43mm X1 UV Filter for Camera Lenses - Ultraviolet Protection Photography Filter with Lens Cloth - MRC4, Ultra-Slim, 25 Year Support, Weather-Sealed by Breakthrough Photography


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  • X1 UV (Ultra Violet) FILTER: The X1 UV features 4-layers of our state-of-the-art and uniformly applied MRC with Nano, which means less flaring and ghosting that you’d normally see with uncoated protection filters. Our modern coating chambers are air tight, producing a uniform coating visible to the human eye when holding the filter at a right angle to a direct light source.
  • ELIMINATES VIGNETTING: The X1 features a 3.5mm ultra-slim double-threaded frame profile to eliminate vignetting on wide-angle full-frame setups. In our lab tests, 4.2mm was the frame width at which point 1-stop of light falloff (vignetting) became visible on images with 18mm wide-angle setups on full-frame cameras.
  • X1 UV 43mm FITMENT: The X1 UV has front-threads, which means it’s compatible with all your existing filters (for stacking) and lens caps. To ensure the lettering on the filter never wears off we laser engrave text into each aluminum frame rather than use paint-based lettering.
  • 25 YEARS SUPPORT: We laser engrave each X1 UV with a unique serial number. When you activate your 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee online we associate your X1 serial number to you, so any future discussions regarding your X1 UV are tracked, issues recorded, all of which goes directly into our design and prototyping pipeline.


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43mm X1 UV (Ultra Violet) Filter For Camera Lenses - Breakthrough Photography The X1 UV features 4-layers of our state-of-the-art and uniformly applied MRC, which means less flaring and ghosting that you’d normally see with uncoated protection filters. The X1 features a 3.5mm ultra-slim double-threaded frame profile to eliminate vignetting on wide-angle full-frame setups. Every filter we make, including the X1 UV, is weather-sealed. If you want to ensure that your lens maintains out-of-box optical performance for as long as possible, Canon, Nikon, and Sony recommend protective filters for the purpose of completing a lens weather-seal. The X1 UV is our take on the legacy flat black UV filter with a modern spin: MRC4 and a 3.5mm ultra-slim weather-sealed frame. Benefits: Our MRC coating process increases light transmission from 94.6% (without MRC) to 97.8%. 4-layers of MRC means less flaring and ghosting. 25 years support. Features: MRC4 Construction 3.5mm ultra-slim Weather-sealed Frame Item includes: 1 x 43mm X1 UV Filter 1 x Lens Cloth Click on Buy now button to complete your purchase!

Product information Size:43mm Package Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1 inches Item Weight 2.39 ounces ASIN B076PH5QWJ Item model number 5823802472

I'm still on the fence about using UV filters overall and will be conducting some testing with and without UV filters in general.

That said. If you decide in favor of having a UV filter on any of your lenses...this is the one! Breakthrough certainly has some higher-end UV filters and based on what I've read, they are excellent and likely worth the money. In my opinion, however, the X1 series seems to be the best price/performance balance.

The build quality is excellent. It's real glass and real metal! I did find it a little challenging to screw the filter onto my lens at first. That, however, is a result of how very thin and unobtrusive the filter is, not because of the threading.

I did some very quick, low quality, jpg shots to give me a sense of any color issues. I used a simple daylight white balance setting on my camera and took a couple of images both with and without the filter. I could not detect and obvious color cast, nor any obvious image degradation.

I will conduct some extensive testing with high quality 24Mpix RAW images under controlled lighting with custom properly set white balance and will update this review with that data when complete.

Having purchased a pair of Canon's Great Whites (an EF 100~400mm f/4.5~5.6L IS II and an EF 70~210 f/2.8L IS II), those lens's seemingly enormous 77mm front elements seemed to call for the best quality protection available. Breakthrough Photography's assertion that their 77mm UV MRC4 "Ultra-slim" filters are "Weather-sealed," combined with their willingness to undertake a 25 year commitment to support of these registered serial-numbered filters sealed the deal, so-to-speak. The filters appear to have been precisely manufactured and show no apparent flaws. Only time and use will test the claims. I have every hope that use of these filters will validate Breakthrough Photography's unambiguous claim of quality.

I recently ordered three different Breakthrough Photography UV filters. The first two arrived shrink wrapped, and the exterior box and interior filter case both had seals. The third filter I ordered from was not shrink wrapped, did not have a seal on the exterior box, and the interior case had a seal but it was popped open. Clearly Amazon sent me a returned item. I contacted Breakthrough Photography and they immediately sent me a replacement filter with a label so I can returned the used filter.

The filter itself looks very well made and is considerably less expensive than a UV filter from B+W, so needless to say I am a pleased customer. Five stars for outstanding customer service by Breakthrough Photography.

I've had a lot of different kinds of filters (UV, Polarizers, ND) in various sizes for various lenses. When I came across this one, I decided that, though a bit pricey, I wanted to give this U.S. company a try. I'm happy I did. This filter seems very well made frame wise, the filter itself is crystal clear and cleans easily and the fit it perfect (and the packaging is the nicest I've seen on a filter). I live in the high desert area of New Mexico and, though I don't think you always need a filter on for protection, I do it here. When shooting outside, without notice, you can find yourself hiking through some pretty good wind with sand and dust. So I do it for protection mainly but, with this filter, I really don't think there is any negative effect on image quality.

I'll use this one with confidence and, when I need anymore for future lenses or applications, I look at what Breakthrough has first.

I needed a new UV filter for my new Canon 16-35 f/4 lens. I had heard good things on the FB Real Estate Photography page about Breakthrough Photography, a San Francisco based company specializing in filters, and so I placed my order with them. The filter arrived in a plastic case inside a nicely crafted cardboard box which also contained a black lens cloth, a card explaining how to activate the 25 year guarantee (!) and a separate card with the email address and telephone number of the company's founder, Graham Clark. The whole package gave an impression of high quality and pride in the product which in turn gave me, the customer, a sense of confidence. The filter itself is very thin which is important in a wide-angle lens in order to avoid vignetting. I am very pleased indeed with the purchase and would unhesitatingly recommend this company to others.

I was really excited about this product when I ordered it. "Made in USA" with a 25-year warranty. It arrived in a nice box similar to Apple iPhone. Unfortunately the performance is disappointing. Whenever I buy this type of filter I do a simple test, shooting against a strong light source and looking for flares/reflections. I ended up having to buy another filter from a brand I was already familiar with (B+W XS-Pro). The B+W XS-Pro costs 2x as much but performs 10x better. I attached 3 photos to this review... Left: taken with this product (X1), Right: taken with B+W XS-Pro, Middle: Taken with no filter.

In my opinion, there are many brands out there which ensure very minimal impact upon your image. To me, this brand performs every bit as good as any of the higher level ones, but where it really stands out is in how easy it is it is to clean. In my experiences, I've very rarely have anything stick to it which I cannot quickly remove with a brush. Just the minimization of time spent cleaning it, really makes this brand stand out to me. I could not recommend it higher!

I'm not sure about the negative review from 2016 but this filter is as good as you will find anywhere and at any price. Packaging oozes quality and the filter is superb quality - take it from a self-confessed pixel-peeper!!