PolarPro Filters Mavic 2 ND16 – Single Filter (Mavic 2 Pro only)


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  • Engineered and optimized for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro (fits Pro version only)
  • 4-Stop Neutral Density filter (ND16) for lowering shutter speed to cinematic levels
  • Cinema series glass - low refractive Index, Color neutrality, perfect target transmission
  • Redesigned Premium magnetic filter case for easier filter access and visibility


Polar Pro Filters

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Product information Style:ND16 Product Dimensions 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches Item Weight 1.6 ounces ASIN B07GVX131D Item model number M2P-CS-ND16

This filter makes all the difference when capturing images with your Mavic 2 Pro, especially over tropical water and with foliage, trees, etc.

I just finished an initial test, and I found the color balance to be very good, the optical quality great, and the overall design perfect.

The test shots I uploaded are 1080p screengrabs, downsampled from the original 4K footage, and captured using the camera's scene processing set to 'L.' This was a somewhat overcast/half sunny day, and the camera with the filter ended up rendering the scene very well, making it look better than it did to me with my own eyes.

I will have to get PolarPro's combo ND/PL filters and try them out as well.

Either PolarPro's quality control has gone downhill, or this merchant is repackaging used items and selling as new. Or just treating their merchandise like trash.
When this filter came in it was dislodged from the case and dirty. The case itself had marring all over from shipping. I had to clean the smudges from both sides of the filter and there were still small little speck scratches on the glass. I haven't had a chance to see if this will affect photo quality (I doubt it at the apertures I shoot at) but I'm still disappointed.

I am very pleased with this purchase. The quality is evident from the packaging to the product itself. The first time I used it I was able to get the attached panoramic photo.

Ordered ND32//PL. Received ND64/PL. Also ordered three pack vivid collection, received two ND16/PL and no ND8/PL. disappointed after waiting to use all week that the entire order is wrong and will be returned.

Definitely helps darken the sky and cut the glare off the water. Doesn't change the overall color much, maybe a bit on the magenta side of your really picky, but nothing you won't fix in post if your are that picky.

No color shift, no issues. I’ve been using Polar Pro Products for years now and they’ve never let me down in terms to quality, performance or otherwise. I’ve used the “cheaper” filters and they’ve always been a waste of time and money. And for a mere couple bucks more I could have had polar pro. I never doubt this company to deliver an outstanding product. Next on my list is their new lightweight MatteBox. Thank you Polar Pro.

I love that this is a circular polarizer where I can spin the wheel to get it just right. I leave it on my drone pretty much all the time now.

Fits perfectly and looks great

Important accessory for filming in bright conditions if you want the shutter speed/FPS to give you that filmic look. Excellent quality and fit. You will need an ND32... even in the UK!

Does what it needs to and is easy to take off and put on. Sturdy case too.

Ciao, per il mio Mavic 2 Pro mi serviva un filtro base sia ND che Polarizzatore, ho acquistato un (ND4PL) appena aperta la confezione ho estratto il filtro al momento ho pensato fosse di seconda mano, perché era pieno d'impronte digitali, segni, insomma si vedeva che era stato maneggiato ed era impolverato, dopodiché ho pensato che avendo fatto un acquisto singolo, gli operatori presumo avranno dovuto spostarlo da una postazione all'altra, sta di fatto che dopo un'attenta pulizia ho avuto modo di provarlo e devo dire che meritano assolutamente 5 stelle senza ombra di dubbio, sia le foto che i video sono ECCEZIONALI.

Unico modesto consiglio che posso dare alla casa produttrice, qual ora venissero maneggiati per essere venduti singolarmente è di fare un’attenta valutazione prima di riporli nella scatola, non è simpatico aprire un articolo nuovo fiammante e trovarlo pieno di polvere ed impronte digitali.

Sulla qualità Foto/Video perfetto e se in futuro avrò bisogno di altri filtri, mi rivolgerò sicuramente alla PolarPro.
Consegna rapidissima tramite Amazon Prime.
Logicamente sto parlando della mia personale esperienza.
Ciao Orlando Photo Hunter

Über den Nutzen und Mehrwert von Filtern muss ich hier nichts schreiben. Die gängigen Filterwerte sind dabei, Verarbeitung ist hochwertig.
Das Aufbringen auf die Linse ist etwas fummelig, aber das liegt auch am Konzept, das sich DJI hierfür ausgedacht hat. Einfache Magnetverschluss wäre praktischer gewesen.

Der Filter wurde sehr schnell geliefert, die Verwendung sollte an einer Mavic 2Pro stattfinden.
Leider stellte sich heraus dass der Filter für Filmen ungeeignet ist (ich weiß dass er dafür nicht gedacht ist) und zum fotografieren nur bedingt wenn überhaupt einsetzbar.
Die Einstellung des Filters ist schwierig da sich der Effekt ändert wenn der Blickwinkel zum Objekt verändert wird und das bei einer Drohne in 80meter Höhe einzustellen ist nicht möglich.
Der Filter wurde deswegen zurück gesendet.
Die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut.

Una stella in meno solo perchè il primo ricevuto era assemblato in modo molto approssimativo (il vetro era scollato sul bordo e presentava molte bolle d'aria visibili), il secondo ricevuto è invece perfetto.

Schnelle Lieferung und natürlich eine super Qualität.

worth every penny ! A must for ND filters for your Mavic 2 Cheers

Macht sehr guten Eindruck und das beste man kann den der PL dreht sich und man kann hn seinem Geschmack entsprechend einstellen!

De la finition du packaging, à la qualité des verres de ce filtre, il n'y a, comme toujours, rien à redire à Polar Pro. Accessoire indispensable à votre DJI Mavic 2 Pro pour des prises de vues de qualité au dessus de la mer, de la neige, par temps ensoleillé...

Spedizione in meno di 24h... eccellente!

Un indispensable pour obtenir de belles images avec son Mavis 2 Pro

Fait le job. Pas mieux sur le marché

Pas conforme , même pas un filtre polar !!
Un filtre standard pour mavic première génération !
Je déconseille !!!!!

Excellent produit qui correspond parfaitement à mes exigences.