SIOTI 100mm Square Z Series Aluminum Modular Filter Holder + 72mm-77mm Aluminum Adapter Ring for Lee Hitech Singh-Ray Cokin Z PRO 4X4 4x5 4X5.65 Filter(72mm)


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  • Including Aluminum filter holder and Aluminum adapter ring for 72mm lens.Fit for 72mm lens and can screw a 77mm round filter.
  • Allows for creative use of light correction or special effects. Simply slide in different filters to take beautiful, colorful shots
  • Fit for 1.5-2mm thick Cokin Z series 100mm Filters(4"x4",4"x6",4X5.65") such as Lee Hitech and other brand 100x100mm, 100x150mm square filters
  • Can hold 3 square filters OR 2 square filter & a 77mm round filter all at once,360 degrees rotation and freely sliding filters up and down for fitting different shooting situations and creative needs.
  • This filter holder can be fitted with various size of adapter ring.If you want another size of adapter ring,please switch to this website: or search for "SIOTI Adapter Ring"



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SIOTI Aluminium Filter Holder

Main body made of high quality aluminium.Slots made of plastic,avoid scratch filter.

Can hold 3 square filters OR 2 square filter & a 77mm round filter all at once,360 degrees rotation and freely sliding filters up and down for fitting different shooting situations and creative needs.

SIOTI Aluminium Adapter Ring

Extremely solid and lightweight.

Tighten by screw,No wobbling or cross-threading.

Fit for 72mm lens and can screw a 77mm round filter.


Screw the adapter ring onto your lens.

Slide the filter holder on the ring adapter until it in place then screw tighten.

Slide the filter into one of the filter holder slot OR screw the round filter onto the adapter ring.

What's in the box

1*SIOTI Aluminum Filter Holder.

1*SIOTI Aluminum Adapter Ring for 72mm lens.

1*Small screwdriver

1*Instruction manual

How to find your lens size:

Please verify your camera's lens thread size before you purching.Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "Ø" (diameter) symbol. For example: Ø67 = 67mm lens thread size.

Product information Size:72mm Product Dimensions 5.5 x 4.5 x 1.1 inches Item Weight 0.319 ounces ASIN B01JLNU6WS Item model number COMINU054766

This is an all-metal, well made system with only one design flaw. The adapter rings are cleverly designed to put the ring as far behind the lens front as possible; the ring recesses from the threads, very clever. I use one 77mm lens adapter ring which has an 82mm front thread, and excellent (and inexpensive) brass step-up rings by Luzid Brass to take me up to 77mm as needed. To all you thinking you want to use polarizers with ND grads or ND solids, you can, buy one large polarizer or ND solid filter to fit the front thread size of the adapter, then use your ND grads, etc. in the slots as needed. There is no issue with clearance or vignetting on my lenses, tested to 20mm/FF, easily passes, looks good to 16mm/FF. Don't waste time with big clunky and expensive ND grads that may not light-seal as reliably as a simple and cheaper threaded glass filter. But please note that polarizers are very much NOT recommended for use on wide angle lenses due to uneven polarization of skies. I never use them with a horizontal shot wider than a 35mm lens on full frame. Vertically you can go with to a 28mm/FF. If you use polarizers with skies and a wide angle view you will ruin your shot, or make enormous post-production work for yourself. Ignore all the fancy holders with complicated polarizers and thumb-wheels to turn them; they are way too complicated and slow to work with. Now the Sioti flaw: the thumbscrew to attach the holder to the adapter rings is positioned next to the slot openings, so when you have a 4"x6" filter in the holder, it's hard to tighten/loosen the thumbscrew without touching the filter and potentially smudging it, etc. You can decide for yourself if that is a major flaw; to me it is workable and acceptable given the very low price and high quality machining. You can either keep the thumbscrew very tight so that the whole unit threads on and ends up in the position you want (horizontal or vertical orientation). Or thread the adapter on first, then attach holder slightly loose so you can rotate the filter holder as needed. I find it easier to thread the whole thing on as one unit, then adjust final position if needed, then put in filter. It's pretty fast and the filter holder is held very solidly to the ring. If Sioti would just move the thumbscrew to the side of the ring it would be perfect and five stars. The adapter rings are very inexpensive and well made. Comes with two slots installed plus an extra uninstalled, so you can add one or take one away.

