Peak Design Black Shell Large Form-Fitting Rain and Dust Cover


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  • Features 4-way weatherproof stretch fabric, seam-taped to resist rain, snow, dust, and abrasion.
  • Available in 3 sizes for a snug fit with almost any DSLR or mirrorless camera body/lens combo.
  • Waterproof camera cover/camera hood works with Capture Camera Clip or Standalone Anchor Points.
  • Ultimate security: completely cinches closed for safe camera stowage.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Guaranteed.


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Peak Design Black Shell Large Form-Fitting Rain and Dust Cover

Protect your camera from water, snow, dust and abrasion, whether it’s in your hands, on the tripod, on your backpack or in your bag. Shell’s unique form-fitting design uses stretchy fabric with a waterproof membrane to keep your camera safe without adding bulk or impeding your workflow. Use Shell with the Capture Camera Clip or any Peak Design strap (sold separately) to keep your camera accessible in any environment.


Available in 3 sizes for a snug fit with almost any camera/lens combo



Full-frame DSLRs with any size lens* and/or battery grip.

  • Ex: Canon 7D, 5D, Nikon D7xxxx, Nikon D6xx-8xx, etc.
  • Lens ex: Nikon/Canon 70-200 f2.8, any tele/zoom lens 300mm+

Flagship DSLRs with any size lens*.

  • Ex: Canon 1D, Nikon D4

*Almost any size lens. If you're using 600mm+ lenses, Shell will fit around your camera body but will not cover your entire lens.

Also note that we have not tested Shell on medium-format camera bodies. Shell is designed for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, so we don't currently recommend it on other kinds of cameras. If you find that it works on any medium/large format cameras, please let us know!


Please note, Shell fitting is not an exact science, and depends on personal preference too...

If you've looked at the above charts and you still can't decide, then use these guiding principles to get you through these tough times:

1. Keep in mind, for most camera/lens sizes there are 2 Shell sizes that will fit your camera. So, this isn't a life or death situation.

2. Shell is made to stretch and fit your camera snugly. For any given camera size, a smaller Shell will fit your camera more snugly and a larger Shell will have a baggier fit.

3. A tighter fit is better for carrying your camera in Capture since everything will be nice and snug. A looser fit is better if you plan to actively shoot with Shell in the rain since it will be quicker to pull Shell up and access your controls.

4. Even if you get the larger Shell size, it will be much more snug-fitting than other camera rain covers on the market. Another advantage of picking the larger size is that you can cinch Shell closed all the way around your camera, even when using long lenses with hoods.

5. If you have a DSLR and a mirrorless camera, consider getting 2 Shells. You really don't want to use anything bigger than the small Shell for a mirrorless camera.



Allow use with any Peak Design strap


Completely cinches closed for safe camera stowage


Mirrorless cameras with any size lens*.

  • Ex: Sony NEX, Sony a7 and a7ii series, all Micro 4/3 cameras, etc.

Crop-sensor DSLRs with kit or small prime lenses and no battery grip.


Crop-sensor DSLRs with any size lens* and/or battery grip.

  • Ex: Canon Rebel, Nikon D3xxx-5xxx, etc.
  • Lens Ex: Any DX format lenses


Packs down small into its built in storage pocket


4-way stretch fabric is seam-taped to resist rain, snow, dust and abrasion


Access viewfinder and controls without removing

  • Ex: Canon Rebel, Nikon D3xxx-5xxx
  • Lens Ex: 18-55mm DX lens, 35mm, 50mm DX lenses, etc.

*Almost any size lens. If you're using a Sony a7ii with the Sony 70-200 FE lens, you'll want a Medium Shell.

Full-frame DSLRs with lenses as long as a 24-70 f2.8 and no battery grip.

  • Ex: Canon 7D, 5D, Nikon D7xxxx, Nikon D6xx-8xx, etc.
  • Lens ex: Any prime lens, wide-angle lens, Nikon/Canon 24-70 f2.8, or any tele/zoom lens that is shorter than 5 in (127 mm) in the closed position without the lens hood on.

*Any size DX lens. If you're using a Nikon 70-200 f2.8 pro lens on a Nikon D5300 body, you'll want a Large Shell.

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Product information Product Dimensions 10 x 7 x 2.7 inches Item Weight 3.98 ounces ASIN B017KOJXTW Item model number SH-L-1

Was looking for something to cover my DSLR with a 24-70 2.8 or slightly longer lens and keep both from the elements between shooting locations. As a cover it's ok. I had to remove my hood and put it in my bag, because the Shell doesn't allow for the use of a hood unless you pull the cover back far enough to be able to use the hood. Not a deal breaker for me. I like that you can snug the cover around the camera and hook it on the outside of my PD Messenger bag or on a backpack strap - makes it easier to grab when you come upon something you want to photograph. That should make it convenient correct? Not really. The problem is that in order to look through the viewfinder, or turn on live view and use the LCD on the back, you have to loosen and pull Shell completely off the back of your camera. The PD picture of the guy with Shell pulled up in the back and shooting does not, to me, accurately depict the situation - If you need to use your controls/dials on the top of the body, you will want to pull it over the top and expose those controls. Negates the convenience of having it closer than simply in your bag. This is not a shooting cover (not explicitly described that way, but advert is a bit deceptive), and the front part around the lens might as well be closed around it.

