Gobe 55mm ND8, ND64, ND1000 Lens Filter Kit (1Peak)


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  • THREE FIXED NDs, ONE VERSATILE KIT | Featuring an ND8 (3 stop), ND64 (6 stop) and ND1000 (10 stop) filters, the ND Stopper Kit is made for landscape, long exposure and bright light photography.
  • GOBE 1PEAK | All filters feature premium Japanese optical glass with 12-layer nano-coating, which reduces lens flare, removes ghosting and protects against dirt, and grime – all backed by our lifetime warranty.
  • BIG OPTIONS, COMPACT DESIGN | Our conscious design minimises weight and maximises creative options and saves space in your bag while providing robust protection for your lens filters.
  • NO VIGNETTING | Consciously designed durable magnalium rims are double-threaded for stacking and slim profile to avoid vignetting. Comes with lens filter caps, and a cleaning cloth.
  • PLANTS 5 TREES | Buying with Gobe helps fund local communities to plant 5 trees in areas affected by deforestation – help us reforest the world, one product at a time.



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Gobe Lens filter, lens filter kit, filter kit, nd kit, nd filter, gobe nd filter

Featuring a ND8 (3 f-stops), ND64 (6 f-stops) and ND1000 (10 f-stops) filters, the ND Stopper Kit is made for landscape, long exposure and bright light photography.

Lens filter, lens filter kit, filter kit, nd kit, nd filter, gobe nd filter

Lens filter, lens filter kit, filter kit, nd kit, nd filter, gobe nd filter

ND64, ND filter, ND64 lens filter, ND64 filter, Gobe ND, Gobe ND64, Neutral density, 6 stop, ND

Top Benefits

Better depth in low light

Achieve beautiful depth of field and better motion blur in low light with our ND8.

Sharper depth, better blur

Use our ND64 and ND1000 filters for depth of field effects or to slow your shutter speed for motion blur in bright light.

Silky motion blur

Use the ND1000 for silky long exposure photography and motion blur effects in bright light.


Full coverage

The ND Stopper Kit covers you from low through mid to bright light, portraiture, landscape and travel photography.

Not for telephoto lenses

This range is made for mid-level lenses but is not recommended for use with lenses longer than 100mm. For best results with telephoto lenses, we suggest our 2Peak ND range.

Reuse or recycle

Our consciously designed packaging is made to be reused, upcycled or recycled.

Positive Impact

Plant 5 Trees

Buying a Gobe product funds local communities to plant 5 trees in areas affected by deforestation including Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Mozambique & Indonesia.


All trees are planted by a team of local workers, providing vital employment while rejuvenating the world's wilds.

For a cleaner, greener future

Trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere, provide food and shelter, reduce the effects of droughts and floods and prevent water pollution.

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Why Gobe?





All Gobe filters are made from premium optical glass and are finished with industry-leading nano-coating technology. Gobe's magnalium rims feature a slim profile to avoid vignetting. They are engineered to ensure a smooth rotation and are made with an ergonomic grip for fast, accurate adjustments.

Conscious Design

Gobe makes premium camera accessories for creators who care about the environment. Gobe’s minimal, intelligent and low impact designs are made for the unpredictable conditions of outdoor creating. Each of our products is designed and refined to serve a specific purpose so you can focus on your craft with absolute trust in your equipment.

Backed for life

The best way to make a sustainable product is to make it last a lifetime or more. Our products are backed for a lifetime so you can trust our products and lower your environmental impact.

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Our vision


To help people spend more time in nature with a camera in their hand

We have a simple vision with a big purpose. We want everyone to spend more time in nature with a camera in their hand. Nature brings out the best in humanity. It calms the mind, inspires the soul, and heals the heart – it is our single greatest inspiration and we want you to join us in the fight to protect it.

