero+LCD/Gopro Max/Gopro Fusion , waterproof 6.5 ft (2 meters) Note: wifi remote not fit gopro hero 7 silver and hero 7 white/ hero 2018, Camera settings are required before the remote is paired with the gopro hero 8 hero 7 black/hero 6/hero 5/hero5 Session camera. Setting method: Preferences------Connections--------Reset Connections)
  • DISPLAYING CAMERA STATUS: built-in LCD screen, anytime and camera synchronization, synchronization single shot, take video, continuous shooting, settings, Control camera turn on/off and other operations etc., for quick confirmation of camera status and settings to bring you efficient and convenient to use
  • LONG-RANGE REMOTE CONTROL:In the absence of too much signal interference obstruction under the premise of about 180 inches (50 meters), you can control multiple cameras, up to 50 cameras Suptig wifi remote with gopro hero 7 black pairing video:
  • BUILT-IN BATTERY:Built-in 350mA lithium battery, Work for 5 hours after fully charged, about 30 minutes charging time. Neck lanyard AND WRIST STRAP INCLUDED: Attach the remote to your Neck or Keys and other gear. Purchase a remote control for your favorite GOPRO camera! It is really very convenient and practical. Suptig Smart Remote with Gopro Hero 5 Pairing Video:
  • Convenient charging interface: It adopts the universal MINI USB charging interface, convenient for charging inserting and take out, compatible with MINI USB charging cable. What You Get: 1x Suptig wifi remote, 1x mini usb charging cable, 1x neck lanyard, 1x Vecro Wrist Strap, Do not hesitate, you can try it, it will make you even better. Believe us, dear friend. Use it will bring you more convenient. You can enjoy 24 months warranty and 30 days money back guarantee


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How to get the WIFI remote control into pairing mode:1.Make sure the power is off

2.Press and hold

3.Other hand to press the power button, and release the power button

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4.Keep hold down

5.Release the hand, The WiFi remote automatically enters pairing mode

6.The number of paired cameras is displayed on the remote control's LCD dispaly, and pressing O will end the pairing

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Universal USB charging interface, Universal Android smartphone charging cable

You can bring the remote control to your wrist for easy operation

You can hang the remote control around your neck for easy operation

Smart Remote can waterproof 6.5ft(2 meters)

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Perfectly compatible for Gopro Hero 7 black/ Hero 5/ Hero 6/ Hero Session/ Hero4 Session/ Hero5 Session/Hero 4/ Hero 3+/ Hero 3/ Hero+LCD Action camera

How the camera enters pairing mode:

For GoPro HERO 7 Black, Hero 6 , Hero 5 set up

1. Press and hold the mode key(turn on the camera) 2. Use you finger from top to bottom touch scree 3. Click”Preferences”→Click“Connections” 4. Select”Reset Connections”→Click”Reset”→Waiting (Restart the camera) 5. Use you finger from top to bottom touch scree 6. Click”Preferences”→Click“Connections”→ Clik”Connect Device ” →Click”Smart remote” 7. PAIRING( Wait for the remote control to pair)

For GoPro HERO 4 Camera set up

1.Press power 2.Select “SETUP” →confirm 3.WIRELESS→Select “OFF”→confirm 4.WIRELESS→Select “PAIR”→confirm 5.PAIR→Select “WI-FI RC”→confirm 6.PAIRING(Wait for the remote control to pair)

For GoPro HERO 5session Camera set up

1.Press WiFi button (turn the camera on) 2.Select “CONNECTION SETTINGS”→confirm 3.Select “CONNECT NEW DEVICE”→confirm 4.NEW DEVICE→Select“GOPRO RC”→confirm 5.PAIRING (Wait for the remote control to pair)

More Camera models please refer to the manual

Smart Remote can waterproof 6.5ft(2 meters)

NOTE: Because water is blocking the transmission of signals, using a remote control in the water will have an effect on the signal

Product information Product Dimensions 2.53 x 1.57 x 0.73 inches Item Weight 4.2 ounces Manufacturer RSX-351 ASIN B07DJDS77K Item model number RSX-351 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

BOTTOM LINE: Totally worthwhile purchase to make our GoPro Hero5 more useful and practical. There are lots of other aftermarket wireless remotes out there, but the convenience of a built-in LCD display to keep tabs on camera functions was the deciding factor here. 5 STARS

THOUGHTS: Only took a few seconds to sync this unit up right out of the box. (I'm pretty tech-ignorant, so I watched a little vid on YouTube and it was a snap.) This Suptig remote works exactly as described. There are several remotes out there, but many just to turn the camera ON or OFF. The ability to know at a glance how your battery life & time remaining on the GoPro is what made me purchase this unit. The Suptig does just what the GoPro remote does... at a significantly lower price point. It was a no-brainer. The wrist strap made it a cinch to put on and use, and it's not too bulky. I use my GoPro very infrequently, on summer camping vacations and such, so I am no hardcore GoPro hound. As such, I cannot say if this unit will hold up to constant vigorous use ...but for a casual weekender user such as myself, I highly recommend this slick little remote controlling unit from Suptig to anyone considering buying a remote for their GoPro.

