Koolehaoda Professional Portable Magnesium Aluminium Alloy Tripod Monopod & Ball Head for SLR Camera Canon Nikon Petax Sony Tripod K-555 Max Height: 55.9", Max Load: 8kg


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  • koolehaoda Professional Portable Magnesium Aluminium Alloy Tripod Monopod & Ball Head SLR Camera Canon Nikon Petax Sony Tripod K-555 Max Height: 55.9", Max Load: 8KG
  • Traveler tripod with ball head design is the best choices for outdoor photograph activities, which makes your trip more enjoyable.
  • Removable quick-release plate, comes with 1/4 "screw, suitable for all SLR cameras.
  • Quick release leg locking, giving a more convenient leg handling.



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Traveler tripod with ball head design is the best choices for outdoor photograph activities, which makes your trip more enjoyable.
1. Pull-out button angling adjustment, ensuring single adjust of each leg
2. Typical regulating design of elevator, offering the different damping effect depends on the weight of your camera
3.4-section center column, realizing your lowest angle shooting
4. Quick release leg locking, giving a more convenient leg handling
5. Universal ball head handle with secured clip, double securing your camera from accident dropping.
6. It has a portable pocket, easy to carry!

Max Height: 1410mm
Folded Length: 350mm
Legs diameter :Φ25,Φ22,Φ19,Φ16mm
Sections: 4
Weight: 1300g
Max. Load Capacity: 8kg
Head Type: 360° Swivel Fluid Head
Ball head Height: 90mm
packing list:
KQ-555 tripod with ballhead x 1
Allen wrench x 1
Pocket x 1
Carry Bag x 1
Two used mode:tripod mode and monopod mode. One of legs can be changed as monopod Notice: The monopod is included in the tripod and you can take it apart to use individually if you want.

Product information Product Dimensions 15 x 4 x 4 inches Item Weight 3.3 pounds ASIN B00OT5G0DS Item model number koolehaoda tripod

Travel (as opposed to studio) tripods are a tradeoff. Light weight vs. sturdiness and compactness vs. extended height. I bought this to replace a much cheaper tripod. This one is better in every way. It is a little heavier, but it's also considerably sturdier. It would be nice if it extended a little more, but it does fold compactly enough that when it's strapped to my shooting camera bag, the tripod won't stick out if I put the camera bag under an airline seat. Plus, you can replace the head on this one. It comes with a ball head, but if you want to replace it with a pan head, you can do that.

At least one earlier review mentioned twist-lock legs. The one I received and the one pictured on Amazon have lever-lock legs. I don't know if the lever locks are stronger, but they probably lessen the chance you'll put your camera on the tripod without locking the legs. That's a good thing. The instructions aren't very good. It's a small piece of paper with multiple small illustrations captioned both in Chinese and English. Moreover, the instructions show a tripod slightly different than the one I received. For example, the instructions show a geared center post with a crank handle to move the post up and down. This tripod does not have those features. The center post on this one does lock by twisting. However it's a tripod: it's not complicated; and you can find video on the Internet about how to operate a very similar model.

So, I'm pleased with the tripod and pleased with the seller as well. I wanted a new tripod for Christmas, and when I didn't get one, I bought this for myself. At the time I ordered, Amazon said it would be four to six weeks for delivery. I suppose that's reasonable. It does ship from Hong Kong. So, I ordered it anyway, but I got mine in five days, and the five days included a holiday weekend. I'm very happy about that too.

I have a canon t3i which I use with a 150-600mm lens. Was looking for a tripod that would handle the weight of the combination of camera and lens.
This tripod can handle the weight. Very happy with it.

This is a really great tripod for this price. The head isn't perfect but everything else seems sturdy. The quick release legs have been excellent and the plastic is heavy duty feeling. Very lightweight and the maximum height is perfect for me (I am about 5' 9"). The locking mechanism for the leg spread is tight but not at all hard to use and has two settings. Haven't used the monopod option yet. Since it is just one of the legs it is a bit short. It unscrews easily but stays secure on the tripod when tightened. The ability to use a regular Arca plate mount is great. I'm currently using it with a Joby Ultra Plate and it fits secure with no problems. My camera right now is a Nikon D3100 and the tripod holds it steady. I don't use telephoto or very heavy lenses but I can tell from the spread of the legs that a heavy lens would need to be lens mounted to the tripod in order to center the weight at the full height extension. The retractable hook work well for adding weight for stability. I was able to hang my hiking pack from it to keep steady in a good wind. So far so good and no complaints.

