Neewer Professional Flat & pointed Tips DSLR Camera Lens Spanner Wrench Repairing Opening Tool for Most Cameras


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  • Professional camera lens repair opening tool
  • 6 screw holes, 4-screw-locking design makes the cross bar more flexible for adjustment.
  • Made of high quality antimagnetic stainless steel nice looking and durable.
  • Extended head design is available for some two lens graphics camera (Depends on the avatar sizes of your TLR cameras)



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One pointed tip and one flat tip

Adjustable Jaw opening range, meets the need of most lens size

Package Contents

1x Lens Spanner Wrench Repair Tool

Product information Product Dimensions 6.57 x 4.72 x 1.18 inches Item Weight 7 ounces ASIN B00J5F6O92 Item model number 10074622

I was trying to decide between this one (I like Neewer) and one about twice the price with great reviews and a lot of accessories.

The only review that stood out in my mind from this product was the one where the guy cut his hand. It's hard to swallow your gut reaction of seeing blood and separating it from its immediate association with the product. ... But the reality is I care a lot about the craft to make such a careless mistake of trying to force a sharp object in and around a delicate piece of hardware.

That being said, it's always possible to make a mistake, so be thankful for the reminder to take extra care with sharp tools. But we're all adults here. And working with such complicated feats of engineering should be a contemplative experience if anything.

-very cheap, comes from a known company with a pretty good rep for cheap alternative equipment
-something that convinced me to go with this one versus the more expensive competition was that this didn't bring an assortment of parts. If you don't use the Allen wrench, it was a big plus for me to have a singular general-purpose tool that I didn't have to worry about missing pieces for. Just take it and go.
-The tool is gorgeous - great looking finish. A joy to pick up and look at.
-Successfully removed the front glass element of 3 vintage lenses using both sides in a minute or two each. WAY more fun to use than two flathead screw-drivers.
-My grandfather's Pentacon had the notches really recessed in there, and the spanner's flat ends barely made contact by the corners, but with some careful hand-tightening of the screws, it came right off. It felt fantastic. And best of all, I didn't notice any bending of the metal at all. If anything, it took a tiny speck of the lens notch material with it.
-no problems at all with the hand tightening screws being too loose. The force should be applied perpendicular to this weaker part anyway. (Of course, it comes with a tighter screw set if you're willing to stop and screw in with the Allen wrench)
-the flat points happened to work perfectly as a flathead screwdriver on one occasion.
-very stable on certain axes and fits really well in the hand to be used as a weapon (don't do this)

-the structural horizontal bars have nothing at their ends to keep them from falling out and disassembling if the screws are too loose. It's hilarious. If you loosen all the screws, hold one point and turn it 90 degrees, the whole thing comes apart.
You can easily fix this with some tape or rubber bands at the ends, but I personally love the clean look of the bars. Just never use the tool without some screwing to provide some basic structural friction and you should be fine.

-In my experience, I did not find the metal to be soft at all (previous reviewer suggested this might be). I used it a handful of times and I see no evidence of bending or softness
-BUT, if you are new to the world of taking apart lenses (like I am), I would argue that you might want to consider softness a good thing. I would consider it better to ruin the 12$ tool than the threading/notching of a prized vintage hardware. This is the advantage of having a softer tool than hardware.

-So the fact that this product is so cheap and it works as advertised makes it a great intro tool for us beginners.
-The potential softness might be a potential plus in some cases.
-The only structural issue with the horizontal bars has a silver lining - it forces you to slow down, focus, and work precisely - which sets a nice pace for the hobby.

This is a good tool for professional camera lens repair work. Made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful and durable. 6 screw holes and 4 screw locks make the crossbar more flexible and adjustable. Definitely worth buying, highly recommended!

Well-made and versatile. Locking set screws could use a washer to prevent loosening or a change in pitch of the threads might make tightening knobs stay put.

These f mount lenses are from the apollo era and this tool gave them a second chance at capturing light. Perfect purchase for repairing lenses!

