Fotodiox 37mm to 46mm Step-Up Ring


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  • For adapting 46mm filters to lenses with Ø 37mm filter thread
  • Suitable for access a wider variety of filters, adapters, hoods and more
  • Anodized aluminum construction with matte finish
  • 0.75mm pitch size
  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty



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Size:37-46 mm  |  Style:Single

Fotodiox step-up rings are made of premium grade aluminum with precision. Every ring is inspected to ensure smooth mounting. Every ring is polished and finished with anodized matte surface for professional appearance. This step up adapter ring allows a filter/attachment with thread size of 46mm to be used with a lens with thread size of 37mm.

Product information Size:37-46 mm  |  Style:Single Product Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 inches Item Weight 0.32 ounces ASIN B001G41Y1S Item model number 04sr3746

Fotodiox is easily a brand name that I,( a 20 yr veteran ), will turn to, understanding that every company (almost), has inexpensive, and HD accessories . Know the difference, I hate, reviews of $10,$20, etc items that would otherwise be $80+~$200 in a Brand brand name, that bash it's 'build quality's, THEN END WITH, You get what you pay for. You DO , rate it accordingly , but like in this case understand what you are reviewing. Threading 'Step up / down', rings is a precise machine process. Add coating and I've literally bought ones that don't fit, either to small or too big, either way I have no time to play. I can't grab my filters and be on a shoot NOT being able to size them or have the threads stick upon removal. Even though i try and condition every screw in part I ever use, there is always days when I'm grabbing the overnight from my delivery guy, and flying off to a shoot. Fotodiox is 1, of maybe 4 companies total, that I can do that with, & never get jammed up.

I needed a circular polarizer and i couldn't remember what size my lens was. So I check my other filters. Easy peasy no problem. My circular polarizer comes in and it doesn't fit, it's too big. Very confused, i convinced myself that the incorrect size filter must have been put into the box. I am one breath away from a call to the manufacturer (a name we all know) and I think, let me check my filters again. Sure enough, the filter box i checked happened to be my Infrared Filter and I had mistaken the IR rating (R72) for the filter size (67) and had ordered based off of that. SMDH. Thankfully many photographers great and small that came before me, have also made this mistake because the step rings have been a well established part of photography equipment for decades. Ordered this one, it fits both sides, it works great and now my forehead isn't red anymore.

This ring appears to be well-made; the inner and outer threads are smooth and non-binding, and it does not feel flimsy.
If you buy one of these, please remember to treat it gently. Do not over tighten the lens to this or this to the body or whatever you're adapting. These will seize if over tightened. It is not the fault of the ring; it's the nature of the beast.
If you need an adapter, this one should sufficiently meet your needs.

The Panasonic LX7 has a 37MM mount. As it turns out it is a proprietary mount. This adapter does not work for the Panasonic LX7. Though it does appear to by of good design and workmanship.

Update, I purchased an aftermarket Panasonic 37mm to 37mm filter adapter set. After installing it I was able to use the Fotodiox Metal Step Up Ring Filter Adapter, Anodized Black Aluminum 37mm-52mm 37-52 mm.

the item I purchased on Amazon is a Fotasy AccKitLX7 Accessory Kit for Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 and Leica D-LUX6 (Black) and it cost $ 8.99.

After I installed the Fotasy AccKitLX7 Accessory Kit for Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 and Leica D-LUX6 (Black) I was able to screw the 37mm to 52mm adapter onto it. And now I can use 52mm lenses on my Panasonic LX7.

I have a 67mm thread lens and don’t want to invest another hundreds dollar for 67mm filters, with three 72mm filters on hand, this step ring is perfect for me. It fits perfectly on the 67mm lens, and on the other end the 72mm filter fits perfectly as well. But there is one issue, the lens hood won’t fit when the step ring is mounted. This is not a big deal since you don’t need lens hood for every situation.

