Vanguard BBH-100 Magnesium Tripod Ball Head


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  • Lightweight, durable magnesium construction with open body design
  • Rapid Level System enables you to quickly guide your camera to be perfectly level with the base
  • Universal 38mm quick shoe plate with large locking knob (QS-60 quick shoe included)
  • 360 degree panning
  • Scratch-free, oxidized surface on central ball for ultra smooth movement
  • 2 bubble levels
  • Weight: 15.9 ounces. Load capacity up to 22 pounds



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Product Description

VANGUARD's top-of-the-line BBH Series ball head delivers in all of the key areas - accuracy, precision, convenience and ease of use. No matter the camera's position, its Rapid Level System enables you to guide the camera to be perfectly level with the base, quickly and efficiently. When the level position is attained, BBH holds your camera in place. This, coupled with use of its two bubble levels to ensure the tripod's balance, enables perfectly accurate 360-degree panoramic photography and videography. This magnesium ball head has a unique open body design that helps maintain a lighter weight. The ball also boasts a scratch-free, oxidized surface for ultra smooth moment. BBH can be positioned at accurate 90-degree angles in one second.

From the Manufacturer


BBH professional ball heads by VANGUARD deliver accuracy, precision, and ease of use, but that’s not all. Their many features include a lightweight open body design, innovative leveling system, and universal 38mm release system.

VANGUARD BBH-100 ball head highlights

The next level
VANGUARD’s BBH ball heads feature an innovative Rapid Level System that allows users to instantly position their camera level with the base of the head. When the Rapid Level System is engaged by sliding the designated orange switch to the right, an internal guide fixes the ball into place once the level position is achieved. This makes switching from portrait orientation to landscape very simple and quick to do. Used in combination with BBH’s two bubble levels, this system ensures a precisely level platform for panoramic shooting. Once fixed, securely lock the ball into place with its oversized locking knob – which is also handy for panning.

Highly compatible
BBH-100 ball head features a universal, 38mm quick release clamp system with large locking knob and VANGUARD’s QS-60 quick shoe with 38mm base. This allows for easy compatibility with other heads and release plates using this popular system. Users can further customize their kit with the use of different size or specialty plates with the same 38mm base, such as the larger QS-61 from VANGUARD. They can also conveniently keep their camera mounted to QS-60 when switching to other heads using this system, such as VANGUARD’s GH-200 or TBH series ball heads.

Other highlights
  • Lightweight, durable magnesium construction
  • Oxidization anodized scratch free surface on ball for smooth movement
  • Dedicated panning lock
  • 360-degree panning
  • Two bubble levels
  • ¼” to 1/8” attachment screw
  • Oversized locking knob can be repositioned

Product specifications
Height: 3.875 inches
Weight: 15.9 oz.
Maximum Loading Weight: 22 lbs.
BBH-100 highlights BBH-100 highlights

Product information Size:BBH-100 Product Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 inches Item Weight 2 pounds ASIN B0076MBOC8 Item model number BBH-100

Initiall 3 stars based on screw length. After purchasing a long screw:
Skque® 1/4'' D Ring Camera Screw Tripod Quick Release Stainless Steel , Silver,
I am entirely satisfied with this tripod head. I initially received a 9 mm screw which did not screw in far enough
to make me feel good about mounting an expensive spotting scope. With the Skque 12 mm screw I am entirely satisfied that all
is well and the system seems more stable too. I doubt a 9 mm screw is an issue for small cameras.

Overall it seems to be a great head with two caveats:
1. I am attaching a large and expensive telescope to the supplied shoe. The screw that comes with the shoe barely sticks out over the top of the shoe plane. I measure it's elevation off the shoe plane at about 3/16"
When I screw it into my scope, it goes for about 1 turn before bottoming out which is not reassuring.

2. Vanguard does not supply any contact information on their website and I looked around for shoe options hoping to find one with a longer screw with no luck. I tried to contact Vanguard before writing this comment, but could not find contact information.

I am not reassured about using this head on expensive equipment and I am considering returning it which is a shame because the head itself appears to be well made. With a longer screw, this head would be worthy of 4-5 stars.

(A few hours later): after putzing around on the Vanguard website, I did run into contact info which I encountered by pressing the "Change Regions", which is rather obscure. In any event, I talked to a sales person who seems genuinely interested in helping me and has connected me with support and repairs. I will give another report after contacting this person.

