Neewer All-Metal Auto-Focus Macro Extension Tube Set 10mm&16mm for Sony E-Mount Mirrorless Camera NEX 3/3N/5/5N/5R/A6000/A6300 and Full Frame A7 A7S/A7SII A7R/A7RII A7II Red


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  • Own this extension tube, with little cost to realize macro shooting
  • Support Exact TTL Exposure and Auto-focus; built-in electronic contacts and guide pin
  • New adapter aperture hole design, perfectly support Sony NEX3/3N/5/5N/5R/A6000/A6300 and Full Frame A7 A7S/A7SII A7R/A7RII A7II camera
  • Including two tubes (10mm, 16mm), 3 different combinations
  • Please NOTE: camera is not included



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NOTE: camera is not included


It comes as a set (10mm+16mm) and contains 2pcs tubes in different length 10mm/16mm, each tube can work alone.

It is with electronic contacts (well-built), which make it support automatic focusing, automatic exposure, etc.

It enables you to use all shooting modes of camera, exposure compensation is required.

The extension tubes have no optics. They are mounted in between the camera body and lens to create more distance between the lens and film plane.


Material: All Metal

Tube length: 10mm, 16mm

Suitable for: SONY E-mount Mirrorless Camera NEX 3/3N/5/5N/5R/A6000/A6300 and Full Frame A7 A7S/A7SII A7R/A7RII A7II

Package contents:

1x Neewer extension tube 10mm+16mm set red

Product information Color:Red Product Dimensions 4.7 x 4 x 2.7 inches Item Weight 4.2 ounces ASIN B01JIJNMQM Item model number B01JIJNMQM

Great product, and works perfectly! HOWEVER, there is some small movements, and it's not completely tight and snug. I can live with this, but be advised if you have a large or heavy'll want to support the lens, as I just don't trust these tubes to be all that sturdy. Neewer was terrible in responding to my questions, as it took them a while to return my emails. Still, the product works and works well. I took some great pictures with these tubes! I recommend these as they're all metal. The plastic ones (while I have not purchased or used them) are likely garbage when it comes to mounting them, and I recommend these over plastic.

I recommend using these with a zoom lens, as macro is often times better when you have that ability. That being said, find what focal length works for you!

TLDR: Good set; recommend you buy them for cheap macro photography. You can get insanely close to your subjects, as pictured below.

These products perform exactly as advertised. They are small. Lightweight. All Metal construction. The blue coloring is nice and solid. The electronic connection works great on my Sony a6500. I've tried it with Sony 50mm 1/8, Sony 20mm 2.8, Sigma 30mm 1.4, and Sony 55-210mm OIS. It works with all of them well. The best close focusing distance came the 50mm f1/8. I'll post sample shots of the difference these tubes make.

I am using these macro extension tubes on an A7 Full Frame, 50mm 1.8 lens, 1/200 F4.5 ISO 320, Indoors with room light and attached LED panel to camera for extra light. These things are great. I have un-boxed and put them on my A7 right away and have seen some great results. The build quality is a little cheap for being all metal. I will see how well they hold up over the next few months of use. The auto focus with my cheaper 50mm 1.8 is about the same and I did not see a difference. On my test shots of the hard drive I started with my lens alone then used each adapter separately and then combined and did not see any issues with my auto focus. It appears the metal flanges inside may be coated so I will see if they start to tear under normal wear. Overall the results speak for themselves in the image results. The camera with the 50mm 1.8 gained a huge improvement in focal distance with the expected decrease in depth of field (very shallow). I did not happen to have a tripod with me so no longer exposures to increase above my f4.5 setting while I was shooting hand held. Overall great little additions to my gear, I just hope they continue to hold up over the next few months.

This is the one! First, I tried a $20 model, and after playing with it, I was afraid to put it on my camera or lens. My fear was that it would become a permanent fixture as the pins did not retract properly. Now this one, it works like the fine piece of craftsmanship that it is. The two rings work flawlessly and the locating pins retract all the way without any hesitation. The screws are perfectly countersunk to eliminate unwanted friction and scarring of the mating face. The machining of the bayonets provides a flawless fit and finish with a smooth action between the mating parts. I was hesitant about the cost of these, but after comparing them, they are well worth the extra $18. I looked at it this way. If the cheaper ones got stuck on my camera; how much would that cost? With these, I have total confidence that they will come off as smoothly as the went on. Also these are metal and not prone to the distortions of plastic as they age.

Great solid construction, but not exactly as shown. You can see in the pictures the inside cutout is rectangular and not circular. But I believe this is a good thing as it gives the right space for full frame sensor as well as a APS-C sensor. The inside cutout is plastic, but the rest of the construction is metal. Unlike others, I have a solid tight fit, and there is only a minimal amount of play that is the same as a native Sony lens. The only other nitpick is the silver rings that slide together with the camera body, were slightly oily. This is probably the factory oil, but they could have done a better job in wiping it down. A quick wipe down myself gives the contact points a good shine, while still being well lubricated to attach to the camera.

Hi! I have the Sony A6000. I have only snapped a few pics using these tubes. After fiddling with the settings, I took a few quick closeups . Need to check the quality of the image, but I can tell you that the connection felt tight and the autofocus worked well.

