Kaiser Slip-On Lens Cap for Lenses with an Outside Diameter of 77mm (206977)


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  • The size of the Kaiser Slip-On Lens Cap reflects the outer diameter of the actual lens and not its thread size. Please measure to the outside diameter of the lens before purchasing any slip-on lens cap
  • Comes with lanyard anchor. Lanyard is sold separately
  • Designed to fit any camera or enlarger lens, binocular, tele-, micro-, or spotting scope lens
  • The cap should fit snuggly but not so tight that it is hard to remove



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Slip-On lens cap, made of flexible plastic, black. Diameters are the inside dimensions of the lens cap. This corresponds with the outside diameter of the lens (or filter) which is covered with the lens cap.

Product information Size:77mm Product Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 inches Item Weight 0.353 ounces ASIN B00394UMTI Item model number 206977

Perfect for the Canon G7x Mk 2. I've been concerned about the weak lens shutter on the camera and a survey of the forums on the internet indicate that this an issue. The lens opening is quite large and probably this compounds the weakness in the mechanism. Everyone suggests this lens cap as the best solution as it offers protection and prevents dust from getting in. Just be careful not to turn on the camera with the cap on, as it fits snugly and may damage the lens extending mechanism.

If you reading this it means you trying to find out what size is good for you don’t waste money and time and use a digital caliber and you will safe a lot of time. I have a Tiffen 82MM filter and the perfect size for it is the 85MM. The brand design the cap with the inner size of your filter not the otter side Diameter so watch out. You need at least 2 numbers higher or sometime 3 and you will end up with a 0.5. The design of this cap always miss a 0.5 because of the materials flexibility so if your filter 82mm and the next number 85mm half will be lost on the flexibility and half you need to not make the cap very tide.

Update: the 85mm fits the 82mm :)

After the lens cover blades on my Canon G7x mk ii were irreparably damaged during routine operation, I removed the blades, measured the diameter of the control dial, came up with 58.25mm, and found my way to this item, and immediately saw that its reviews were full of people in the exact same situation as myself.

This lens cover fits snugly and securely over the camera's lens in its closed/powered off position. Its color and texture matches the camera body well enough that it looks like it was meant to be there.

Only flaw-- item description states that it comes with a tether anchor, to allow the cap to be tethered to the camera body. The item I received has no connection point for a tether. If you are so inclined, you can resolve this by poking a small hole in the lens cover to thread a tether to, but this results in the whole arrangement losing a bit of its tidy appearance.

This push-on lens cap fits PERFECTLY on my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 camera, after the retracting lens diaphragm got stuck open, with the lens uncovered. I already have a lanyard which would have worked if there was an eyelet to thread it through, but--despite one of the reviews for this cap saying it "doesn't come with a lanyard, only an eye for a lanyard"--there is NO eyelet hole to attach a lanyard. Now I have to wait for the stick-on lens cap lanyard I just ordered, so I don't lose the cap. I gave it one less star for not having a way to attach a lanyard--and because it was so expensive for a simple molded piece of plastic. But it's a really good lens cap that won't come off until I want it to.

I bought 57mm lens cap to replace the original 57mm one on my Yashica Super 8 camera which wouldn't stay on. The camera has a 55mm built-in lens and a haze filter attached. This replacement cap fits very snug, snug enough that I can unscrew the filter attachment with it on. Personally, I like it that snug because most original Super 8 camera bags don't have a lot of extra room, so it's easy to knock off the lens cap when taking the camera in and out of the bag, especially if you've got a filter on the lens. The snug fit and the fact that this is slimmer than the original cap completely solves that problem. I also like that this has a lanyard attachment. Definitely recommend as a replacement.

The Hoya ULTRA Super Slim Ring filters don't offer front threads, minimizing vignetting (why did Hoya stop making these?) on WA lenses. Thererfore, use of a standard lens caps designed to attach to front filter threads isn't an option.

Measured my filter OD with a digital caliper to confirm the Kaiser 70mm and 80mm caps would correctly fit, respectively. Removed my Hoya included rubber caps, installed the Kaiser caps, and they fit perfectly; much better than the Hoya rubber cap.

Key step is to actually measure your lens filter's actual OD. Good quality.

Fits on the G7X mark ii PERFECTLY. Wish I had found out about this before I got a little debris in the lens. I like to put my camera in my pocket. We shall see how it holds up.

Hint: it's not because you're rich. It's because metal slip-on caps get knocked off your lens, and pinch type caps are equally ineffective at staying on. This Kaiser product - similar to a jar lid - holds tightly and comes off with a little bit of suction. This means that if you stick, say, a capped Fuji X100 in your pocket, the lens cap will stay on and seal out pocket lint. One other benefit of the Kaiser product is the little plastic loop so that you can tie a lanyard between the cap and the camera. Order a size 2mm biggr than your filter thread - so a 49mm lens or filter generally takes a 51mm cap.

Not quite sure which I found the most surprising , the cost or the fact that it had to come from America.
What you get for your money is a shallow round piece of plastic to cover a lens, I bought mine to protect the automatic lens cover leaves on my Canon G7-X Mk 11 which it does. It fits the canon well but is a little tight initially, so if you own a Canon G7-X Mk 11 and want some extra protection or the leaves have jammed open then this is ideal.
Only the cost robs it of five stars.

Just cut down the rim to the face in about eight slits to ease the fitting befor you put it on and it will be easy to remove. Protects the lens more effectively than the shutter in front of the glass.

Perfect fit for Canon GX7 Mark II

If you want a lens cap which doesn't fall off then look no further. These Kaiser lens caps are relatively expensive but are worth the extra cost. It fits snugly over the lens and can't be displaced easily. Buy 2mm larger than the thread size of your lens ie 45mm for a lens with a 43mm filter thread.

Fits my Sony RX100 M4 perfectly. I did have to give it a teeny bit of a stretch to begin with but that just means it stays put.

Great to give the lens the protection it needs if you're just using a pouch or putting it in your pocket.

purchased to protect lens shutters on Sony RX 100 mk6 it was a little tight to start with but after use it seemed to stretch slightly now a good fit and gives peace of mind when camera carried in your pocket.

This does just what it says it will do. Providing the lens front is correctly measured this cap is great.

The plastic is quite stiff so it will either fit your xx OD lens filter or it will be loose or 'pop off' depending on tolerances.

Saves my camera lens, for that it's brilliant

Fits my camera perfectly. The lens shutter assembly got damaged and to replace it was very expensive, so this fits the bill perfectly.

Used to replace binocular caps - fitted about right so just got some felt tape to slightly reduce the diameter and now have a perfect solution

Great Lens Cap, especially if you're a Format HiTech filter user they fit both old and new 100mm systems perfectly I've used on both.

I ordered the 68mm lens cap it fits perfectly .
I recommend this product.

Excellent solution to the problem of protecting the multi-leaf shutter of the Canon G5x from having a finger damaging it when not in use and in a pocket rather than a case.

Arrived quickly, fitted the lens. Just what was needed.