Fotasy 49mm Metal Curved Lens Hood, 49mm Vented Hood, 49mm Lens Hood for Fuji Leica Leitz Panasonic Olympus Panasonic Sony Lens, 49mm Screw-in Lens Hood


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  • Metal lens shade for standard 49mm filter thread lenses, will screw into your Lens, or filter.
  • Solid metal construction, with flat Black interior to prevent Reflections.
  • Ensures no problems with igniting or motor functions.
  • The 49mm screw-in lens hood fits lens with 49mm filter diameter only. Please verify your Lens thread size/ filter diameter before ordering.
  • Lens thread size will be Marked somewhere on the Lens barrel or printed underneath your Lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "Ø" (Diameter) symbol. For example: ø49 = 49mm lens thread size.



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Size:49mm  |  *:Curved

This 49mm Fotasy Branded Metal Lens Hood can be screwed on lens or filte easily. The construction is solid and does not damage the thread on the lens. The 49mm Screw-in Lens Hood fits lens with 49mm filter diameter only. Please verify your lens thread size / filter diameter before ordering. Lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "Ø" (diameter) symbol. For example: Ø49 = 49mm lens thread size.

Product information Size:49mm  |  *:Curved Product Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1 inches Item Weight 1.6 ounces ASIN B0051Y5BP4 Item model number LT49

I bought a Sony full-frame point and shoot camera, which did not include a hood. I chose to buy this product for $7 instead of the $180 Sony version, which is very similar. As luck would have it, I accidentally dropped the camera on an asphalt parking lot, and it landed lens-first on the pavement. The lens hood collapsed, absorbing the impact of the drop. See the photo for proof!

This product is lightweight, but sturdy when used as intended. It works perfectly to reduce flare and increase contrast. As an unexpected bonus it saved my $3.000 camera, too. I'm a klutz, so just bought two more for the next time(s) I drop it. Highly recommended.

Classic design and acceptable functionality. It fits on my Fuji 27mm lens just fine. The only thing I would have liked would be if the lens cap fit inside of the hood so that I could cap it when not in use, but alas, the inner diameter is just a little too small. The cap will fit on there, but it's wedged so good that it's a pain to take off (and may even come off unexpectedly) so I'd rather not chance it. Outdoor shooting in anything but direct sunlight does experience increased contrast over a bare lens (and I don't have to shield with my hand, so my non-stabilized shots are acceptibly free of blur).

It seems like a very durable metal. I'm not rough with my gear, so I don't expect to ever come close to breaking it though. There were other choices I could have gone with, but none of them give the please look of the classic film body with vented lens. My X-T10 and XF27mm deserved this over some anonymous looking hood.

I use this with the Lumix 12-32mm mini zoom. It nicely replaces the front lens cap so the lens is always ready for use and the front element is protected, especially from my fingers. As an earlier post stated, there is no vignetting with the LW37 hood on this lens at 12mm. And the front of the hood is threaded for common 62mm accessories.

Excellent lens hood. I purchased one of the tapered hoods and found that it was pretty shallow. Not nearly as deep as the lens hood that came with the XF 35mm 1.4R lens. So, I thought I would take a chance on this hood as it appeared to be about twice as deep as the tapered version. Pretty close to the depth of the stock lens. So, no problems with vignette.

I love the lens and the rectangular lens hood is sexy looking. But, installing and removing the lens cap was awkward and required fiddling coming off and going back on. My concern with the stock hood was the lens cap would fall down onto the front element and I felt that there was a high risk of scratching the lens or damaging the coatings. This is the more expensive 35mm and I love the images it produces.

The lens cap removal and installation is still a bit fiddly, but it is way better than the stock hood. Honestly, I feel this hood is just as sexy looking as the stock hood. Since it has a wider opening at the front, the lens cap is less likely to damage the front element.

This cap is metal as is the stock hood. It feels sturdy and durable. Considering prices on factory hoods like this, I could replace all of my lens hoods (and probably all of yours to boot) for less than the cost of a hood with the Fuji or Leica brand etched on the bell.

The ordering experience was positive. The hood was as the seller represented it. It arrived on time in sturdy Amazon shipping materials and was undamaged. It appears to be a well made hood that is likely to serve well for many years - or until I lose it - LOL! And the price at under $10.00 makes it an absolute steal.

