Gary Fong lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount Light Sphere CLOUD Flash Diffuser For Nikon Flash SB-700 SB-900 SB 910 SB-400 SB-600 SB-800 SB-5000 + Cleaning Kit


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  • Utilizes the new Speed Mount design that allows switching out modifiers in seconds
  • Collapses to 1 1/2 inches for ultimate portability and convenience
  • Perfectly diffuses harsh light of auxiliary flashes creating soft even illumination
  • Includes Light sphere Collapsible Speed Mount, White Dome, Cinch Strap, Field Guide
  • Provides an equally secure fit for nearly all flash sizes


Gary Fong

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The NEW Gary Fong Light sphere Collapsible Speed Mount speed light flash modifier embodies the fundamental features of their respective first generation predecessors but with the added convenience of a new, patented Speed Mount. As with previous generations, the Gary Fong Light sphere Collapsible Speed Mount will continue to provide photographers with the ability to achieve studio-style lighting effects, anywhere at any time. Collapsing down to a mere 1 1/2 inch thickness, this new addition to the Gary Fong line-up will make traveling with large lighting set-ups a thing of the past. Better yet, the new Light sphere Collapsible Speed Mount boasts the newly designed mounting system which allows photographers to securely attach and switch out modifiers in seconds. Once in place, photographers can rest assured that the Light sphere Collapsible Speed Mount will stay securely in place, offering an equally tight fit for nearly all flash sizes.

Product information Color:For Nikon Product Dimensions 8.4 x 6.4 x 4.8 inches Item Weight 10.1 ounces ASIN B00H2QBSRY Item model number NATAL-MR-PN-8740317

I wanted to wait for a few events and shoots before commenting. I am really new to flash, so others comments will probably be more valuable to you, but will tell you my reaction. The light from the light sphere compared to the bare flash head, and Stofen is so much more appealing. Less harsh and fewer drastic hot points on the skin.

Used this in both light and dark rooms for events and this device is $$$, aka money. Good job Gary Fong. The fit on top of the canon 600ex-rt II is snug and tight, as well as on the Canon 430 ex-II. The material is soft and relatively flexible. I was gentle with it, getting the base of the light sphere around the flash before securing the velcro strap on the bottom that prevents it from ever falling off. So great!!

Easy to take on and off. Light it emits is lovely. Can work without the cap on top with nice results. So happy with this purchase. Since using a couple times I have chose to use this over a Rogue and Stofen with me. These remain in my backpack with backup equipment. Or Stofen on 2nd camera on backup flash. (I really should by another one of these. )

So, with that said, my uses were of people, DJs, dancing, intimate portraits, group shots, food and decor. Really liked how there were no harsh shadows around the subjects, and if they were not directly on a backdrop, often there was no shadow behind them. Consistent and even light.

While using it to photograph a wedding, the Lightsphere fell off my Nikon SB800 flash! I haven't used it since and don't plan to risk this embarrassment again. Too late to return it as the window has closed.
It provides decent , soft light modification but the basic design is flawed and will not securely stay on the Nikon SB800.
For the price paid, I am very disappointed. I read the negative reviews before purchasing but naively thought my experience would have been better.

You can't argue that Gary Fond doesn't know what he's doing, or that he isn't successful with his products. I have found this product is great for providing flash in a variety of shooting situations. It stays on, as long as you make sure you really tighten the Velcro strap.
I have found it very difficult to mount the the dome shaped piece into the cup. It seems to go in easier (and stay in) if it is in the concave position. If it's in the convex position it pops out.
For what I do (photojournalism: news and features), the unit is very big. However, it's a trade off for the quality light it provides.

I just took this Gary Fong Dome for a test drive and I cannot believe the pictures I am capturing. I'm using a Cannon 40D in Manual Mode with a Sigma 17-50mm lens, Shuttle Speed 100, Aperture 4.5, 5.6 and ISO 400 and 100. I'm using a Yongnuo EX565 Flash in E-TTL mode with the Gary Fong Lightsphere. My pictures are spot on they all have the same lighting, colors and most of all very sharp. I've been shooting with a manual flash for many years therefore I'm quite experience at adjusting my flashes for those nail on shots. This Dome take a lot of guessing out of the equation allowing me more time to composed my shots now. I love this product, I cannot believe I waited so long to buy!. Believe me, I do not work for are associated with Gary Fong in no way. If you want professional looking photos with little effort buy the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible Dome you will not be sorry for this purchase. I've not been this excited about a product for some time now.
The quality of the Dome appears to be like a soft gel like material that flex's with ease. It come with a removable round top cup that completes the dome shape. It has a speed Velcro tape around the base of the dome and it held to my Yongnuo Flash very tight. The box also includes a quick instruction card on how to use and different settings. I really cannot say that everyone will have the great experience I have with this product. Just follow the instructions and shoot away. Only time will tell if the flexing of the dome on a regular basic will last or split but for now, the wow factor is in order!.

I have 2 of the Gary Fong LSUCloud universal Clouds and I prefer this one. I also have 2 knockoffs which rank at the bottom of my favorites list. These new collapsable domes stay on tight and simply look better than the reverse dome models. Both diffuse well and the bonus of collapsing them to make more for more room in the camera/light stand bag. I expect these to be more durable as well. My Fong Universal Clouds have cracked under frequent abuse, I don't think these will.
Great diffuser and I'd highly recommend it. I'm a real estate photographer and these simply make my shots look better.

The diffuser is made out of soft plastic material. It comes collapsed -- you pull it out to full size. When I did that, the diffuser was warped with a serious "wrinkle" on one side, making it far from what the picture looks like. It looks like it was "melted" and falling over. Nothing I can do will straighten it out to its proper form. I would return it but someone threw the box away. BIG disappointment.

Mr. Fong has turned water into wine with this product. Super simple and works as intended, but ridiculously overpriced considering how much it likely costs to produce. If it was under $25, I'd recommend the lightsphere to everyone, but I just tried several competing products that also diffuse the flash light and there is no noticeable difference...aside from the fact that I can buy five of them for the price of this lightsphere.

Incredible, truly incredible! I've been a (part-time) professional photographer for more than four decades and, as I don't do studio work -- primarily I shoot in the photojournalism genre -- good lighting for faces is critical. The dispersal of light from either the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible or the Fong Universal is so spectacular I'll never shoot without one or the other.

Must say I'm quite impressed with this device. I've been shooting weddings for 15 years....700 weddings, and tried all sorts of modifers, never really found one I like. This one may be it. Wish I'd tried it earlier. It does throw a nice amount of light forward to kill those eye socket shadows. You can leave the top open if you still want to bounce off the ceiling. I've yet to try this in a large room/hall where I can't bounce, but I suspect it will do a nice job with the end cap in place. It is fiddly to mount on the flash, and to collapse for storage, but that may just be lack of practise on my part.