Product information Size:55mm Product Dimensions 1.97 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches Item Weight 0.634 ounces ASIN B06XVJLG1B Item model number FK55ND3P1P

I hope that you can see the attached image at full size. I don't know why some images I look at on Amazon are large, and some are thumbnail size.
These filters will cause a blue tint, but that is EXPECTED at this price point. The tint appears because the camera can see more than the human eye.
In the attached image, there are 4 sub-images: 1) my hand holding a grey card, 2) a picture of a grey wall taken with no filter, 3) my hand holding the same grey card, but through the ND64, and 4) a before and after picture of the same grey wall, taken through the ND64 filter. The shutter was slowed 6 stops to use the ND64, and the resulting images of my hand and of the wall are very close to the same.
I used the grey card image through the ND64 to correct the 'blue' wall image, and I show the uncorrected and corrected ND64 image in a blue|grey split image.
You must correct for the blue tint...or spent at least $100 USD ///per//filter// to get a filter that will not affect color as much...note that I said 'as much'.
You can use a grey card to create a custom white balance setting in Nikon, Canon DSLRs, and probably many others. I did this, and got the same effect as post processing, which is where I got the images to assemble into the posted image. The actual post-processing is pretty simple in several high end digital photo processing programs.
IMO, the point of processing a digital image, at the simplest level, is to get something that is 'life-like'. We all see colors slightly differently, so when I say that something is green, and so do you, we may not mean the same shade of green...it's just what we have become used to. So correcting a picture taken with one of these filters can range from the simple grey card correction I did, to something that has been processed even more, say, by adjusting the temperature of the image. Up to the individual.
But know what to expect...I DO wish that vendors were completely up front about all their products. Then there would be fewer disappointments from us all, but especially, in this case, amateur photographers who are justifiably taken aback when their pictures have a blue tint.
Overall, I find the quality of construction, the glass, the threads, and density accuracy warrant a 5 star.

I bought these to test ND filters to see how well they worked. I have not used them in the past but I heard a lot of good things about them and seen some good pics. The idea is to take longer exposers in the daytime and to show motion. Threw some trial and error here is what I have found out about ND filters and this brand.

The first picture I used the 64 ND filter (or 6 stop filter) in the woods on an overcast day. I got a 30 second exposer with it and the water came out silky smooth just the way I wanted it. I did not notice any color change in the photo and I got some good results from it.

The second picture with the waterfall I took with the 1000 ND filter (or 10 stop filter) on a sunny day. This one was supposed to black out the scene but my camera could see threw it and still take the shot. I only got 1/6 of a second at F7 for this shot. I was hoping for much more out of a 10 stop filter but it did not deliver as I expected. I did not notice any color change in the photo as some people report.

Bottom line, I think they are some great budget filters to use and try out if you are looking for somewhere to start. They work well, saturate the scene, and give good results. There is a learning curve you need to figure out but with a little practice you can do good with these. I would recommend you still shoot on overcast days if you want the long exposers.

The quality of the filters are not that great as they are more on the budget side. They scratch easy so buying a filter case or something is recommended as not to scratch them. The case that comes with it you have to screw and unscrew them to keep them together when you take them out into the field. This could cause you to drop them or rub them when changing filters. So if you are looking for some good budget filters and try something new out then I would recommend these to try out. I don't think I would buy these again as I would buy something with better quality, but again starting out these do work good as you can tell by the photos.

I bought these filters after finding these filters and reading and watching the limited reviews that I found. The reviews that I had found were positive. I bought these filters and am quite happy with them. I found no noticeable color cast. Using a photo app for exposure these filters were close if not spot on. Remember light changes so you may be a stop off in either direction.

The filters are packed in a cardboard tube, the filters screw stack together and have these nice screw caps on each end. The whole stack is then in a little sack along with a lens cloth. The threads a nicely cut, the frames are a decent weight and the filters are made of glass with 12 layer coating. These are nice filters for the price.

