SIOTI Camera Standard Hollow Vented Metal Lens Hood with Cleaning Cloth and Lens Cap Compatible with Leica/Fuji/Nikon/Canon/Samsung Standard Thread Lens


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  • For all standard lens with 43mm filter thread(Leica/Nikon/Canon/Fuji etc.)
  • Made of aluminium alloy material,light weight, anti-glare oxidation treatment inside to prevent scattered light from entering lens
  • Provide a 52mm lens cap to protect lens and prevent from particle
  • Provide a soft cleaning cloth to better clean lens
  • For photo vignetting, it is reletive with your lens focus,please view description and keep professional spirit



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Size:43mm  |  Color:Standard Vented

What's in the box

1*Vented Metal Lens Hood

1 pcs lens cap.

1*Cleaning cloth.

How to find your lens size

Please verify your camera's lens thread size before you purching.Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "?" (diameter) symbol. For example: ?67 = 67mm lens thread size.

How will vignetting appear

Some customer complained SIOTI hood cause photo vignetting on four angle, according to proffessional explanation, vignetting or not mainly depend on lens focus but not hood, you can choose different function hood , short focus lens (<20mm) need wide angle hood, middle focus lens(18~55mm) need standard hood, long focus lens(>50mm need long hood) , vignetting or not is also relative with camera sensor size /lens size/lens construction etc., if you contact with us, maybe we will show some advice, certainly, our advice is just for reference.

Warranty Policy:

1 years warranty for every purchase from SIOTI, 30 days money back.

Product information Size:43mm  |  Color:Standard Vented Package Dimensions 3.19 x 2.87 x 1.14 inches Item Weight 1.02 ounces ASIN B07HF15L45

Nice metal lens hood. I got it to replace another lens hood (metal with little "windows" on the sides), that when used with two lens filters at the same time would cause vignetting with some of my wider lenses. Not that I stack lens filters much, but I always felt the hood was a little too close to causing vignetting, even without filters... (If I crept my finger "just" over the edge of the hood I could see it in the corners of the viewfinder).

This hood opens up wider, so I can use my G85 with my Panasonic 14mm, 20mm, and Pana-Leica 25mm F1.4 with two filters, and no hood induced vignetting. (Vignetting in this instance would be the darkening in the corners/edges of images by a hood not being quite wide enough for the lens). It's also convenient that it comes with a cap, so you can leave on your lenses and they stay protected from impact/dust.


I have an aftermarket external tilt flash for my Sony a6000. The flash diffuser puts the light output froward of the lens when fully horizontal, which leads to the flash "spilling over" into the lens. So I was looking for lens hoods to help deal with that problem. At first, I looked at some of the "tulip" hoods but decided to try this one first. The hood screws into the 40.5 mm threads of the UV filter and has a lens cap that fits into the larger hood opening on the front. It my limited testing so far, it eliminates the flash "spill over" into the lens. There are no discernible shadows from the lens hood when used with flash. Importantly there is no vignetting (rounding off) of the image at the 16 mm lens setting.

The overall cap is nice, the manufacturer's logo is unobtrusive, and the threads are cut reasonably well. Slightly undersized so they thread in easily without getting stuck, but not so undersized that you can literally pull the hood off after it's been screwed on.

And the cap that goes over the end of the hood is better than most. I have a (probably bad) tendency to store lenses standing on end: base down, cap up. Lately, there's been a tendency for lens caps to include a "keeper" with an elastic band that slips around your lens and connects the lens to the cap with a string. I discard these keepers.

Most of these caps "leak": there is a hole drilled in the cap to thread the keeper string through, and that hole connects the outside world to the inside of the cap.

It's possible to make a cap totally without this flaw, and Sioti did it. They use a clever double ridge so the holes can go through the outer ridge while the inner ridge provides a dust-proof seal. I've only seen this on one other brand of caps ("Mudder", also available on Amazon). Way to go Sioti.

I bought my first one to block the sun, it added a bit of length to my 16mm Fuji lens but, it also looked cool. Then in Jordan I dropped my camera, since it's front-heavy (lens) it smacked into the ground - bent the heck out of this sturdy hood but did nothing to my lens or filter.

I ordered another one immediately and shipped it to Israel (next stop) - it arrived and a week later, I left the camera in an airport diner - woman came running out to give it to me and just dropped it before I could even get my fingers on it.... Rggg... Again - lens first into the Airport tile - bent the side of this hood, didn't touch me expensive lens.

This thing saved my camera twice - ordering two more of them today. Even more protection if you keep the lens cap on - although I find that kind of difficult as the pinch mechanism is fair at best. Combine this with a clear filter and a half case and you're good to go.

I know it may sound like i'm clumsy - but going through 20+ countries in 4 months, accidents will always happen. Love this thing.

Awesome Hood!! High quality, cloth it comes with is not the usual "magic cloth" this one is actually high quality. The lens cap fits on the end of this hood so you're not reaching inside to apply a lens cap directly to the end of the lens. Also, the lens cap is the "middle pinch" version which is also great. High quality, great price, great accessories come with it, what else could you want? Get it!!!

I have and AG-AC90 Panasonic and I was looking to replace the large factory lens hood with a smaller one that still had a lens cap.

This worked perfectly for my camera because I had purchased a matte box and couldn't get it to fit properly on the front of the camera.

All you do is take the stock Panasonic camera hood, loosen the set screw on the lower face of the original lens hood then give it one left hand quarter-turn and it comes right off.