I am an avid fan of Peak Design and own several products that I very much enjoy (everyday messenger, field pouch, clutch, 2 slide straps, extra anchors, capture pro). Really wanted to like this as it certainly looks good and does provide protection from the elements, but I think they missed the mark here. Ultimately returned.

Read the info and purchased the large to fit on my Canon 5D Mark IV with a battery pack and 100 to 400 lens. Not a chance in the work it fits this set up. Covers the lens if not zoomed and will not completely cover the camera body. Tried it with the same body and with a Canon 24 to 105 lens. It is barely adequate for that lens. I am going to return this.

I bought this for a trip to a rainy place and it worked well. It was a bit cumbersome to use my zoom lens, but I liked that it had a built in top hood to guard from falling rain. You do have to uncover the back and top of the camera to access buttons and dials, so wouldn't be good to use in heavy rain unless you can readily depress shutter button, etc. through the material (which is possible, but assumes you are probably shooting in a particular mode rather than adjusting settings as you go. I liked the easy to pull strings that tightened the cover from the bottom and around the end of the lens. Kept everything dry.

Again!!! Two consecutive times I have ordered the large cover and received a small box of leash tabs!! Unsatisfactory!

I emailed Peak Designs and asked what size I needed for a Fuji XT3 with battery grip and 100-400mm lens. They said Medium. Medium fit snugly but failed to cover the bottom of the grip. I then ordered a Large. That was better but I would still like more material wrapping around the grip. They need to make it more adjustable. All in all though, it is the best rain jacket I have found for carrying a camera with long lens using a Black Rapid strap. Good design that could be great if the body end was a little longer.

Another winner from Peak Design, I've been using their clip system while biking and hiking and this cover provides excellent rain and dust protection. Got a large for my Nikon Z7 and 24-70mm/2.8, it's a little big but wanted to allow room for the 70-200 due out by end of year. It is a roomy, not a snug fit, but I find that easy to manage while on the go.

I took the shell and Peak Design tote bag (the tote I purchased directly from Peak Design) to Cape Cod on a bus tour this past week. The shell was great protection from the elements (sand, rain). Easy to use. But more importantly the tote was the best investment for carrying around my d850, 20-70 mm & 70-200 mm camera gear. Easy to maneuver through the bus, crowds, without bumping into people, etc. My gear was safely stowed away and such easy access!!! Still can't believe how well it worked. One week onThanks Peak Design!!!!

I bought this cover for my trip to Ireland. The one thing you can count on when you travel to Ireland is that it will rain during your stay. This cover worked well. I slipped my camera inside the cover and pulled the strings. It was not water tight but it did keep the camera dry during a few rain storms.

Well made and robust. Pays to ensure that you order correct size and don't forget that you need to 'size up' if you wish to use the cover with a battery hand-grip fitted. Refer to the maker's guidance for sizing.

Waterproof, reasonably stylish, easily storable, high quality material. My camera and lenses are not weather sealed so this gives me some security in the horizontal rain of Scottish Summers.
Struggles to give total protection over a supertelephoto, but regular telephoto lenses and so on are well protected. A little pricey but so far so good.

Perfect for keeping my 6D dry. Easy to put on, remove and adjust. I use the large one with my 100-400mm.

Very good products definitely worth spending the money if you’re shooting outdoors because cameras aren’t cheap

Fits over my Nikon D4 with 28-300mm lens. Ideal for a day out whatever the weather.

Was a bit too large for my Nikon D7200 and 18-300 lens. Buying the medium instead. Great quality and perfect for the job provided you get the right size !

As with all Peak product I have bought previously it does what it says on the packet, and excellent quality

Very good product, the packaging is great and secure.

Worse than useless when used with a strap attached to the camera, don't waste your money, unless used with a P.D. holder when it may work.

This is just a cover - you can’t see your LCD Screen with it on because the back is neoprene, which means flipping the back up and forward exposing the camera body to the elements. This would provide good knock protection but I don’t see the purpose of it as the camera is not usable.

Qualità Peak indiscutibile.

Per chi ne ha bisogno: la L è veramente grande. Va bene per corpo macchina grossino ma ottica lunga (6d con 24-105 troppo piccole rispetto alla custodia che deve essere arrotolata x utilizzo).

Forse meglio su superzoom.

Ich hatte erst Bedenken, dass - Schutzhülle -Nikon D330 /Objektiv/Tamron (16-300)+Sonnenblende - nicht zu einander passen.
Aber alles super. Ich trage bei meinen Trekkingtouren die Kamera immer griffbereit am Rucksack. Als Regenschutz hatte ich immer irgendwelche Provisorien. Jetzt, mit der Peak Design Schutzhülle, ist es die optimale Lösung.
Die Schutzhülle ist strapazierfähig und gut verarbeitet. Für mich eine klare Kaufempfehlung.
Noch eine Bemerkung zu "Peak Design". Ich habe auch andere Dinge dieser Firma und kann Verarbeitungsqualität und Funktionalität bestätigen.

I bought this to cover my Sony A7iii with a grip and the large size does that. It also offers some protection for the camera when it is stored in my bag.

Beautiful product. Works great, large fit well on my Nikon D7100 with grip and 70-300mm

I wouldn't say it's perfect, a little pricey but I'm still happy with the value.