Bought these for my Mirrorless Camera, as I didn't want to use my larger B+w filters on a smaller lens.

Used the 10 Stop filter today and was blown away at the fact that for a fraction (about 1/3 of the price of my B+W 10 stop) the GOBE filter has less color cast and about an equal effect on overall image sharpness. There is a shift towards the warm green side, but defineitely nothing that cannot be color corrected.

Overall if you want a good set of ND filters for a killer price, these are the ones to look at.
I will attatch a photo with and without the filter attatched so you can see how minor this color shift Im talking about is. I am blown away.

These filters are amazing, i have been using Tiffen for a while and decided once i switched from Canon to Sony cameras that i should give a new filter brand a chance, well im glad i did. These filters are amazing there is no vignetting like in some of the tiffen filters i have used and they are also super crystal clear and very robust. I love the way they come packaged in a cylinder box with a carrying bag as well as being sandwiched between the 2 outer disks that are covers for them i use these all the time when im out shooting and i cant wait to buy more for my other lenses

Update: I received a really friendly email from the Gobe support team after posting my review, apologising and explaining what they're doing to improve the quality of their filters to prevent things like this happening again. They also offered me a free replacement/upgrade kit when they're available - so full marks for customer service! After receiving the replacement, it's clearly better quality; colours are perfectly as expected, and filters are as easy to use as before. Very happy now!.

Original review: The filters cause an extreme purple tint, and I can't recover the original colours in post-processing without a great amount of time/effort. Better editors than me might be able to fix it (see attached shot), but unfortunately had to return.

Bought these to use for some long-exposure seascapes, after reading some reviews I worried that I should have gone for the 2-peak versions instead but I needn't have worried. The results are great and as expected, the photo was taken with the 10 stopper during sunrise, to eliminate any potential light leakage I did tape up the viewfinder. There is quite a bit of vignette on the shots I captured, but nothing that can't be remedied in lightroom.

This was my first experience of Gobe and I have been very impressed. Great service, with the filters arriving the day after being ordered. Very attentive with email communications and great to know they will plant 5 trees to help where deforestation is a problem in the World.
The product itself is very well packaged, making it easy to take around with you, as the filters stack on top of one another with protective covers each end.
I am new to using filters, but found them easy to use and very effective. Picture quality seems very good, but as I say I am new to long exposure photography.
All in all I am very pleased with my purchase, would buy again and can highly recommend to anybody looking to add filters to their photography equipment.

I took a gamble in buying these plastic filters for the 12-32mm lens on my Panasonic GX85 and was hoping for the same quality and performance I got from a previous Gobe purchase. Unfortunately the colour cast is too noticeable and the 4K files look dull as dish water with these on. For reference, I purchased the 3 ND bundle (ND8,4 and 2). I have done a side by side test with my Gobe Variable ND (52mm - using stepper rings) and the colour is much more pleasing and the footage retains sharpness.

The packaging, company ethics and delivery was spot on. However, I'm loosing out on the most important reason for buying this set - quality.

Edit- on reflection, these are supposed to be a starter kit, not for semi-pro /serious use. It'll be useful for some when then are starting photography but it's not for me.

Good filters for the price. Nicely packaged and I like how they all screw together with caps at either end so I can put them in a pocket/bag without having to worry about scratches.

Filters provide a clear and sharp image with no vignetting and can be stacked for even longer exposures.
One thing to be aware of is the purple cast these filters. It’s common on lower end filters, and nothing that can’t be removed in post, but something to be aware of nonetheless.

Overall a nice set that work out at a great price per filter.

Considering most other filters of this particular size cost well in excess of £100, if not £150 or more these are a great alternative.
They come in a sturdy circular box and then a soft bag to protect from scratches as well as a cleaning cloth. In terms of ease of use, they are like lots of other screw on filters in that they can be a bit fiddly, especially in the cold.
Once on though, they are great for long exposure shots, very happy with the purchase.