Idea behind this tool to open my lens to clean fungus, just at basic level
either on front or back element as I'm not trained lens cleaner :(

It did work as expected and does basic job really great, I will save them for next use

I was taking apart an old 300mm prime to clean out fungus, and it couldn't quite reach the rear element to take it out. Nbd though, it worked just fine for the rest. :)

Some other reviewers mentioned the pointy ends were susceptible to bending, but I didn't experience that. Only used it for one lens, so ymmv.

Worked great for what I needed it for. Used it on an 82mm Fujinon lens I had to service.

Feels sturdy and well made, did exactly what I needed it to do. Thanks to this useful tool now I am able to clean all of the lenses. It's also at a great price so highly recommend.

It has allowed me to fix several lenses that would have cost me hundreds of pounds having someone else repair them. Also it has sharp pointy bits on the end that I can use if someone interupts me whilst I'm trying to concentrate!!! XD

Fiddly and screws don't tighten very well. Nightmare trying to use it for its sole purpose.

Points bent under hand pressure on a lens ring.

When applying a fair amount of force the tips bend, not quite grippy or precise enough. Still good though. Very good value for money if the lens filter thread is perfect. For any tough jobs get a better quality one.

Not perfect fit, gets loose

The product is well finished but not well designed. The screws could not hold the tips firmly so that sometimes the tips keep moving and scratch my camera surface.

Arrived on time, excellent product.

Seems sturdy and well made, not used yet though

Perfect, did exactly what I needed it to do works well

Exactly what I needed to service a macro lens on a Canon camera.

All good.

Apparentemente l'attrezzo si presenta solido e di buon materiale. Al primo utilizzo, svitare una guarnizione di una lente, anche se la presa è buona alla prima rotazione, era un pò dura, forzato un pò le punte si sono piegate non potendolo utilizzare. La cosa strana è che si definisce con materiale d'acciaio, la piegatura delle punte non mi ha convinto. Restituito.

Habe dieses Werkzeug bestellt, weil ich einige Filterfassungen auseinandernehmen wollte (an Objektive habe ich mich noch nicht rangetraut).
Diesem Verwendungszweck war das Werkzeug gewachsen.
Allerdings hätte ich wohl besser das "Dual Tip" Modell wählen sollen, da das Modell mit den beiden Querstreben einen konstruktiven Nachteil aufweist:
Um die Spannweite einzustellen, müssen beide Schrauben an einer Seite gelöst werden - allerdings werden dann die Tip-Halter nicht mehr exakt parallel geführt, sondern wackeln leicht herum, sobald eine Schraube gelockert (und die andere fixiert) ist. Als Folge kann die Spannweite nicht exakt eingestellt werden: schiebt man einen Tip-Halter auf die gewünschte Weite und fixiert dann zunächst eine Schraube, wackelt der der dann an einer Stelle fixierte Halter um diese "Achse", womit die Tip-Distanz gleich wieder um 1-1,5 mm variiert.
Das "Dual-Tip" Modell hat einen einzigen Verbindungs-Stab mit rechteckigem Querschnitt: damit dürften die Tip-Halter weniger verkanten.

Appena arrivata questa chiave a compasso l'ho già messa alla prova per rimuovere l'elemento frontale di un'ottica vintage che ha bisogno di essere disassemblata. E' di buona fattura essendo completamente metallica, trasmette un buon feeling di solidità. Comode le doppie estremità che da un lato sono a punta e dall'altro sono a taglio. Il prezzo è buono considerando che non si trovano a particolarmente meno in giro, ma con la spedizione Amazon ho potuto effettuare la consegna comodamente a un Locker che ho vicino a dove lavoro e solo questo per me vale la differenza di 2~3€ con altri venditori.

klapprig und die schrauben lösen sich immer, somit zerkratzt man schnell eine objektiv-linse.
warum kann es nicht mal hersteller geben der was in guter qualität bauen, mir geht dieser ganze china müll langsam auf die nerven., bei diesen spannern findet man halt echt nur billigen käse