Fotasy Konica AR Lens to Sony FE Adapter, AR to E Mount Converter, Konica AR Adapter to FE, fits Sony a7 II a7 III a7R a7R II a7R III a7S a7S II a7S III a9 a7R IV a6600 a6500 a6400 a6300 a6100 a6000


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  • Konica AR lens to E mount adapter/ KR to FE adapter allows Nikon g AFS lens to fit on Sony E-mount mirrorless camera body
  • Infinity focus
  • There is no electrical contacts in the adapter ring Exposure and focus has to be adjusted manually Automatic diaphragm auto-focusing or any other functions will not operated with using this adapter
  • Copper Lens mount solid and durable
  • FE Mount Konica AR Lens Adapter is compatible with Sony alpha a7 a7 II a7 III a7R a7R II a7R III a7S a7S II a7S III a9 a7R IV a6600 a6500 a6400 a6300 a6100 a6000 a5100 a5000 a3500 a3000



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Fotasy Konica AR lens to Sony E Mount / FE Mount Adapter

Fotasy Konica AR lens to Sony E Mount / FE Mount Adapter Fotasy Konica AR lens to Sony E Mount / FE Mount Adapter Fotasy Konica AR lens to Sony E Mount / FE Mount Adapter
Product information Style:Konica AR Product Dimensions 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.18 inches Item Weight 3 ounces ASIN B07MV5TGR2 Item model number FEKR

I was pleased when I took this out of the packaging. It seemed decent enough. I attached it to my Sony camera and it went on smoothly. Then I added the Canon lens, which went on fine. Everything was okay, UNTIL I went to remove my lens. I couldn't get it OFF. PANIC! The unit came off the camera body okay - it was getting it to separate from the lens. I tried everything - and there was no support number for the manufacturer (wonder why). . .(could it be because of where it was made. . .?)
Two hours later, after much fretting about and a sickness too much to describe, I managed to get it off by working it from the inside of the ring.
If you want to chance it for the savings. . .well, its a risk. I did get it off by working it from the inside. As for me, I'm getting the expensive model. This is a piece of "S - - -!"

I purchased this adapter to use my old Minolta film lenses on my sony a7ii. Works perfect. Nice tight fit, no wobble anywhere even with a heavy 135 prime. Infinity focus works fine. Being able to use focus peaking makes using these lenses pretty easy.

TIP: When taking a lens off the adapter, the release point is slightly before the full counter clockwise turn. I thought my lens was stuck the first time but figured it out.

Attached is an image I took with Minolta 135 2.8 on sony a7ii body

You can't really screw up an M42 adapter, and this is no exception. Fairly well made, no obvious problems. As an adapter, it's excellent and I'd have no issues with buying it again. There's no light leakage that I've been able to determine. I didn't notice any reflections or other issues, though it'd have been nice if the interior was covered in a felt-like covering like I've seen on some other (non-M42) adapters.

The only issue I have is with how the metal insert containing the lens threading is held in place. There are three small set screws, which let you adjust it in case your lenses are a bit off (that way, your DoF chart on your lens, for instance, is always centered at the top). They came a bit loose despite minimal use (possibly loose from the factory), and it really screwed with my head for a few minutes when my lens was spinning around like something out of the Exorcist. When I finally got the lens off, it hit me why. I also noticed some small metal shavings that look to have either shaken loose from underneath the M42 insert itself or were created when I had to fight a bit with the lens.

I strongly suggest loosening the set screws and using a blower to get rid of any debris under the ring just in case before tightening them back up. And periodically checking the set screws to make sure that nothing has come loose with time.

Despite that, I'm quite satisfied with both Fotasy's M42 adapter. I also own a Nikon G adapter from them and have had zero issues with it. Will buy again from Fotasy in the future.

The Fotasy Exakta to Sony e mount adapter rates 3 stars. The good thing is that the Sony e-mount sides of the adapters fit well. The not-so-good things are two problems with the Exakta side. First, on two of the adapters, end of the spring protruded through the hole in the catch lever and contacted the rear of of the lens or Exakta bayonet extension tube. Thus, it did not fit. Second, on all five of the adapters I tried, the flanges on the rear of the lens bayonet collided with the flanges of the Fotasy adapter. Therefore, I used a cheap "aftermarket" exakta bayonet extension tube and torque to force it open. About 15 to 20 turns were required to fix it (Do not do this procedure with a good lens!!!), plus I removed any metal bits released. Once this was done, the adapters worked. Finally, on the good side, Fotasy replaced two adapters that did not work. My recommendation is that Fotasy refine its production machining so that this additional effort is not required to make them work. I suggest that the new batches be tested and labeled as improved.

I'm going to preface this by saying I was going to return this item. I'm using a Sony A7M2 with a vintage Zeiss 135mm f3.5 lens. I noticed when I screwed the lens to the mount that their was a small gap (under a mm). I let that slide but I was finding that I had Blurry pictures. Yes, I know it is a MF Lens, but in preview it looked great. Images were still blurry. After some research and getting my head out of my A$$, I realized I was using a 1/30 or 1/60 shutter speed. With stabalized lenses, this is fine. But with this lens I needed 1/100 or higher. After the change the Pictures were tack sharp. So this does exactly what I needed. I'm using a 50 year old lens on a 3 month old camera. FYI: In my research I figured out the focal plane for my lens and this Adapter is within .5 mm of the M42 focal plane recommendations. So it is a great adapter at a great price. So buy one of these and start buying some great old vintage lenses!!

Does the job well

Excelente adaptador, se conecta firmemente tanto a la cámara como al lente, cuenta con un swich que al ser girado habilita la posibilidad de cambiar la apertura del diafragma de manera manual, el adaptador no tinen ningun elemento dentro por lo que la imagen pasa con claridad directo del lente a sensor.

- Usal lentes viejos en camaras nuevas sin espejo.
- Permite el control completo del lente conectado a la camara.
- Hace justo lo que se anuncia.

- No tiene soporte para tripie

I own a bunch of Nikkor D lenses. I have shifted to Sony mirrorless an year ago after 11 years of being Nikon user. D lenses being old, don’t have resell value but are optically outstanding. Also they have aperture Ring, so operating them fully manually with this adapter isn’t an issue.

Great little adapter that seems to fit perfectly on my e-mount camera. I am not sure if there is light-leak, but the images look great so far!

Recommended over some of the others that say they do not fit the A7II. I thought all e-mount cameras fit the same? This one definitely works well on the A7II, so it should work well with the A7III series as well.

It works really well with my Nikon lenses. Both sides fits really well (not too tight, not too loose). I was worried about fitting on the A7II e-mount but it fits really well.

Don’t buy it. Had problems getting the lens to connect and come off. Blurry too.

Me sirvió muy bien para poder utilizar algunos lentes antiguos de mi Minolta MD.

Va perfecto en mi A7RII para un par de lentes Minolta Rokkor, esta versión queda bien sujeto al lente sin ningún juego, aunque dice que es solo para la serie a7 lo monte sobre una Nex-3N y funciona muy bien.


Funciono muy bien con el Rokinon 14mm F/2.8 manual y también en el cuerpo de una Sony A7 no hay juego con el adaptador y la montura, quede perfectamente y los materiales se ven de buena calidad.

Justo a tiempo, Le queda Perfecto a mi Sony a7
Buen Producto, buena Calidad y sobre todo buen precio


Perfect adapter for a manual focus lens. It does its job well.