JJC Auto Open and Close Lens Cap Protector for Panasonic Lumix LX100 II (DC-LX100M2) DMC-LX100 Leica D-LUX (Typ 109), Replaces Panasonic DMW-LFAC1K Automatic Lens Cap, Fits Filter Thickness Below 8mm


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  • Compatible with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100, DMC-LX100II & Leica D-LUX (Typ 109) cameras; Fits any filter thickness up to 8mm
  • Auto open & close. Will not cause vignetting
  • Protects your lens away from dust, moisture and scratches
  • No need to worry about losing your lens cap any more
  • Note: Before installing this auto lens cap, please remove the lens front ring first.



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JJC ALC-LX100 Auto Lens Cap is an ideal accessory for Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100, DMC-LX100II and Leica D-LUX (Typ 109) cameras. This auto lens cap adopts an ultra-slim design and easily screws onto the lens. The three leaves will open automatically with the extension of the lens, so you will not need to remove it from the camera when you want to take photos. You don’t need to worry about losing your lens cap any more. In addition, the auto lens cap will not cause vignetting. The three leaves will automatically close with the retraction of the lens. At this time it protects your valuable investment from dust, moisture and scratches. When a filter is attached to the camera lens, JJC ALC-LX100 is able to close perfectly. With its easy installation feature, the auto lens cap is approachable for both new camera users or professional photographers.

JJC ALC-LX100 Black / Silver replaces Panasonic DMW-LFAC1K / DMW-LFAC1S automatic lens cap.

Product information Product Dimensions 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches Item Weight 0.6 ounces ASIN B00YGX032M Item model number 4332042838

Does exactly what it claims: opens when the lens extends, closes when it retracts. Adds just a little bulk, but looks nice enough that it seems like part of the camera.

Can’t speak to the longevity of the springs in the petals, but it worked flawlessly for the entirety of a recent trip to Europe.

Did drop the camera from a low distance once. The lens was fine so the protection apparently works. The softish plastic of the cover was dinged up a bit, but I’d consider that a fair trade over a cracked lens.

This auto lens cap fits and generally works with the Lumix DC-LX100M2 (it is advertised as working with the LX100M2) and I think it works well. One caution, and the reason I did not give it 5 stars, is that the description says that it will work with filters up to 8 mm thick. I have an 8 mm thick circular polarizer and the leaves of the lens cap will not fully retract when it is installed. (Yes the circular polarizer is the only filter on the camera lens.) It would be nice if the leaves would completely close to protect the lens and filter when the lens retracts.

I just got it and it seems ok. It was a little difficult and scary putting it on but works just like it says. Don't know about durability and can't judge on value which I believe is dependant on the durability.

Works as intended, twists on and fits the camera perfectly. I always get these for my cameras to replace the manual caps.

No-fuss way to protect the lens of the camera. I also have a lens filter attached and doen not get in the way. It closed completely.

It's very convenient that I don't need to worry about the lid as turning on and off the camera.

My leica rebelled against this. Use cautiously.


This is a complete game changer for the LX100. I have many cameras but my LX100 had fallen into under use, simply because of the inconvenience of the manual lens cap. With this auto-open lens cap the camera becomes much more convenient and quicker to use. It becomes a camera you can extract from your pocket and use one-handed, like the Olympus Stylus 1. This is a complete "must have" accessory for the LX100 and has completely re-vitalised my use of this great camera.

I purchased this ahead of a trip to Norway so knew the temperature would mean I would be wearing gloves so the original lens cap would be trouble to handle.
This was so easy to fit and makes using the camera so easy and protects the lens perfectly.
I also keep a UV filter on and this allows me to fit the filter and could not have done with the original OEM supplied version.
Having now used this extensively I would not be without this lens cap. Works flawlessly and allows you to concentrate on capturing the image.
Very pleased with this.

Great accessory for my Leica d lux type 109. Easy to fit, opens and closes smoothly when the lens extends and retracts. Saves flapping around with the supplied one. Recommended.

Really nifty little lens cap, which still accommodates a circular polarizing filter.

It has caused some scratches on the lens barrel, hence the drop to four stars, but better than scratches on the lens itself so not going to complain too much!

Once you’ve figured out how to fit this to the lens it works well and is obviously a lot cheaper than the Leica original. Does the job well

It works very well, but it needs as it tends to drop off the lens with handling.

Product works as described.

Just as described. A very useful accessory.

Works perfectly and means I can forget about the lens cap entirely. Perfect.

Brilliant device
Could be a little deeper to accommodate
UV filter


Had one on my LX3 years ago. This is just as good. Mo more finding somewhere to put a lens cap.

Clever idea that works but it does leave rub marks on the lens casing

Amazon könnte sich hier Retoure sparen, wenn die Angaben der Verkäufer richtig wäre. Ich besitze die Kamera von Panasonic DC-LX100II und der Deckel wird dafür beschrieben, jedoch ist das nicht passend und überhaupt nicht geeignet! Das gleiche war die Kameratasche die ich bestellt hatte, auch für die gleichwertigen Kamera's. Passt ebenfalls nicht.
Hier könnte sich jede Menge Arbeit gespart werden, wenn die Angaben stimmen.

La sua installazione è stata semplice. Il frontale che protegge l'ottica in posizione di riposo è dotato di 3 sezioni a petalo e l'apertura e chiusura automatica del copriobiettivo risulta fluida. Lo spazio interno può accogliere senza problemi un filtro nd o uno UV o un filtro polarizzatore , sempre con ring sottoli (slim) e senza problemi di vignettatura meccanica. L'ingombro (profondità) della compatta Panasonic Lx 100 passa quindi da 64mm a 73 mm (mirino-fronte tappo) - Molto pratico come sistema ed è impossibile perderlo a differenza del tappo originale.
Acquisto super consigliato !
Per un eventuale acquisto dei filtri consiglio gli Haida Slim Pro II MC.