The remote itself works fine. I had no problem pairing with both of my cameras or controlling them.
The problem came the second time I charged the remote. When I removed the usb cable I felt the usb port break free from whatever was holding it in place.
I did not pull on the cable at an angle or pull it too hard, I just gripped the plug end and pulled just hard enough to remove the cable from the port. After this, at first I could only charge the remote if I held the cable at a crazy angle. Now it won't charge at all.
I would have no problem giving this remote five stars if it wasn't for the flimsy usb port. Now I have to spend another $80 on the Gopro brand because I do not trust this remote enough to gamble another $50 to try another one.
I feel like this problem could be resolved if the manufacturer just added some extra super glue or whatever holds the usb port in place.

Perfect little remote for hero 8 and before. I loved that it charges with normal micro USB instead of whatever weird ass cord every other one uses, I can charge it without bringing extra cables.

I can imagine the water proofing on this one is less secure then others. As the I/O is covered with a thin plastic cover that honestly doesn’t stay in place very well. The convenience of the micro USB cable wins it for me.

When I first got this remote I could not get it to pair using the directions in the insert. The remote just kept showing the wifi icon searching. But then I came back and looked at the listing and saw the pictures where you hold the top button then press the bottom to get the remote into pairing mode. It toon me a few tries to get it to go into pairing mode. The remote display changes to a pairing mode icon THEN the Go Pro can find it easily when you go into connections and connect remote.

The remote works fine and you can switch between Time lapse, video, and photo. It turns on and off the Go Pro also. It comes with a velcro wrist band and a neck lanyard with quick release.

A note, you cant use the phone app and the remote at the same time. They both use wifi and it will only let one control the Go Pro at a time. But thats the point of the remote. Is so you dont have to use your phone and drain its battery faster.

- Easy to use - follow the graphics on the product page
- Remote makes it convenient to use the camera from a distance or for selfies
- Works well with my Hero 7 Black

- Have to fiddle with it a bit at the beginning every time

Set up wasn’t easy, also the battery dies fast

I still haven’t been able to pair the go pro with the remote, the instructors don’t work.

I bought this remote because when I got on hikes I want to be able to start and stop my GoPro 3 without having to touch the setup. because often when I touch the setup it moves and causes it to look like crap. I like the size of the remote and the battery life. also the connection is vary good to. the remote has multiple buttons that do different things.

I am awed by this awesome product very tough build quality easy to pair with my camera take great pictures shot wirelessly and is very useful for my go pro. pairing is a bit tricky so go through the instructions carefully before pairing with your phone.

Geht man Schritt für Schritt für die Koppelung von GoPro und Fernsteuerung nach beigefügter Anleitung vor, wird dies nicht gelingen.
Erst nachdem mir ein Kunde auf eine entsprechende Frage geantwortet und mich auf ein YouTube-Video hingewiesen hat, konnte ich die Koppelung erfolgreich durchführen.
Leider ist es nicht möglich, den Link zu diesem Video hier einzufügen. Jedoch wenn man nach „GoPro Fernsteuerung“ sucht, findet man entsprechende Videos.
Jetzt, nachdem alles zufriedenstellend funktioniert, kann ich dieses Produkt weiterempfehlen.
Vielleicht könnte der Hersteller die Bedienungsanleitung noch einmal überarbeiten

It works, is a lot less than the GoPro remote and who cares if it goes under water, mine won't be used underwater. It paired nicely with my GoPro 5 Hero Black and does what I want it to do

This smart remote shouldn’t have mentioned Hero 5. Because it doesn’t connect nor control the Hero 5, because Hero 5 is the only gopro model that doesn’t have capability to connect with any smart remote. It should have said, “Hero 5 Black”, not “Hero 5”. Hero 5 Black is the one that has the capability to connect with this remote. I would not have bought this remote if I knew this fact.

It’s a great little unit battery lasts a long time just has problems pairing with my go pro seven black at times

The remote works on the Gopro Hero 7.

Then there's the very annoying USB cover. It doesn't fit! A quality control issue which means this is no longer water proof.

It works, looks like it's cheap made, doesn't look like it's water proof. Afraid to even attempt to put in water.

Il radiocomando ha lo sportellino dell'ingresso USB difettoso. Dopo un paio di giorni ha smesso di stare al suo posto. Praticamente non è a tenuta "stagna".. Se il venditore può inviarmene uno di ricambio, bene. Diversamente, pazienza. Credo che non farò più acquisti in ogni caso.. dopo 53 euro, può bastare.

la connectivité avec la gopro fonctionne bien. super pratique mais le petit hic est le couvercle au bas de l'appareil qui ne tient pas. mais achat conseiller surtout pour le prix

This unit works as well as the OEM branded remote at a fraction of the price. It does everything I need and expect it to do.

Really not much to say about the wireless remote for the GoPro works with most of the GoPros easy to use easy to pair with your GoPro. Good product

The remote for the Gopro camera work great, but not very well under water.

Exactly what I expected

Works on my hero gopro 7 black. Thanks!

Utilisé avec ma gopro 6 black