I really like the fact that these are all metal. The quality was apparent. Now, I ordered red, and was sent blue, instead. Maybe they were out of red? No idea. So I reduced the rating by 1 Star.

These are five stars based on their quick arrival and being as advertised. The workmanship and quality appear of the highest quality especially for the price. I had also bought an adaptor from another vendor to use my older camera macro that does not have the auto focus feed thru like these that requires an additional step of telling the camera to take the picture with no lens and so far have not noticed a picture quality difference. If you are starting into macro photography this is a good first step as it allows you to use your present lens to get wet without the additional expense of a new lens.

Though this is my first macro extension tube and my only issue with it is that it does not fit snugly onto my camera and lens - it's got a slight rotational play and a bit of wobble. However, it doesn't affect the function and perfectly works as intended. I chose this extension tube mainly because it has electronic contacts that would allow me to set the aperture. AF was never in my list of requirements but it still performed admirably as long as there's enough light.

The tube is made of metal and feels nice to the touch. I also like the shade of red that they used. I wish it had a third and larger tube, though. I guess buying another set can serve the same purpose.

Excellent! The extension tubes are sturdy and fit snugly to the camera without any wobble or give. I have mainly used just the 10mm tube on its own and it really does the trick, allowing for macro shots. They are easy to put on and take off. Well worth the price. Perfect!

Put these on the A6000 I keep as a throw around and it works okay. Considering Sonys hold to ransom price on lenses it's high time comapnies fought back with add ons that actually work. I marked it down a star because the fitting is not the best, do not let this put you off though, they coped with the 55-210 and at no time did I feel the lens was heading for the floor. Best results tripod of course and the inserts are as they should be it's the photos on here what are wrong. At this price and for non serious macro you can't go wrong...

Swift delivery - bought for use with Sony A6000 - appear well made, plus being all metal. Good fit and no slackness I can find.
Second reason for choosing this particular pair is purely cosmetic...being blue makes them more recognisable amongst most everything else lens-related in my arsenal being black..!
Thank you..

Hey these work on my 35mm prime lens just fine. To give you an idea with both rings on the camera your lens is basically touching your subject.

Can't fault it. Fits great on my A7R III + 90mm Macro lens. The lens and the camera are black and these rings are red, but it's not a mayor annoyance.
Remember, you can only focus close up with these rings, the camera will not focus far.

What I expected. Very nicely made and seemed to work well when tried out.

very solid metal extension rings, no light leakage and easy to put on or take of. Very good product.

Does the job

Un must have per chi vuole viaggiare senza set di lenti. Non sostituisce in tutti i suoi aspetti una lente macro ma i risultati sono ottimi sia su una A7 Mark ii con kit 28-70mm, sia su A6000 con 50mm.
Lo consiglio con un obiettivo af apertura variabile 18-200.
La comunicazione elettronica tra il set e la macchina è buono ma l'impressione di perdere lo stabilizzatore su A6000 è piuttosto forte. Su A7ii con stabilizzatore interno IBIS a 5 assi (3 effettivi).
In svariate occasioni mi è capitato che ci fosse gioco tra i newer e il corpo macchina, causando un "tilt" sia su A6000 che su A7ii.
Per il prezzo, sapendo di avere un buon prodotto che ha dei difetti, ma con un po' di spirito di avventura è un'ottima scelta. Per chi vuole un oggetto perfetto, meglio una lente macro senza troppi pensieri.

- Versatile
- All-metal construction
- Color
- Price

- Veeeery slight play in the mount
- 10mm tube has a rather tight fit on the camera end of the mount

Pics included are shot with:
Sony A6300 50mm f/1.8 OSS handheld
1) 16mm Extension Tube at f/4.5 ISO 250
2) 16mm+10mm Extension Tube at f/4.5 ISO 640

Sono un foroamatore magari con attrezzatura da fotografo. Mi piace la foto mi piace fare macro a fiori e questi tubi di prolunga li ho trovati perfetti sia nello scatto con automatismi che in quello manuale, la messa a fuoco è perfetta, insomma se ci stai pensando comprali!!!

Leider lassen sich beide Teile nur mit roher Gewalt auf den Body meiner Sony A 7 ... schrauben. Geschweige dass man diese wieder abbekommt. Dafür ist mir meine Kamera zu schade. Leider habe ich das alles zu spät getestet und kann dies Teile nicht mehr zurück schicken. Absolut keine Empfehlung.

Rifiniti benissimo, robusti, non s'inceppano quando si agganciano alla mia Sony 7R II. mantengono tutte le funzioni. Che vuoi di più.

Muy satisfecho, encaja como un guante, sin holguras, el enfoque automático va perfecto y por el color rojo resulta muy funcional a la hora de localizarlo en la bolsa y con una bonita estética, queda chulo. Toda la pieza es aluminio y parece bastante resistente; Las fotos adjuntas las hice con el accesorio y un objetivo 55-210 mm, juzgad vosotros mismos.

Lo que me han mandado no corresponde exactamente a la foto del anuncio. En Amazon es el interior circular y lo que me han mandado tiene un rectángulo, Le escribí a [email protected] para consultarselo pero no responden.En la caja ponía que era para sony micro dsrl y tengo la Sony 7ii. Pero gracias a la atención al cliente de Amazon, me dieron una solución. El servicio de Amazon, por ahora muy bueno.