Photography Video Studio Continuous Macro Ring Light 5400K Day Lighting NG-65CP


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  • Tiltable and rotatable socket with flexible gooseneck
  • fits on all standard light stands
  • 65W ring Light equivalent to 500W incandescent bulbs
  • Inner diameter: 15" Outer diameter: 18.5
  • Power supply: 110 v AC,50 hz



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This light is ideal for studio photography, video studios, TV studios, public access studios, chromakey or any situation where special lighting effect is needed. It ensures a shadow-free illumination of the motif. Designed for stand-mounting, which using a universal bracket that is compatible with all standard light stands

Product information Package Dimensions 22.8 x 19.3 x 2.3 inches Item Weight 5.2 pounds ASIN B00B1V6QAU Item model number NG-65CP

I wanted a ring light for the nice looking "catch light" effect on the subject's eye. You need to get the light close to the subject and zoom in close to their face. I uploaded an image I took of myself with the ring light and the camera was about a foot in front of me. I think this light will be great for close-up portraits for girls. I think it gives that "glam shot" look. I am not sure if this will be popular with male subjects though. The inner dimensions is listed at 15 inches. This is bigger than I thought. I was very close to getting the 18 inch Ring light from a different company, but I would have to pay close to $100 more for that. I think the size of this ring light is good enough for me.

This came with 2 mounting options. One is a goose neck you have to screw to the base of the ring light. The other is a bracket you can clamp on to a tripod. You also need to screw that to the base of the ring light too. I hate the goose neck. I have several light stand that I tried this ring light on using the goose neck. It just doesn't seem secure enough for me. I have been using the clamp to secure it to my tripod. I wish it was easier to attach the mounting options, so if i wanted to, i can remove the goose neck quickly, and attached the tripod clamp to the ring light. I also wish the base of the ring light had a 1/4" thread so if I wanted to, I can attached the Ring light right on top of my tripod. It takes several minutes to screw the clamp to the ring light and remove the thumb screws of the clamp, attached the clamp to the tripod then tighten the thumb screw to secure the clamp. I would hate to do this while I am in a middle of a photo shoot. I will also add a picture of the clamp that I am talking about.

I will make a carrying case for this ring light out of a big canvas bag and gluing some foam boards on the insides of the bag.

Ive had this light for a few months and it is really nice. The only downside to it is that it isn't dimmable but im not taking a star away bc it clearly states that it isnt. Thats something you would know before you purchased. I use one or two white t shirts to dim and diffuse the lights for my youtube videos and it works like a charm.

I also like the fact that its a daylight bulb and bit fluorescent. It makes your skin look more life-like vs the neewer ring lights.

Take a look at my youtube videos if you want to see the light in action. I use it covered in 2 white tshirts with two cowboy studio umbrella lights on both sides of me

Below are photos ive taken with my lights

This light works like a charm. Bright and lasting. It DOES get hot to the touch with extended usage so for those who do large wedding parties like me, be careful not to stand too close to it because I've burnt myself a few times.

I love this light it does what its supposed to and lights my face perfectly. Its not dimable but I don't really care about that. I use this for my youtube videos with my nikon d3500 dslr camera I'm happy ...check out my youtube channel @makeup voyager leigh