Several days later: Vanguard shipped me a new screw. The old screw is 9.0 mm long, the new is 10.5 mm. This leads to better than one full twist more before the screw head seats. Test on an old spotting scope: original screw seating in about 1 3/4 turns, new screw in about 3 turns. I will try it on my large spotting scope when it is functioning again. If the longer screw is deemed safe, I will up the star rating.

Some caution needed. I noticed that 3 turns on some of my equipment will cause the screw to bottom out. One of my cameras the screw bottoms at 3 turns, another camera it bottoms at about 3 1/2 turns.

I shoot a lot of real estate so one a busy day I can adjust the ball head hundreds of times. It always locks down tight with no movement and is very easy to use. I had a cheaper one that I bought to save some money and absolutely hated it. It moved when i tightened it, it was "sticky" when trying to adjust it, it was terrible. This one is perfect for me and I should have spent the extra money the first time. A great investment if you are a professional photographer or you're serious about your photography.

Combined with the Vanguard Auctus Plus 283AT tripod. Went with the entry level of the progressional end of Vanguard ball heads. Love it. High build quality, easy to install and remove. Camera (Mark II with 400mm lens) feels rock solid. Two bubbles for quick positioning checks, can be adjusted quite quickly. Love the micro adjustment. Gut feeling: spending more money on the higher end BBH series doesn't get you much more for the money. This should last for years.

Been out for several night shoots with this head, and it works well. Very fluid and smooth, and the ball locks in nicely, no matter what orientation the head is.

FYI... Found the extra shoes to be quite expensive, but managed to find a couple of knock offs from China ($5 each) of similar size and filed them down. Voila... Perfect system for $10

I have used Vanguard tripods/ball heads before and was very impressed. Unfortunately this ball head was not up to my opinion of quality to price. The ball head movement was not smooth and the switch for locking the head upright was flimsy at best and did not lock smoothly at all. Overall I was not impressed with the item, wouldn't trust mine with my D810. Hopefully I received a defect one but going to try out some other brands.

This is a great ballhead. Very sturdy, even with a D800 and a big lens. Convenient to use. Not too heavy and not very expensive. Compatible with Arca Swiss type quick release plates. If you're looking for a decent head on a budget, this should be on your short list.

This is the first (and hopefully the last) ball head I've owned. It can maintain a 45 degree hold on my A7RII with vertical grip and tamron 150-600mm. There are better ball heads. this one fits my needs pretty well.

The "feature" to center the ball when a slider switch is engaged constantly causes the ball to stick in the center even when the switch is disengaged which is frustrating.

I bought this to go on my Alta Pro 2+ set of legs and overall, this is a great ballhead. For me, this is perfect in every way (particularly as this price point, where you're just getting out of the el-cheapo ballheads). For me, the best thing about this ballhead isn't even the auto-center feature (that's my second favorite thing) -- it's the easy to use knobs that are *distinctly shaped*! I can tell which knob is which in the dark or with my eyes closed.

The level-assist feature is pretty slick and you can operate the ballhead in that mode which essentially limits you to equitorial rotation/panning, which can be useful.

So what I didnt like about this ballhead?
1. The plate included arca plate is kinda weird
2. The arca mount is doesn't open as wide as I'd like (an extra 1-2mm would be nice)

What this means it that I had to spend a good amount of time tinkering with my various plates to find a set that would work across all my ballheads (this BBH-200 being the odd one that didn't like more plates than not). I found the Neewer 60/70mm arca plates to give me good cross-compatibility.

The last thing, I didn't like about this ballhead was actually the switch for toggling out of the align-assist mode (at least on my copy). You have to make a very concerted effort to slide it left for it to register.

Purchased this a year ago now and it’s still doing what was meant to. Trust me, I put it through a lot and it never fails. Excellent product. Worth the money!

Rock solid. Ball mount is very smooth when dials are opened up for true freedom wi aim your camera any which way and such a breeze to go right into portrait position. The quick-centering or leveling feature is very handy as well. All parts are solidly made and the plate is very easy to take off and secure - I feel safe with my camera mounted to this head. Highly Recommended. Great orange-black coloring for those Sony Alpha users as well!

~ Quick Level switch is AWESOME!
~ Love that it matches my Vangaurd alta pro 284CT tripod both colour and function
~ Quick release is great (not a locking toggle but a screw down instead) just as fast and has a safety lock built in
~ Smooth ball head movement

~No Drag / Tension setting

Recommendation: I would recommend this ball head its great

This is a very good ball head. Rock solid and easy to operate, and looks great to boot.

Great quality product

This is a great ball head goes well with my vanguard tripod...also very pleased with the fast service..thank-you

Je l'adore