Fotodiox Filter Wrench Kit (Pair of Two) - Small, for Lens Thread 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm


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  • Lightweight, Flexible Plastic Construction
  • Assists With The Removal Of Stubborn Filters and Lens Attachments
  • Designed Not To Scratch
  • 24 Month Manufacture Warranty



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Use these wrenches to remove stuck or stubborn filters from lenses or each other. Strong gripping surface designed to unscrew the stuck filter without damaging it. Works on lenses and filters that are 49mm, 52mm, 55mm and 58mm in diameter.

Product information Product Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 inches Item Weight 0.8 ounces ASIN B0095PQPHI Item model number 847372017645

Ordered two for a 52 mm filter, but on broke at my second use. I figured I needed one to hold back the lens and the other to turn the filter. Lucky that I did this so I still had another to get the filter off. When fitting it around the filter the two arms remain still quite apart from each other, probably causing strain on the plastic. The corresponding wrench size seems off, or in other words, the wrench for the corresponding filter is far too small and should probably just be one size up. Would not recommend this cheap plastic and will look for metal versions if these even exist.

No sooner had I received the medium and large wrench kit from did I run into a problem getting a 58mm circular polarizer filter off my prime 50mm lens. So rather than trying to do it with my hand "the old fashioned way," I opened up the cellophane package and pulled out one of the smaller wrenches. I fit it around the 58mm circular polarizer which was a nice snug fit, and with the teeth of the wrench aligned with the outer teeth on the filter I gave the wrench a gentle twist and voila! ... the polarizer loosened sufficiently so I could screw it off with my hand.

An excellent product that provides a great value for the money.

If you ever need to remove a filter gracefully... and you probably will... I highly recommend having these wrenches available in your camera bag.

Now if I could only get a definitive opinion whether I really need to remove the neutral clear filter I keep on all my lenses before I install the circular polarizer filter -- or just screw the CP filter on top of the neutral clear filter -- I'd be all set.

I purchased this to remove a 52mm filter from a wide angle lens adapter. The wide angle lens comes apart and it separates into a macro adapter. The filter was stuck to the macro piece. Prior to placing my order, I attempted to remove the filter with a cloth wrapped vice grip and it still wouldn't budge, due to lack of traction, it was clearly on there tight!

I'll be honest, I was skeptical when I ordered this, so much so that I ordered this, the "52mm 52 Lens Repair Silicone Rubber Tool / Filter Wrench Remove Front Retaining Ring Scratch Free!" and a replacement wide angle adapter at the same time.

When I received this today, I ended up using the silicone rubber tool first which did the job amazingly. I then reattached the filter onto an old lens that I'm not currently using and tightened it with the wrenches. I attempted to detach the filter by hand but was only able to do so with the wrench.

Based on my experience, I am going to use the filter wrenches I bought on any of my lenses. I don't like the idea of putting pressure from the rubber tool onto a lens.

For 14 bucks, I believe that it is worth having both the wrenches and silicone tool readily available.

Hope your experience will be as good as mine!

What more can I say about a wrench that works? Get several of these wrenches to have at home and in your camera bag. Be sure to buy one or two for each diameter lens you use.

Lens filters are famous for being difficult to remove and it always happens at the worst time in your photo shooting. These wrenches will take the frustration out of removing lens filters.

These would work better if they were less flimsy. You can put very little pressure on these before they warp out of shape and pop off the lens filter. I needed to put a rubber band around the filter to give the tool enough grip to turn it. It did work when I did that but if they were a bit stiffer I wouldn't have needed to. If I ever need to purchase this type of tool again I will look for something more effective, possibly made from aluminum rather than plastic.

This easily removed my stuck Hoya polarizing filter, it is thin enough that I could grasp just the portion below the rotating part of the filter. Mine came off easily once I had it perfectly lined up, of course everyone's mileage will vary, but it worked just great in my case.

After my wife stumbled & broke my camera lenses (smashed UV filter & dinged lens threads) I was able to remove the filter ring & salvage the lens. This saved me $600.00 & I would recommend that everyone carry this.

Being fairly new to use of filters I naively stacked my 52mm ones using the Rainbowimaging 52mm Metal Screw-in Lens Cap / 52mm Stack Cap Protect Storage Filter Case, thinking this was a much more compact way to carry them. This worked fine for a while but then the inevitable occurred: two filters stuck together and, try as i might they simply would not separate.
I resigned myself to failure and even considered buying new filters! Then I saw this incredibly good value wrench set and thought I'd give it a try. In under 30 seconds I had them separated!
These are a "must have" item to carry if you use filters.

Pros: cheap, effective, small, easy to use
Cons: none whatsoever!

Had some UV filters get really stuck on our lens and my wife panicked a little. We were going backpacking in Nepal and didn't want to be somewhere and not get an accessory off the lens, or damage the thread on the lens. These were perfect, lightweight and make it very easy to remove anything. I will say they are lightweight plastic, so they could snap if not stored and handled carefully. If you are looking for something more durable I would look for something else.

I bought these to go with the larger set of filter wrenches I purchased. I hope I never have to use them but... if the time comes when I have a stuck filter, I know I will be glad they are in my camera bag.

Cheap price and tucks in your kit nicely, great tool for any rotatable filter

Practical for losening filter that easily tend to seize on lens when time come to take them off the lens. I always carry them in my bag.

Very useful

Excellent for occasional use and a no-brainer at this price

Simple, effective, and takes up no space in my camera bag.

Great assist tool

Could be a little better built. The smaller sized wrenches work much better than the larger wrenches

Solved my problem in less time than it took to open the package. Awesome! Camera repair shop quoted me $40 min labour charge.

great use