Ich weiß garnicht ob ich eine Rezession schreiben kann/darf.
Das Filterset ist das erste, daß ich mir zugelegt habe. Ganz kurzfristig vor einem Schwarzwaldurlaub um Wasserfälle abzulichten. Da wir verschiedene Objektive haben, habe ich das Set mit dem größten Durchmesser bestellt und von einem anderen Anbieter ein Adapterrig Set ebenfalls über Amazon.
Die Filter wurden, wie versprochen, am nächsten Tag geliefert und so konnte es im Urlaub ausgiebig getestet werden.
Eines vorweg, der 1000er Filter verschwand sofort wieder im Rucksack, er war dann doch etwas zu stark, grade weil wir auch im Schatten fotografiert haben. Leider habe ich keine Fotos gemacht die einen Vergleich mit und ohne Filter zulassen. Ich habe allerdings einmal ein Bild unbearbeitet (jpg aus RAW und verkleinert) angehängt damit man sich selber ein Bild davon machen kann.
Bildinfo: Blende 14, Belichtung 6 Sekunden, ISO 250, Brennweite 17mm (Tamron 17-50 2.8)
Ich kann so nichts feststellen das durch den Filter negativ beeinflusst wurde.

Mechanisch muss ich sagen war die Erstzerlegung des Sets ein kleiner Kampf.
Die Filter werden miteinander verschraubt geliefert und haben solide Deckel für beide Enden. Das "Zerlegen" des Sets gestalltete sich schwierig da zwei Filter doch stärker miteinander verschraubt waren. Ich denke mit der Zeit wird es auch einfacher, wenn sich die Beschichtung etwas abgenutzt hat. Die Beschichtung hat bei uns ein wenig gelitten, wir sind mit den Filtern aber auch nicht sanft umgegangen (auflegen der Kamera mit angeschraubten Filtern auf Felsen).
Geliefert werden die Filter übrigens in einer Runden stabilen Pappdose und zusätzlich noch in einem Säckchen verpackt. Das Säckchen und die Dose finden bei uns keine Verwendung, sind aber grundsätzlich eine gute Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeit. Das mitgelieferte Tuch wurde - bedingt durch Spritzwasser bei Wasserfällen - aber schon ausgiebig genutzt. Wobei nach dem Trocknen keine Rückstände auf den Filtern zurückgeblieben sind.

Alles in allem sind die Filter meiner Meinung nach ihr Geld wert.

I bought these after reading reviews saying that the colour cast issue has been corrected, but my filters add a blue cast to any photos. It's generally manageable (but annoying) when using a single filter, but when stacking the filters it can ruin photos. Compare the two photos; the first shows the colours with two filters stacked, the second shows them with none. This is a problem I never had when stacking my other Hoya filters and regret not sticking with that brand.

I absolutely love this filters. They fit my camera lens perfectly. The result is really good, especially when it's really bright outside. And the packing is so nice that you might use it as USB box or pencil holder.

Really like these filters and highly recommended.

Using them for long-exposure photography and great start kit for me. Good quality and the results are great. Easy to use with all three filters kept together in one and easily brought along in small camera bag. Equally easy to switch between them and can be done in few seconds. Bonus with nice packaged in beautiful circular case.

Used on Sony A7 iii with 25-105mm f4 G OSS lens.

I always buy Gobe lenses because they are excellent lenses at a great price. Well packaged and quick delivery. Also they plant trees for lenses sold so green too which is great for todays world. Recommended.

Really happy with this product apart from the "screw together" way of storing them.
I would rather they be packed individually instead of the pack as at present.


Such a really neat set of filters, saving lots of space in the camera bag. They are like a Mont Blanc fountain pen, just sheer quality, a pleasure to handle, and use. Well done Gobe

Exactly what I was after for the smooth water shots and long exposure skies.

Comes in a nice case. The 3 filter set I got all screw together with nice aluminium protective covers.