Got this to protect the kit lens of my Sony A6000. Installed without a hitch and doesn't add a lot of extra weight or length so I'm quite happy

Product is well made for the money but doesn't work well on the Sony A6000 Kit lens. When the lens is at it widest focal length the hood is seen in the field of view, definitely not a good thing!! The hood is well worth the money but just doesn't fit my application which is disappointing but not the products fault. I'll keep the hood and use it on a prime lens and I wouldn't hesitate to buy additional hoods for other lens...

Fotasy LV46 46mm Vented Metal Hood Shade for Leica Leitz Voigtlander Lens (Black)
I recently purchased the Olympus 17mm 1.8 lens which so far is my favorite lens from my Micro Four Third Kit. Because the lens comes only with the front and rear cap, I wanted to make sure that it will stay protected in my street adventures and future vlogs.
So then my next step was to find a good Lens hood that is less expensive than the Olympus LH-48B lens cap but with the same quality.
After a 45 minute search on Amazon I decided to order the Fotasy LV 46mm mostly based on the number of positive reviews but also being recommended by one of my favorite photographer/reviewer on YouTube.
It didn't disappoint. For the price it is really well build. It will work basically with every 46mm lens that I own, 14mm and 25mm. It is nice a sturdy, made completely in metal and has a front tred that can be used to attach the front cap of the lens. I have it installed over a 46mm B+W UV filter.

This is an inexpensive, but well-constructed 52mm lens hood. It is advertised as useful for Zeiss, but it works with most any 52mm lens (I can use mine for both the Fuji 35mm F/2 and Fuji 23 F/2 lenses, for example). It is quite inexpensive, particularly when you compare it to the cost of brand name replacement lens hood. It is made of a solid, one-piece metal design (maybe brass?) with a dull black paint coat. The machining of the screw threads is pretty good, so the hood screws on and off well. The paint does not feel like it will come off unless it is seriously mistreated, and the hood itself feels very sturdy. It's hard not to recommend it for anyone looking for a replacement 52mm lens hood, but check the user questions and answers to see what lenses people have used it with. Also, note that the hood comes either in standard, vented, tilted, wide, and wide "S" and each may have certain lenses for which they work, so check this, as well before purchasing. None of them are expensive at all, and considering the build quality, its an EASY five-star item.

Absolutely love this hood! This hood screws to the filter thread on your lens, I like it on my Samsung 35mm but also fits very well to my Zeiss 55mm. These are made in metal, I've read some complain about the quality of the finish but mine looks spot on. This also have a thread in the hood it's self but I haven't measured this up yet.

Does the job it’s meant to do but it’s appearance could be a bit more appealing. It looks like a bit of black tubing with a thread. Apart from that it is balanced well for the olympus 45mm mft lens for zenmuse x5 inspire camera.

Nice product - does not have problems at the wide end of the spectrum with vignetting.

It’s great. Adds a stylish look to the lens


Este parasol es bueno y resistente porque es metálico, no hay mucho que decir, funciona bien, es solo que su diseño no te permite utilizar la tapa del objetivo, por dentro no tiene rosca o muescas para utilizar una tapa sobre el, cuando quieres dejar de usar la cámara no puedes simplemente colocar la tapa, no hay forma, o quitas el parasol para tapar el lente o simplemente dejas el objetivo al descubierto cuando no lo estas usando, tu objetivo esta protegido por su estructura de metal pero sin la tapa simplemente va a acumular polvo, tengo que desenroscar el parasol cada que guardo la cámara.

Es pequeño, ligero, pero de buen material, es un aluminio supongo, el único detalle a considerar es que en el caso al menos del lente sony 16-55mm no se puede poner la tapa del lente si esta puesto este accesorio. De Alguna forma también protege al lente ya que el lente queda "al fondo" pero bueno, es un punto a señalar. El precio es una ganga.

Quality materials, matte black inside to prevent reflections, 49mm white text is on the bottom part of the hood so you don't see it when using it. It's thick enough that it shouldn't bend.

Buen accesorio que se siente rígido, es de aluminio pero es muy resistente y no llega a ser pesado, lo recomiendo usar con un 50mm o algo similar

great metal protection for your camera lens!!

Fits the lens. However, you cannot put the lens cover on while you have the hood "on"; and this is a great inconvenience.

Solid metal construction. Great product.

Fit ell on my Cosina 24 mm. One drawback you have to take it out if you ant to put the lens cap on.

It feels premium and is made out of metal. It looks like it could bend very very easily though. I'd give it 4.5 stars if that was possible.

fits great on the Samsung/Rokinon AF 35mm F2.8, just keep in mind the very small lens cap that came with the lens (which fits on the plastic lens hood will NOT fit, so you'll have to get a 49mm lens cap)