Fits perfect. Screws on and off both my 77mm lenses smoothly. My 86mm filter has coarser threads and it also goes on and off smoothly. About all you can ask for, right? Much cheaper than buying several filters. If you are concerned about your lens hood not working with a bigger filter, and you believe you need one for a particular situation, buy a screw-on hood to fit the larger filter, or do like I do and use your hand or newspaper or anything handy to block the sun from getting in the front of the lens. That has worked for me for years. Good filters aren't cheap, and the fewer you have to buy the better. Step-up rings will save you a lot of money if you have just a few different size lenses.

I am updating and upgrading my smaller lenses to have 58mm filter mounts so that I only need one set of filters and common lens caps to make it cheaper and easier to outfit my multiple cameras and dozens of lenses. These are high quality step-up rings, well manufactured and professionally painted and finished. The threads are clean and clear and fit well to my lenses as well as my filters. Very good value for my needs.

So I had these 14 year old Sony lens laying around from my old Sony DCR-TRV900 camcorder, the lenses are the Sony VCL1452H Telephoto Conversion Lens & the Sony VCLR0752H High Resolution Wide Angle Lens.

The Fotodiox Metal Step Up Ring (43mm-52mm) was all I needed to adapt the Sony lenses to my Canon Vixia HF M-40 camcorder. This setup works beautifully, as with most consumer camcorders, the wide setting is not wide enough and the telephoto setting don't go far enough, with these two old lenses in my bag the Canon camcorder is a lot more capable.

I'll put up pics in the photo area of what this setup looks like.

I hired the PL100-400mm for an airshow, though needed an ND filter to fit it. Since I intend to eventually buy the lens, I bought the filter, but didn't want it to go to waste. So I picked up this step-up ring so that I could still utilise it with the shooter PL50-200mm.

It is well manufactured, and fits the filter thread of the 50-200 very well. One thing to note is that you cannot fit the lens hood when using this, as it is wider than the hood. Something to bear in mind.

Stupidly I left it a couple of months before testing the Fotodiox step up ring. It attaches ok at the back but the filter I was using would only slightly screw onto the front, despite this the filter is now stuck and won't come off. So I can't give this item a positive review.

I bought this so that I could use my 77mm 10-stop filters on my sony nex when I don't feel like carrying around a nikon d700 with a 24-70 lens. I have a 52-77mm step down (or is it step-up?) adapter which my filters go on, and then I attach those to this 49-55mm adaptor and screw that on to my NEX.

It's fairly high quality as far as I can tell. Screws in nice and tight and I wouldn't be worried about breaking the threads or anything like that. I just leave it permanently attached to the lense now and use a 55mm lense cap instead of the normal one.

.... Saved me several 100 GBP on having to replace my 100mm lee filters system and filters with the sve5n system.
No viginette on the leica 35 sumicron 1:2 even with the regular lee filters 55mm ring which I use on the Leica 90mm sumicon lens 1:2.

Well engineered, cheap, slim, saved me a lot of money..... Nice

Screws on perfectly without issues, great metal quality. Filters and lens fits good.

Having purchased a Panasonic Lumix FZ100 Camera I found I needed a wider angle Lens for Survey work, the ones advertised for the 52mm thread of the Camera produced a high Vinyetteng at the corners,so by using a 58mm W/A & the 52-58mm step ring this was almost eliminated. Delivery was as always with Amazon brilliant & at a price no one else could match.
Well done again Amazon.

Useful items to have to use filters on multiple lenses. Buy for the largest lens and work backwards.

43 to 58mm step down ring is made from metal so thin it was already warped out of shape at time of delivery. What was manufacturer thinking. Completely useless. I’ll try Kood next time.

Its a ring adaptor.

I needed a step up ring to mount a 58mm wide angle lens to a consumer grade camcorder.
Somehow this ring was hard to find in Europe, and if I did, the cost where higher than this one who came straight from the US.

The prodcut was well packaged and item was as described.

Very happy!

Ordered this 6 days ago from the US and it arrived today,Excellent quality item and i much prefer
the metal version as the plastic one i got with my Raynox lens seemed flimsy..
This metal ring connects my Raynox 2025 pro telephoto lens to my Fuji HS20 perfectly.

Perfect to adapt my 58mm Gobe NDX filter to my smaller lenses, quality is very good

it s ok

M 39 thread was undersize and therefore a very slack fit into all [3] of my lenses

fantastic works well