SPEEX 55mm Lens Cap for Canon Replaces E-55 II ?-


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  • Affordable, high quality replacement for the Canon e-55 II
  • For all lenses with a 55mm filter thread front
  • Center pinch lens cap design makes for easy removal with most lens Hoods
  • Protects lens front from dust, moisture, direct sunlight and scratches
  • lens_type: Standard
  • max_focal_length: 1.0
  • connectivity_technology: NFC



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This very affordable 55mm lens cap is a center-squeeze Snap-On type lens cap for Canon EF and EF-S lenses with a 55mm Front diameter. A front lens cap protects the lens from scratches, moisture, dust and fingerprints when the lens is not in use.

Product information Size:55mm Product Dimensions 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.08 inches Item Weight 0.16 ounces ASIN B07N5CPZ7Q Item model number 55U

This is cheap piece of junk. Sure, it fits and looks a lot like the Breakthrough Photography version right down to the cheesy texture on the front behind the logo. This "Generic" cap, however, is not even worth the $3+ it cost. In addition to being kind of flimsy, it has a hole in it. I assume this hole is for the cheap piece of string that came with the cap that, I assume, is supposed to be some kind of a cap leash, but the hole is not behind the "rim"- meaning the hole is over the lens area. This makes the cap useless, potentially allowing debris through this hole.What good is a lens cap with a hole in it? The Breakthrough Photography version of this cap has a hole but at least it's at the very edge of the cap and does not intrude on the lens area.

The worst thing about this cheap lens cap- it couldn't be returned. Total waste of $3. Just buy the real thing from Canon, which only costs $7. Attached is a photo of the three lens caps, the top one being the real Canon cap.

This is NOT a Canon product, even though it has a Canon logo on it. It is very cheaply made, and would not last very long. It is also very noisy when you pinch the grips, which would make it unusable for some. Don’t buy this product. I am reporting it to Canon, so that they can take legal action for use of their logo.

If you want a genuine Canon Lens Cap - pay more than double the price and order a genuine OEM Canon Lens Cap. If you're like me and misplace or lose these caps fairly often, then a good quality, inexpensive lens cap that provides adequate lens protection like this generic cap fits the bill! This cap is of good quality black plastic that has two spring loaded finger grips. It DOES NOT HAVE A HOLE in it. A short elastic strap with adhesive "button" is provided as a cap "keeper" to allow you to remove the cap from the lens and let it dangle while you take the photo then place it back on the lens. With use, time, and exposure to dust and heat the adhesive on the lens keeper adheres less effectively and eventually fails. I don't even bother to use the keeper on my cap, opting instead to place the cap in my pocket when shooting. The cap springs will also eventually weaken, making it harder to keep the cap on the lens. This is true even with the OEM cap, although it might last longer before it needs to be replaced. The generic cap firmly griped both the 67mm camera lens with and without an attached lens filter, and the "Canon" logo is just an added bonus (It also helps keep track of lens caps from different brand cameras)! Overall, this generic brand lens cap offers more than adequate lens protection for an excellent value!

It says "Generic" in the description so I sort of assumed that it wasn't a genuine Canon part... the action is kinda weird and certainly louder than the original caps. It's harder to squeeze than the original Canon caps, too, but arguably that makes it stay on better? I haven't noticed a difference in that regard. But the grip-grooves aren't as sharp or deep, so I'm guessing with a true test, these caps may not fare as well.) My other gripe is that it says "Canon" across the front in a raised font, identical to the Canon logo—but it looks totally different than all my other Canon caps and appears to have been slapped on after-the-fact. I would rather it just be blank. If you are afraid of someone calling you out on buying counterfeit stuff, put some black tape over this logo, lest you next be accused of having counterfeit lenses/bodies, too. I'm forwarding to Canon for review because, well... trademarks are a big deal to me—I'm an IP lawyer. (In the included pic, the authentic Canon cap is on the left and this product is on the right.)

If this all seems super petty, tell me so.

Advertised as a generic replacement for Canon lens cap. Pictures shows Canon logo on cap. Item arrived with NIKON logo on cap and the cap doesn't fit well at all. Takes a long time and a lot of jiggering to even get the cap to attach. Essentially worthless. And too cheap to bother returning.

I bought this because it shows the canon logo in the main pic. The one I received 4-14-20 is blank, which is disappointing but not a deal breaker for me. However the cover doesn’t fit very well and can easily fall off the lens if anything bumps it at all. Definitely not anywhere near the quality of the original one. It works, barely.

The lens cap was exactly as it was described and it works perfectly. It fit exactly with no issues. My only thing is the string, I would be lying if I said I new what the random string was for, it may even say in the description I'm not sure...I however have no use for the random string lol but hey its there if you do and that is something you need.

Not to impressed they are not near the quality of the real deal. But they worked until I got a true Canon replacement

Excelente servicio por parte del vendedor, quedo perfecta en mi cámara! y en el tiempo acordado, los acabados están muy bien hechos

fast delivery, fits my Camera perfectly thank you

Resistente y empotra muy bien al objetivo

fits XA10 perfectly