Xume MFXLA77 Lens Adapter 77mm, Black, Compact


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  • Change photo filters instantly without cross-threading or frustration.
  • Perfect for Polarizers, ND Filters, and Variable ND's.
  • DSLR Photography, Film and Cinematography, Wedding Photography, Long Exposures
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With XUME Quick Release Adapters, filters mount instantly in any orientation. Nothing to align, no moving parts and completely safe to use. The XUME Adapters will not harm your camera or lens, nor affect focus mechanisms, media cards, drivers or other electronics.

Product information Product Dimensions 3.03 x 3.03 x 0.2 inches Item Weight 0.353 ounces ASIN B00BSE3CRA Item model number MFXLA77

I shoot video with a GX85 with a Panasonic 8-18mm (MFT) [16-36mm FF] that has a 67mm thread and use a brass step-up ring to avoid vignetting with a Freewell 77mm VND and the Xume adapters. No issues for video (both 1080p & 4K) , but it does vignette with photos (4:3), but I would think photographers would rather use fix NDs which would be thinner than most VNDs, in general.

Not sure how these will hold up over time, but love the functionality. Just a mere second or two to pop on or off any filter with the matching adapter ring. In run-and-gun situations, it's comes in handy walking to/from a bright environment and popping on/off a VND and one great benefit is you can position the arrow on the VND so it's always visible. No more carefully threading and screwing on a filter and not having sight of the arrow when you need to be recording and trying to determine exact position for stopping down. Freewell VND has arrows on both sides, so that's less of an issue, but there are others that don't.

Overall, great for my needs, but probably not for photographers with the same equipment.

These things aren't cheap but man the convenience they add to a camera is astounding. I do a lot of wedding videography where moving between indoor lighting and outdoor direct sunlight happens 100x on the day of filming. The Xume system is invaluable to me. When these are coupled with a high quality variable ND filter, it's so easy to quickly adapt to lighting changes and allows me to easily use one expensive filter on various cameras. Lots cheaper than buying a filter for each camera or lens. Highly recommend this system.

First off, the built quality isn't very good, the adapter is made of aluminium and plastic, on the plastic piece you will notice extra plastic finishing from the moulding process (something you won't be expecting to see in even the cheapest toys nowadays). Though it doesn't affect using the Xume adaptor itself, but seeing it on a Manfrotto product is kinda disappointing.

I used this Xume lens adaptor in combination with a Xume filter holder on a Breakthrough X4 ND filter rather than buying Xume filters. This combination is horrible as the stacked thickness of Xume lens adaptor and Xume filter holder will induce vignetting at the corners of your image. But I have not tested this against a thin filter, the Breakthrough X4 filter I use is of 'normal' thickness. I think using a thin filter might be able to avoid this vignetting problem. However, I think this is best used with a Xume filter as it doesn't have that extra thickness of the Xume filter holder.

The pros of the filter: The magnet is very strong, so even with a heavy filter like the Breakthrough X4s it will be quite stable. Changing filters is definitely quicker and easier. The Xume lens adaptor/Xume filter holder combination is relatively cheap.

This product has been around for several years, from my best recollection. I've finally got around to trying it and can only say one word -- Wow! This is an excellent product and works, just as the company claims. I've bought enough for my two 77mm lenses. I'm going to purchase a unit for each of my lenses. It's a great investment.
I have noticed some vignetting when mounted on my 16-35mm lens. The 24-70mm seems OK. I'll probably send back the unit that I purchased for the 16-35.

These rings hold the matching ring/filter pretty well although with another unit I did drop a filter off the lens onto some rocks. Bad things happened. But it is very convenient to use especially to swap ND filters in once a composition has been finalized. btw these rings will add some vignetting corners to wide angle lenses like a 24-70.
For some unexplained and ridiculous reason this same item is selling for the price-gouging, usurious figure of 148.00 CAD. on the Canadian site- third part seller. Complaints have gone unanswered. So, in Canada buyer beware! 33.00 USD is much more reasonable. Amazon needs to be on top of and in control of third party sellers such as these.

Works great and the magnetic coupling is very strong and I don't imagine any situation that the filter would come off. But the lens cap doesn't fit very well on it and it does easily fall off.

This is a really nice filter and to be honest it would have worked great , but heres the issues I came across. The darker you go the more rough grain you get with this . I mean its really hard to get good shots with this when using this filter to its max. And thats really why I brought it for . I guess you get what you pay for .

It works well

Need this with filter holder and works as expected.