I've gone through a few cheap tripods and finally wanted a professional grade tripod. Koolehaodo KQ-555 has performed very well for me over two years now. Plus it's got some tricks up it's sleeve. The Mono Pod is awesome and can be combined with the center pole to be very functional. Then you can reverse the middle and mount your camera under the tripod! It's very well made and had stood up to my abuse. I can highly recommend the Koolehaodo Tripod for more than what you need!

So far so good! I have both heads for it, the ball head it comes with and the 360°single Handle Hydraulic Damping for video that I purchased separately. The tripod is very sturdy, I like that, but somewhat heavy for a portable. I've gotten used to the weight though, and for photography it's plus having the weight. Stands up to a Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS USMI without a problem. I looked at a lot of models and read a lot of reviews before I bought this one.

The word "professional" in the naming of this Tripod is kind of misleading. This tripod is no where near the "pro" quality. But then again can't be expecting pro quality for a $75 tripod. It is light weight, the build is ok and does the job good so far (i just got this today and did a 2hrs photoshoot). Some of the critical section are plastic which would be nice if they were metal (hopefully they dont fall apart on me any time soon). The legs has two modes of opening. One mode is the wide open and would be too low for my use. On the other mode, the legs seem to doesn't open wide enough and that made it seem kind of not very stable. I wouldn't put any camera that cost more than $1500 on this tripod out in the field with out standing near by with my hand on it. I feel like the wind might knock it off balance anytime. Over all, for $75 it is an ok mid range tripod.

Not much to say that hasn't been said but after almost 6 months of use I am very satisfied. I just added a Movo GH700 Gimbal head to try to use it that way. More to come but even if the results aren't great my review won't change.

So far so good.. I have only used it a few times. I like the flip adjust on the legs, it is much easier than the twist ones. I haven't used it as a monopod yet.

A well-made tripod. I haven't had an opportunity to field test it much, but I have thoroughly inspected it and am fairly impressed with what I've found. The legs can be extended and retracted quickly thanks to the locking levers, the height is sufficient for me (I'm 6' tall), and it feels pretty sturdy for a lightweight tripod of its size. The monopod ability seems handy, and after getting the leg off the first time, is easy enough to set up (if you attach the entire center column--it's harder to just remove the ball head).

Keeping in mind that I like this tripod, and am happy with my purchase, here are the things that I feel could be improved upon:

-The legs lock in two positions. One is nearly flat, with the legs open so wide that I struggle to imagine a use for it. The other, normal position has the legs closed a bit more than I'm happy with. It feels a little more likely to fall over than other tripods I have, although I'm not sure if that will be an actual issue.

- The removable leg for the monopod was incredibly difficult to remove the first time. It was difficult enough that I partially disassembled the tripod, as I was unconvinced that the leg simply unscrews. It does, it just takes a lot of force to do so.

- The best way to use the monopod is to attach the entire telescopic center column to the leg. Attaching the ball head alone leaves the monopod too short to be useful for me. To do that, the lower screw has to be removed from the center column, but there's no good place to store that screw. If one were to remove the extendable hook used to hang weight off the center column to stabilize the tripod, it could be screwed into the socket that the removable leg goes into, but the extendable hook makes that impossible. I might modify my tripod to use a simpler hook, without the spring-loaded feature.

- I'd have liked it if the ball head had a separate clamp for the pan feature, instead of one knob to fix the ball and the pan. I'm sure a better ball head could be found . Otherwise it's a sturdily made head, and the quick release works well, and the quick release plate is small enough to not get in the way on my mirrorless Sony a5000.

- While not extremely heavy, the tripod isn't any lighter than the bulkier, cheaper tripods that this is replacing. That's not surprising, as it's aluminum, but it's something to be aware of.

As long as nothing listed is a deal-breaker (and I'm not sure that other tripods necessarily improve on these things), I'd heartily recommend this tripod. I love how it packs down into a little carry case, and am sure I'll be using it a lot on my travels.

Perfect for travel - sterdy - great for our Canon DSLR camera's. The aim is to use it mainly for night shots while traveling from city to city. Great size - compact but very sterdy!

good, but heavy for me