 This filter holder is amazing, watch my video and hopefully you will se what I am so happy.
Ease of use
Made with excellent material
Super sturdy on lens
Filters slide in perfectly
You save money that can either-wise be spent buying high quality filters
Need I say more?!

I'm not sure if it's a design flaw specific to this brand, but the filters sit away far enough from the lens so they don't also sits away far enough that you can get reflections on the filters and ruin your shot.

I found out the hard way, losing some great shots (hard to review in the bright sun).

I worked around it by covering my camera in dark cloth (my travel jacket) to prevent any light from getting between the lens and the filter and thus eliminating the reflection.

When it worked, it did the job. However, I don't know if the more expensive filter holders don't have this problem, or if it's just normal, and I have to work with it that way.

I initially wrote a very favorable review for this filter mount, but I'm now editing it with a lower rating due to the fact there doesn't appear to be a way to attach a circular polarizer to the front (in front of the filters). Circular polarizers can be attached to the inside ring of the mount, but you can't turn the polarizer once filters have been inserted in front of it. Really wish this mount had an accessory ring, but since it doesn't I can't use it.

I had my reservations about this one, being a life-long LEE Filter user; I just can't justify spending triple the price on LEE any longer (glass aside) for basic things like this filter holder. Works just like the LEE system, no complaints. Great job!

Excellent design. I'll thread on any 77mm ND filter first on my Tamron 17-35 lens for example and put this Square filter with the 77mm thread if I want to utilize my 82mm CPL that can go on the opposite side. It's basically a 77mm to 82mm step up ring built in that comes off loosening the top screw. I'll take it off first, thread the ring on and then secure the filter holder.

I've tested inserted my Formatt Hitech ND reverse grad filter on top and works beautifully. No weird lighting or any light leaking in. I love the aluminum body design but also the hard plastic holder pieces that's easy on the square filters themselves. The step up ring I believe is made of aluminum and not brass.

If you want to leave this filter holder on though you'll need a 82mm lens cap. Not expensive and worth it but if not it's very easy to take off and store.
In either case awesome little tool to do some landscape shooting!

This filter holder is a great value! Excellent build quality. I have had none of the problems described by others. It works with my Singh-Ray filters perfectly. I have used it on Canon and Sony full frame wide angle lenses. Easy to use and like the ability to easily rotate the assembly on my lens to make sure filter aligns with horizon. The included third slot is a nice bonus, but I haven't needed to use it. Highly recommended!

Very nice build quality but there’s a gap between the filter and the holder which can cause unwanted light leak. I managed to fix it using a black foam sheet from walmart, a glue and a scissors. Overall, it’s not bad for the price. I definitely recommend this if you’re up for an easy DIY fix.

I was very impressed with the service from Amazon.
My filters fit well.
I have put the third filter rack in and that is working very well with the stack of three filters.
I would have to get a larger adapter ring for my Wide angle lens now.
All in all, I will recommend it to my anyone.

Sioti square ND filter holder is nodoubt best in this price and will serve the purpose of best photography. Meterial is perfect. I would like to say go for it always.

I had bought another one a few years ago & found it hard to slide the filters in. With the Sioti it was a lot easier & it 's made out of aluminum not plastic, plus it's easy to get adapters if I need them. Highly recommended.

This Sioti filter holder works perfectly with my Cokin filters... nice snug fit, no chance the filter will ever slip out. The adapter ring that came with it screws on perfectly to my lens. I bought this combo at a really good price and am very happy with both components.

This aluminium filter holder is well made and feels durable, just like the adapter rings. The only drawback, as some have noted, is that you cannot rotate the circular polarizer without removing the square filters. Otherwise it performs exactly as expected/described.

Sturdy, lightweight, very versatile, and a good price. works very fine with my zomei filters. And an extra, we can add a circular filter . I recommand it.

Used it with both 1 and 2 Singh-Ray filters plus the polarizer mounted on the lens, and worked very well.
Have not yet mount the third filter mount .
Great value for the money.

I didn't keep it, I made a mistake and ordered the wrong size. It sure looked like a very well made filter holder though.

nice adapter works with all my filters the fillter holder its self is a little tight but that's not a bad thing

Very good value works as described.

Allows me to use the polarizer and filters together with ease.

Nice solid aluminum build and fits my Cokin filters perfectly.

This filter holder is well built and met the deacription. Good value

Works great at a great price, I also have the Lee and for a third of the price this one knocks the Lee out of the water.

Good quality for the money. Solid build, filters fit snuggly.