This exposes the lens ring threads on the camera lens and from here you just screw on this hood and install the lens cap.With this piece of equipment, I can now use my matte box perfectly as it was designed!

I like the quality and the Finish was great, the lens cap fits perfectly and is easy to remove and reinstall, I give it 5 stars!

Mine arrived with a scratch/blemish on the outside of the hood, like they used a clamp on it when making the hood and it slipped a bit during machining maybe.
The included lens cap has some damage on it as well but fits securely. The cap is threaded slightly larger than the one that goes on your lens so you have to use the new cap or replace it. The metal hood itself is otherwise well made and designed, and made of thicker aluminum than I thought it would be which is nice. Also the mm size marking on the outside lines up perfectly facing down when screwed into my 100/2 which pleases me. The interior has a machined ribbing to reduce reflection.

Based on other reviewers opinions, I took a punt and ordered three of these in different sizes to suit my lenses.
I can confirm that for the price, they are excellent bits of kit. The threads fit perfectly onto filter threads (either on filters or the camera lenses themselves). They can be firmly screwed tight, and are still easy to unscrew when required.
My reason for purchasing these was to enable easier use of circular polarizing filters. It's always a bit of a pain trying to rotate a polariser when you have a normal lens hood on. - You either have to try to rotate the filter with the end of a fingertip, by poking it down inside the depths of the lens hood, or you have to take the lens hood off. - Neither of which options is ideal.
However with these hoods/caps, you can screw the hood onto the front of the polarizer, which you can then easily rotate by turning the hood. - And, you still have the ability to put the hood's cap on to protect everything between shots.
As a small caveat to this set-up, it's possible that vignetting might be a problem, as you will now have not only the filter, but the threaded part of the hood itself, in front of your lens. In my case, to avoid that possibility, I'm using over-sized polarisers with a step-up ring between the lens and polariser. - So I've got step-up ring, polarizing filter, then this lens hood, on the front of the lens.
Works perfectly on my 18-70mm zoom, (and every other lens I've so far tried it on), without any signs of vignetting at any focal length.
Manufacturing construction is of really good quality. The hoods are made of alloy, and the caps are made of plastic, and it's worth noting that the squeeze clips that attach the cap to the hood work smoothly and grip the hood exceptionally well. They certainly won't come off accidentally. (Although there's always the chance that they might if knocked strongly against something).
I've drilled a small hole near the rim of each cap, and attached a short piece of black cord, which can then be looped around the camera strap just as a "belts and braces" job to prevent losing the caps if they should ever happen to get knocked off.
For the price, I think it would be churlish to fault these caps/hoods in any way at all, and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

I've ordered the wide angle versions of these SIOTI lens hoods previously, and it is on the strength of my experiences with those that I ordered this long hood version.
I accept that these generic hoods are never physically as long as a dedicated "lens specific" hood would be, but they have the distinct advantage of being able to screw them onto the front of a lens-mounted polarising filter.
Thus enabling the polarising filter to be rotated by the hood itself, and no longer needing to poke one's fingers down inside the depths of the hood and risking getting fingerprints onto the glass of the filter.
The 77mm size I bought has an overall depth of 35mm (excluding the threaded part).
Construction is good quality, with the hood itself being made of alloy, and the lens-cap being made of plastic.
Again, the ability to add the lens-cap whilst the hood id still in place on the lens is very useful.
It comes complete with a piece of black cord, and is pre-drilled to accept that cord, so that you can attach it to the camera and prevent accidental loss of the cap.
At about a quarter of the price of what one would have to pay for a manufacturer's own brand lens hood & cap, there's nothing really to fault about this product, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Purchased to work in conjunction with a stepping ring to combat vignetting on my camcorder from the original camera hood.
Who ever thought of fitting a lens cap to the lens hood needs to be applauded - what a good idea and why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Nice touch with the inclusion of a lens cleaning cloth as well.

I bought the 72mm lens hood. Very happy with the metal lens hood construction and quality of the product. Comes with a lens cleaning cloth and 77mm lens/pinch cap which fits securely in front of hood. This good works great with my Viltrox 85mm f1.8 AF lens. Overall recommended product.

Excellent lens hood, particularly good design with a lens cap at the end of the hood. I bought the 55mm one for an old Tokina RMC 80-200mm F4 Ais lens and it makes a big difference on a sunny day. There is a noticeable difference with and without the hood and I find no vignetting at 80mm.

Great value for money,I’ve got it for my 22mm canon lens. I wouldn’t use it on a zoom lens but for this type of lens it’s perfect

Nice build good price. Effective lens cover and not fiddly. I used it on my 60mm Olympus f2.8 macro lens. Perfect.

very-well made And works very well with the PULUZ case on my go-pro 5 black, This is a very-good lens-hood at a very good price.

Bought this for my Canon 50mm f1.8.....hood fits nice, metal construction, no vignetting......comes complete with its own hood cap which is great.

Works just as advertised! I have to say it fits well, weighs little and looks smart!

Bought this to use with my Hawke rifle scope. Does the job and costs a fraction of the manufacturer's version.

Excellent value all round, with a very secure lens cap.
Very good quality cleaning cloth.
A complete steal at this price.

Fits my Nokton lens, the plastic front cap could be a bit better quality, but anyway definitely the lens hood is worth the money.


excellent. does a good job, looks good, fits perfectly